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Colossal Showdown is the fourth episode of The Amazing Race 1.


At Château des Baux, in Les Baux-de-Provence, France, Kevin & Drew are the first to depart at 3:53 am. They received a clue from host Phil Keoghan, which instructed them to go to Marseille-Fos Port and find the man in the picture in La Goulette, nearby the Porte de France, which is similar to the Arc de Triomphe, which is in another country, hinted by a flag (Tunisia) given to them. Teams must figure out the flag is of Tunisia and they will take a ferry to Tunis. Once they find the man, they have to say the phrase "As Salaami" to receive their next clue. The fraternity brothers run down to a parking lot, finding a taxi.

Right now, I think we're a little euphoric from being in first place.Kevin
There is no finer place to be than right here, on top of this castle, with everyone staring at our behinds.Drew

Frank & Margarita are the second to depart at 4:07 am. After opening the clue, they walk to a taxi stand, with Margarita confirming the clue said to go to Marseille.

As we're on top of the castle, the lawyers are still asking us what are we going to do, how we're going to strategize, could you read the Route Marker in front of us, read it out loud so we can know what's going on and have a few more minutes of preparation. You know, still trying to be very friendly. We didn't do it, so just nice and quietly, we walked down the road.Frank

Rob & Brennan are the third to depart, at 4:15 am. They open the clue and believe the flag is that of China (China).

It turns out we needed a taxi. We called ahead for a taxi, and that was perfect.Rob

A taxi pulls up to the taxi stand, which Frank & Margarita ask if it is one they can take. Rob & Brennan see the taxi, hoping it is not the one they had called for earlier. The taxi driver asks for their passports for identification, saying that he was there for Rob & Brennan. Margarita asks the man in French if they can call a cab for them.

Brennan stands in the way. He says, "Don't call anybody. Blah, blah, blah. Don't talk to them.Frank

Brennan informs the driver they are in a competition, asking the driver not to call a cab for Frank & Margarita. Margarita angrily states that the lawyers are attempting to sabotage her and Frank by having the cab driver not call anybody for the separate couple. After a brief argument, Rob & Brennan's cab driver calls a cab for Frank & Margarita, informing the two that it will arrive in fifteen minutes. Frank thanks the driver and Rob & Brennan leave for Marseille-Fos Port. In their cab, Rob states that they waited for Frank & Margarita at the last two Pit Stops, and that he disliked the fact that Frank & Margarita left in a rush before the lawyers. Frank states the lawyers are simply liars, and Margarita wonders why if they are in an "alliance", that why did they not order a cab for Frank & Margarita.

Joe & Bill are the fourth to depart, at 5:04 am. While walking down the path from the castle, Team Guido wonders if the flag is Moroccan (Morocco), but they need to confirm that it is what they think it is first.

It is so fiercely competitive right now.Bill
It is definitely becoming more cutthroat. It's about winning now. It's about winning and not letting anyone else win.Joe

At a hotel, Joe & Bill call a cab to pick them up.

Meanwhile, Frank & Margarita's taxi arrives. Frank tells the drive to take them to Marseille.

Dave & Margaretta are the fifth to depart, at 5:47 am. As they are walking down from the castle, Dave believes the flag is Turkish (Turkey), but he may be wrong as well.

Dave & I have been married for forty years. We're just doing our normal thing. There's nothing on this trip that will make or break us.Margaretta

At Marseille-Fos Port, Kevin & Drew and Frank & Margarita discuss where they are going. Drew states that they are going to Algeria (Algeria), as an Algerian woman states that it is the flag of Algeria. Margarita informs the two that the flag is actually that of Tunisia, saying that many people around the port have said the flag is Tunisian. Margarita even says she got directions to Porte de France once they arrive in Tunis. Drew asks if they are taking a boat to Tunisia then, which Frank & Margarita reply "yes" to. Phil informs the audience that passenger ships to Tunis are few and far between, but they can book travel on a cargo ship instead.

