Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This! is the season premiere of The Amazing Race 13.


Route Markers

Teams must fly to Salvador, Brazil. Upon arrival, teams must travel by taxi to o Rei do Pernil Sandwich Shop to find their next clue.

Teams must become baristas and choose a traditional vending cart and travel to Praça da Sé and deliver it to a man named Indio to receive their next clue.

Teams must travel by taxi to the 19º Batalhão de Caçadores Military Base, where they will sign up for one of three departure times in the morning. Four teams will depart at 9:00 am, three teams will depart at 9:30 am, and four teams will depart at 9:45 am.

Teams must travel to Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco to find their next clue.

Choice A: Hard Way Up
Teams would have to emulated a religious ceremony by climbing the Escadaria do Passo on their hands and knees. At the top, teams were asked a question, "How many stairs have you climbed?". By giving the correct answer, 53, teams would receive their next clue. If they answered incorrectly, they had to climb the staircase again.

Only Andrew & Dan chose this task.

Choice B: Soft Way Down
Teams would have to go to the top of the Elevador Lacerda and climb down a 240 feet cargo net on a street below. Only three teams may go on a net in the same time. Once at the bottom, teams would receive their next clue.

Aja & Ty, Anita & Arthur, Anthony & Stephanie, Kelly & Christy, Ken & Tina, Marisa & Brooke, Mark & Bill, Nick & Starr, Terence & Sarah, and Toni & Dallas chose this task.

Teams must travel to Forte de São Marcelo to check in.

For coming in first place, Nick & Starr won a trip for two to Belize provided by Travelocity.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward Used the U-Turn Recipient of the U-Turn
S13 NickStarr
 1st place 
Nick & Starr
S13 KenTina
 2nd place 
Ken & Tina
S13 TerenceSarah
 3rd place 
Terence & Sarah
Newly Dating
S13 MarkBill
 4th place 
Mark & Bill
Best Friends
S13 KellyChristy
 5th place 
Kelly & Christy
S13 ToniDallas
 6th place 
Toni & Dallas
S13 AndrewDan
 7th place 
Andrew & Dan
Frat Boys
S13 AjaTy
 8th place 
Aja & Ty
Dating Long-Distance
S13 AnthonyStephanie
 9th place 
Anthony & Stephanie
S13 MarisaBrooke
 10th place 
Marisa & Brooke
Southern Belles
S13 AnitaArthur
 11th place 
Anita & Arthur
Married Beekeepers


  • This episode's title is said by Anita, referring to the hectic nature of the race.


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