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Adam Yardo Malis and Rebecca Lynn Cardon are a Formerly Dating team on the The Amazing Race 6.

The two constantly quarreled during their time on the race, over mundane things such as Adam's sunglasses to the status of their relationship. This constant fighting tended to leave them at the back of the pack where they had several close calls with elimination and eventually led Rebecca to conclude that she no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with Adam after the race. Nevertheless, they made it to the final three, but the time they took to complete the Roadblock in the penultimate leg proved to be detrimental to their chances, as the final leg had no equalizer and they fell too far behind the top two teams to be in contention, leaving them to finish in 3rd place.


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Adam & Rebecca are an ex-couple that met at a spinning class. Rebecca's first impression of Adam was that he was gay, but after he pursued her for months, he proved otherwise. Both of them are spinning teachers/personal trainers.

Both say that they share similar sensibilities, are very competitive and are both interested in fitness, but are different in every other way. She is social, he isn't. She's outgoing, he's not. He is practical and prefers routine, while she is spontaneous.

Rebecca says she's doing the Race because she could use the cash, but Adam says his main motivation for doing THE AMAZING RACE is that after years of sitting on his couch watching the Race and saying, "I can do that," he wants to prove that he really can.[1]

How would you describe your previous travel experience?

  • Adam: My previous travel experience is limited at best. For me, going from the [San Fernando] Valley to Santa Monica is quite the trek. I consider a long trip sitting in the car for more than 45 minutes.
  • Rebecca: Vast. I am very restless and have trouble staying put. I studied in London for six months and often missed class because I was always traveling.

What is the most stressful aspect of traveling?

  • Adam: I do not know what the most stressful aspect of traveling is. I really do not even know what "traveling" is like. Good luck to me.
  • Rebecca: I hate flying. But with today's advances in prescription drugs, I'm dealing with this.

Why did you want to be on THE AMAZING RACE?

  • Adam: I wanted to be on THE AMAZING RACE because it is my favorite TV show. Every week, I sit and watch and think to myself, "These people are crazy. I'm crazy. I could do this." Also, I thought I needed a vacation. Again, good luck to me.
  • Rebecca: Traveling the world for free sounds really good to me!

Have you and your partner traveled together before? If so, what was it like?

  • Adam: Rebecca and I have traveled together in the past. I went on a cruise to the Caribbean with her and her family and hung out at their home in Virginia Beach for a couple of weeks. It was one of the best times I have ever had in my life.
  • Rebecca: Adam came with my family on a cruise in the Caribbean and then we spent some time together in my hometown, Virginia Beach. We had our usual daily arguments over trivial things, but overall we had a great time!

What do you fear most about competing in THE AMAZING RACE?

  • Adam: My biggest fear concerning the competition is possibly having to bungee jump. The thought has been leaving me sleepless.
  • Rebecca: My biggest fear is that Adam and I will kill each other and will not be able to finish the Race because we will be dead.

What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to the Team?

  • Adam: I am not the bravest person on the planet. I do not like heights, bugs, weird food, heat, extreme cold or anything else outside my routine. On the other hand, I am relentless, motivating, strong, smart and competitive.
  • Rebecca: I have strong communicative skills and can easily adapt. My weakness is that I'm very impatient, mostly with Adam. I have no sense of direction and cannot read a map to save my life.

What strengths and weaknesses does your teammate bring to the Team?

  • Adam: Rebecca might just be the bravest person on the planet. She is not scared of anything (even if she is, she will try it anyway) and hates routine. Rebecca does not possess the gift of patience, which she will need in dealing with me.
  • Rebecca: Adam is very competitive and passionate about everything he does. He will give 100 percent and never give up. He can be verbally abusive to me, and has trouble being social. He often isn't the friendliest, and I'm afraid that will hinder us from forming potential alliances.

What will you miss the most from home (besides your bed)?

  • Adam: I will miss my dog Bailey the most. A close second is my spinning class. I never miss it. Hi Spinners.
  • Rebecca: Other than my friends and family, I have no attachments, except maybe my spicy tuna rolls and my spinning classes.

What languages do you speak?

  • Adam: I speak English, though some would question that statement. Also, yo hablo Espanol, un poco.
  • Rebecca: A little Hebrew, but somehow I don't think that will come in very handy on this Race.

What destination are you hoping to visit?

  • Adam: I am hoping that the Race takes us to Argentina, as my grandparents are from there. I have always wanted to visit.
  • Rebecca: I really want to go to Africa and Asia.

What country do you feel best prepared for?

  • Adam: I feel best prepared to go where the weather is a balmy 78 degrees all the time and the protein bars flow like water from every corner store. Hmmmm, sounds like home.
  • Rebecca: England: no language barrier, and I've spent a lot of time there.[2]

The Amazing Race 6[]

Race History[]

Adam & Rebecca's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 United States → Iceland Ice Climb / Ice Search No Roadblock 7 of 11
2 2 Iceland → Norway Endurance / Accuracy Adam 6 of 10
3 3 Norway → Sweden Count It / Build It Adam 5 of 9
4 4 Sweden → Senegal Stack 'Em Up / Pull 'Em Up Adam 6 of 8
5 5 Senegal → Germany Beers / Brats Rebecca 6 of 8
6 6 Germany → Hungary Catapult Crash / Cannonball Run Rebecca 6 of 7 [1]
8 Swim / Paddle Rebecca 5 of 7
9 7 Hungary → France Used Fast Forward 1 of 6
10 8 France → Ethiopia Raise the Roof / Mud the Hut Adam 5 of 6>
11 9 Ethiopia → Sri Lanka Tree Trunks / Elephant Trunks Adam 4 of 5 [2]
12 10 Sri Lanka → China Bricks / Ice Rebecca 4 of 4<
13 11 China Spray / Scroll Rebecca 3 of 4
12 China → United States Outfits / Outrigger Adam 3 of 3
Average 4.58
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
The team used the Fast Forward pass
> The team used the Yield
< Recipient of the Yield

1: Leg 6 was a double-length leg, with two Detours and two Roadblocks, shown over two episodes. The placement listed in the top row reflect the order teams arrived at the leg's halfway point.
2: Adam & Rebecca initially arrived 2nd, but were not allowed to check in as they had not completed the additional task of swimming the length of the pool. As they swam the length of the pool, Hayden & Aaron and Freddy & Kendra checked in during this time, dropping Adam & Rebecca to 4th place.


  • Sometime after the race, Adam & Rebecca broke-up.


  • Adam & Rebecca are the first team to use both the Fast Forward and the Yield.
  • Adam & Rebecca, along side Freddy & Kendra, are the only teams to both use the Yield and be Yielded.
  • Adam & Rebecca are the first team of exes to make it to the final leg of the race.

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