Paul & Amie are the sixth to depart, at 6:47 am. After seeing the flag, Amie asks Paul if he knows where they are going, which he replies that he does. The two head down from the chateau to find their cab.

Well at the beginning of the day, we knew we had to arrange a cab to get out of there at the chateau. We called the night before, and I confirmed it twice, so we expect a cab to be down at the bottom of the chateau when we get there.Amie

Lenny & Karyn are the seventh to depart, at 6:48 am. The two grab a taxi cab to the Marseille port.

I think after our argument in France, we just decided we needed to compromise. We talked about what was important to him and what was important to me, and the need to meet each other halfway on that. If anything, I think it'll make the relationship stronger.Karyn

Nancy & Emily are the last to depart, at 6:49 am. They head down from the chateau.

How lucky for me, that I can enhance my relationship with my daughter, by traveling all over the world.Nancy
We haven't really always been so close, but we're getting along so well.Emily

Paul & Amie make their way to the chateau's parking lot.

As we head down, the roads are, like, winding and narrow, and I didn't know which way to go.Amie

After seeing a cab pull up, Nancy & Emily try to get the cab. Paul & Amie ask if the cab is for them. The driver tells them that it is for two people. Nancy informs them that both teams called a cab. Amie is disappointed that the cab she ordered did not arrive, and asks the driver to call another. Paul, in anger, throws the clue. Nancy & Emily leave in their cab to Marseille-Fos Port, leaving Paul & Amie in last place.

I get so pissed that she [Amie] gets so upset every single day. This is her baby. She wanted to do this. I didn't even want to do this race. She wanted to do it. I'm doing it for her and she just cries every single day and it just infuriates me.Paul

In their taxi cab, Nancy is visibly upset from the interaction with Paul & Amie.

This is just hard, with people saying bad things. The language I'm hearing, I don't like. The backstabbing, the viciousness, I don't like it, and I can't get away from it and Emily would die if she knew I was saying this 'cause I'd embarrass her.Nancy

In Dave & Margaretta's cab, Dave compliments the way Margaretta is playing, especially by calling a cab for the two the night before.

In Paul & Amie's cab, the two begin to bicker. Paul calls Amie out on her constantly getting upset, and Amie calls Paul out on his attempts to quit.

But when she gets so upset, it just kills me. She doesn't understand, if it's between $1 million and her, I'll take her any day.Paul

At Marseille-Fos Port, Dave & Margaretta ask their cab driver if the flag they have is Turkey's. The driver replies the flag is of Tunisia, and they thank him for the information. Joe & Bill ask a local what the flag is, who informs them that it is of Tunisia. Paul & Amie look for a ferry to Turkey. Inside the ferry terminal, Kevin waves to Nancy & Emily, who make their way to the fraternity brothers. The fraternity brothers greet Nancy & Emily.

We're extremely fond of the Kevin and Drew. Those two guys are just great. They're so good to us.Nancy
Nancy and Emily, they're like family at this point and time. We've been with them since the very beginning. Drew and I have sort of adopted them as the mom and the little sister.Kevin
We do have a motive, helping them out. I'd rather have Nancy and Emily in the final leg, than have to go against the attorneys and Guidos. It's very tough competition.Drew
There are a few, quote, unquote, alliances that had been formed and those kind of fell apart.Margarita
For me, you can't trust anybody right now.Kevin
This is a football game, for four quarters, we knock the crap out of each other. People have to understand this is a game, and it's a game to be played hard.Rob

Teams wait in the ferry terminal.

At the port in Marseille, I think, was the first time all the teams had been together in one spot since the beginning of the race.Margarita
We get up to six or seven hour leads in all these legs, and then we can't get on a ship or plane. It's like almost being no use in being a better team.Rob
We were pissed because we worked our butts off to get to first place. You know, we were a little annoyed, but hey, this is a game and we're here to play, we're here to win.Drew
You have people who are reacting to stress, and normally wonderful people who wouldn't be this way are starting to let it get to them, and they'll take it out on anyone around them.Margaretta

Lenny & Karyn begin to bicker after Karyn takes the photo of the man they are to find. Lenny begins to mock Karyn for her behavior. Karyn just shakes her head in disgust.

