Clue Box
Clue Box
Description Contains clues for teams.
Versions Used All versions
Appearance(s) All seasons

A Clue Box is a metal box that contains clues for the teams of The Amazing Race. Most clue boxes have large yellow and red Route Marker flags attached to catch the eyes of the teams. Teams commonly run toward the box, grab a clue envelope, and read the clue aloud to their teammate and the camera. Some clue boxes are attached to Intersection or Speed Bump signs. Clues found inside Clue Boxes include Detours, Roadblocks, Fast Forwards, and other Route Information.

Some Clue Boxes have numbers attached for teams to take, indicating their place in a line.


At the end of most Roadblocks and Detours, a local judge or instructor will award the team with their next clue. Some Route Information clues inform teams to find a certain individual, commonly in costume. At the Starting Line, the first clue is usually on their luggage, unless there is a Starting Line challenge. During Superlegs, or after No-Rest Legs, Phil will hand them their next clue on the mat.

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