$1 million is a lot of money to some people, but I don't think it's worth a relationship. I have never been out of the United States before, and I wanted to get a chance to see the sights.Lenny
I can't, you know, stop and enjoy the way Lenny does, you know. I'm trying to find maps. I want to go to travel agencies, you know. I want to get information. I've always been very competitive.Karyn

Joe & Bill arrive at the ferry terminal. Team Guido goes straight to the ticket counter.

Joe and Bill walked in and went straight to the ticket counter. No one was even there yet. They just stood there 'til the guy came to the window and Bill took it himself to decide that he spoke French, so he was going to do all of the arranging. No one asked him to.Margarita
I didn't care. I just wanted to make sure I had a private room so we could strategize more, get some rest like we needed.Bill
The agent said, "Well if you're a group, I can get a group discount."Margaretta

Bill negotiates with the ticket agent to get a group discount for the eight teams to Tunis.

Bill became the martyr and decided he was going to arrange the whole thing.Margarita
I mean, he could've arranged the whole thing, but he started discussing about, like, this whole group ticket sale thing, but if he could have bought two tickets and ran onto the boat, he would have ran onto the boat.Frank
When it comes time to hand out the tickets, the tickets are misnumbered and Margarita starts screaming at me for her ticket. Then, you know, all hell breaks loose.Joe

After getting the tickets, a few of the teams begin to ask for their tickets.

There were several contestants that ran up to us and said, "Where's our tickets? Where's our tickets?" I mean if I wanted to, I could have ripped them all up and thrown them away.Bill
Tempers are going to flare, words are going to be spoken, everybody's going to be angry with someone else sooner or later.Joe
There's stuff going on with Bill and Joe. I feel like everybody's sort of like anti-Bill and Joe, anti-Guido.Margarita
Control the game, control the game, period. Play the game our way. Group Guido arranged the whole passage here. No one can leave without this ticket. I controlled the group - intimidated the whole group - by speaking French for two hours to the people that were there, also leaving doubt in their mind what I was doing. The other contestants were, of course, we're playing them like a violin, you know?Bill

All teams leave on the ferry to Tunis. Paul & Amie look out at the Mediterranean on the ship's deck, finally being able to relax, Dave & Margaretta enjoy a romantic kiss, and Frank & Margarita look out the windows to the Mediterranean.

In terms of getting along and in terms of friendship, I think we're building bonds that were not there.Frank
Trying to rebuild a family and a relationship takes so much time. What I'd like is for us to gone through this experience and rebuild our relationship and go back home together to our daughter and be a family again and be in a happier relationship.Margarita

Frank & Margarita take a nap on one of the ship's cushioned benches, as the other teams get themselves something to eat before arriving in Tunis.

Team Guido, unfortunately, is the team to beat.Rob
The thing that make me laugh about it was when this whole thing started, they said to somebody that they wanted to show America gay guys were honorable, stand-up guys.Brennan
I wanted to rip their [Joe & Bill] and them their hearts.Lenny

Lenny & Karyn, Nancy & Emily, and Rob & Brennan talk about how slimy, dishonest, sneaky, and devilish Team Guido is.

They're your best friends to your face, and then behind your back, they do whatever it takes to stab you. We've been talking about it. I think all the teams agree that they don't really play the game like sportsmen, but they play to win.Rob

After eighteen hours of travel, teams are soon ready to depart from the ferry.

Well what adds to the stress level is that the game is getting more progressively difficult. The clues are getting more difficult. The locations are getting more difficult.Rob

All teams scramble for a taxi. It is a race for who can get to Porte de France first.

Lenny & Karyn are the first to find the man at Porte de France, receiving their next clue. Opening their clue, they find a Detour. Their choices are Full Body Brew or Full Body Massage. In Full Body Brew, teams will have to find Café Mouche in the marketplace depicted in a photo along with the clue. Once found, both members will have to order and drink a cup of Cafés du Rex before getting their next clue. The location of the coffee shop is difficult, but the task is relatively easier. In Full Body Massage, teams will have to proceed to a massage parlor in the Porte de France marketplace and undergo a 20-minute long massage. Finding the massage parlor is relatively easier compared to the other task, but having to be massaged without oils is painful and waiting for the massage to be completed could be valuable time wasted. Karyn asks Lenny which side of the Detour he wants to perform.

Rob & Brennan are the second to Porte de France, with Paul & Amie shortly arriving in third. Joe & Bill receive their clue for the Detour as well. Amie decides that they will do the Full Body Massage task. Dave & Margaretta and Kevin & Drew receive their clues next. Margaretta tells Dave it would be easier to do Full Body Brew. Brennan tells Rob that the massage will take too long, deciding to do Full Body Brew. Rob & Brennan ask two local Tunisian women where the cafe is located. The two women agree to show them were it is. Nancy & Emily receive their clue and decide on Full Body Brew. They ask a local Tunisian teenager where the cafe is. He and other local teens help Nancy & Emily find the cafe.

We had luck, because there were maybe eight or ten teenage boys. I think they thought she [Emily] was cute, and they were kind of crowding around her.Nancy

Rob & Brennan and their helpers race to the cafe. Nancy & Emily notice this, and they and their helpers run after Rob & Brennan.

We ended up convincing them to lead us where the coffee shop was, so they took us right there.Nancy

Kevin & Drew decide on Full Body Brew, and they ask a local Tunisian man to guide them there. Dave & Margaretta follow Kevin & Drew to the cafe. Paul & Amie decide to ask someone where the massage parlor is. Frank attempts to get directions from Tunisian gentlemen, but he has a problem with the language barrier. Margarita, in French, asks where the cafe is. The gentlemen point out the direction in which they should go. Paul & Amie get directions get directions from some locals toward the massage parlor. Amie has the locals lead them to the massage parlor.

We had a local boy run us through the streets of-Amie
Fortunately he spoke English.Paul

Dave & Margaretta make their way through the busy marketplace.

I'm very competitive, and it's "go, go, go" with the two of us. It's "get out of my way.'Margareta

Kevin & Drew and Rob & Brennan make it to Café Mouche first. Both teams order their coffees.

Rob and Brennan followed us into the coffee shop and how he got to the counter before I did, I have no idea. They had their coffee and when I turned around, they were gone. Lenny & Karyn, we saw them at the cafe. Paul & Amie, they disappeared.Kevin

Lenny & Karyn order their coffee and proceed to drink it.

Paul & Amie arrive at the massage parlor. Inside, they proceed to strip down. They then lie down on the massage tables.

And they give you a little towel thing to put on, and you get naked, and you throw your towel on, and you lay down and they start rubbing.Amie

Amie enjoys her massage. Paul, not so much.

She's laying there all comfortable. Looked like she was getting a pretty decent massage. The guys are ripping my neck and pulling my hair out and stepping on me. It was horrible. And she's there going "ah". I'm like, "Ooh! Ooh!" and no oil.Paul

Nancy & Emily and Joe & Bill arrive at the cafe. Dave & Margaretta are ready to leave the cafe.

Now when we were going up to the Medina coffeehouse, Margaretta and Dave were just getting ready to leave.Joe

Dave & Margaretta receive their next clue, a lighter with "Go here:", "El Jem", and a picture of the Amphitheater of Thysdrus. Nancy & Emily and Joe & Bill order their coffees.

Nancy and Emily were buying their coffee, right ahead of me. I was standing right behind them. Lenny & Karyn were also there. They left, probably quickly.Joe

Lenny & Karyn and Kevin & Drew leave with their next clue, while Nancy & Emily receive the lighter and their coffee.

We got the clue, and then they just led us right back to the cab. The guys were a big help.Nancy

Rob & Brennan ask their helpers how to get to El Jem. Their helpers tell them to travel by train. Frank & Margarita arrive at the cafe. Lenny & Karyn ask a local how to get to El Jem, who tells them to travel by train. Dave & Margaretta decide to take a taxi to El Jem.

Outside the marketplace, Nancy & Emily tip the boys who helped them. Team Guido decides to travel to El Jem by taxi. Nancy & Emily leave the marketplace to El Jem, traveling by taxi. Kevin & Drew opt to take a taxi to El Jem.

Meanwhile, Paul & Amie finish their massages, receiving the lighter telling them to go to El Jem.

Outside of Porte de France marketplace, Dave & Margaretta struggle to find a taxi. A local Tunisian man offers to help the couple find a taxi.

I just happened to run in a very nice young man, 22 years old, and he took us down right to the car that goes to El Jem.Dave

Phil recaps were the teams are. Frank & Margarita and Dave & Margaretta are in the middle. Kevin & Drew, Joe & Bill, and Nancy & Emily are out in front. In the back are Lenny & Karyn, Rob & Brennan, and Paul & Amie.

Paul & Amie head for the entrance of the marketplace.

In Frank & Margarita's taxi, Margarita is visibly upset. Frank attempts to motivate her to cheer her up.

We have a child. We have a daughter, who is almost 17 months now.Frank
When I get to that moment where I have a minute to collect my thoughts. I mean, I miss her to death. You're in the heat of the race, and I don't forget about her, but I didn't think about her for a couple of hours, so I feel badly about that, but part of me feels selfish for doing this because I'm her mommy and I should be there. But, I chose to do this 'cause it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I miss her every second, but at the same time, she's my motivation to just keep going, make her proud, win money for her future. So she's a huge motivating factor for us.Margarita

Paul & Amie decide to travel to El Jem by taxi.

At the train station, Lenny & Karyn and Rob & Brennan board the train to El Jem.

Meanwhile, Dave & Margaretta leave their taxi to enter another taxi.

I was under the impression we were going to go directly to El Jem from Tunis. Obviously, the way they work things, he passed us onto another driver.Margaretta

Dave finds a problem when he wants to pay their driver in United States dollars, rather than Tunisian dinar.

They didn't want to accept English money. We never had a chance to change our money into dinar.Dave
We sure did not know at the time that you cannot exchange currency on the street.Margaretta

Dave spots a nearby bank, deciding to go there to get their money exchanged so they can pay their driver. However, the bank is closed.

We walked in, went into the bank, they said, "No, we're closed. We won't change any money for you." so we lost 20, 25 minutes.Dave

Dave & Margaretta inform their driver of the closed bank. The couple hopes that things will all work out.

On the train, both Lenny & Karyn and Rob & Brennan realized they should have taken a cab instead.

On the way to El Jem, Kevin & Drew see their first live camel in a neighboring pick-up truck.

Dave & Margaretta ask locals for some dinar to help pay their driver.

We had asked people, can you change this? The one fellow gave us money.Margaretta
Finally, one kid, really nice boy, gave her dinar.Dave

They pay their driver and begin traveling to El Jem.

David is the eternal optimist. He doesn't have a pessimistic bone in his body. David always believes whatever he starts out to do, he will do, and will complete it, and he will do it well.Margaretta

At the Amphitheater of Thysdrus, Joe & Bill are the first to arrive. They find out that the clue is a Roadblock. For the Roadblock, they will use the lighter to ignite a torch which the participating member could use to light his way through the Colosseum. They have to walk clockwise around the outside of the amphitheater until they find a path downstairs. Once inside the tunnel, the teammate has to find a set of swords dangling above "the Pit of Death", a cage wherein gladiators used to wait before their battles. Once the team member has the sword, they must present it to the Pit Stop greeter and sheathe it before their team is officially checked in. Bill opts to perform the Roadblock. He grabs and lights the torch to search for the path downstairs. Nancy & Emily are the second to arrive. Emily decides to do the task. She grabs and lights the torch to search for the underground caverns. Kevin & Drew arrive third. Drew decides to perform the Roadblock. Bill finds the sword and runs back to Bill. Kevin and Emily decide to help each other find the swords.

Joe & Bill are the first team to check in at the Pit Stop. Kevin and Emily find the swords. Kevin begins to pull the swords up for him and Emily, while Frank & Margarita arrive. Frank opts to do the task. Paul & Amie arrive at the Colosseum. Kevin and Emily reunite with their partners and run to the Pit Stop. Kevin & Drew and Nancy & Emily are the second and third team to check in.

Lenny & Karyn and Rob & Brennan arrive at El Jem station.

Paul & Amie open their next clue. Amie decides to do the Roadblock. Frank is still searching for the swords. Amie struggles to find the swords. Frank finally finds the swords and pulls one up. He runs back to Margarita, where they are the fourth team to check in. Rob & Brennan and Lenny & Karyn arrive at the coliseum. Brennan and Lenny decide to perform the Roadblock for their teams. Amie finds the swords, as does Brennan. Amie quickly reunites with Paul. Brennan runs straight to the Pit Stop without Rob, allowing Paul & Amie to check in fifth. After getting Rob, the lawyers check in at sixth place. Lenny struggles to find the swords, as Karyn attempts to tell Lenny where to go. Dave & Margaretta arrive at the coliseum, where Dave decides to perform the Roadblock. Dave realizes that he is going counterclockwise and has to go back. Lenny finds the swords and pulls one up. He reunites with Karyn, checking in at seventh. Dave struggles to find the gladiator ramp. He eventually finds one and gets to the swords. He and Margaretta reunite and go to the Pit Stop. Phil informs Dave & Margaretta they are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. The other racers clap for the elderly couple for doing The Amazing Race. Dave & Margaretta say their goodbyes to the other teams.

Route Markers[]

The order of departure from Château des Baux are as follows:

  1. Kevin & Drew (3:53 am)
  2. Frank & Margarita (4:07 am)
  3. Rob & Brennan (4:35 am)
  4. Joe & Bill (5:04 am)
  5. Dave & Margaretta (5:47 am)
  6. Paul & Amie (6:47 am)
  7. Lenny & Karyn (6:48 am)
  8. Nancy & Emily (6:49 am)

Teams must make their way to Marseille-Fos Port in Marseille, where they must sail to the country represented by a small unidentified flag provided in their clue (Tunisia), leaving them to figure out that this was the flag of Tunisia. Once in Tunisia, they must find a "smaller version" of the Arc de Triomphe, leaving them to figure out that this referred to the Porte de France in Tunis. There, they must find a man whose photo was enclosed in their clue and greet him with the traditional Arabic greeting "as-salām" to receive the next clue.

To win the Fast Forward, teams must proceed to the town of Sidi Bou Said and go fishing on the Kinsa. Since no team chose to perform the Fast Forward, its instructions are neither elaborated nor aired.

Choice A: Full Body Brew
Teams must, using a provided picture as reference, find Café Mnouchi inside the Medina of Tunis. Once there, they must order two Cafés du Rex to receive their next clue.

Dave & Margaretta, Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, Kevin & Drew, Lenny & Karyn, Nancy & Emily, and Rob & Brennan chose this task.

Choice B: Full Body Massage
Teams must, using a provided map as reference, find a marked hammam inside the Medina of Tunis. Once there, they must sit through a 20-minute massage to receive their next clue.

Only Paul & Amie chose this task.

Teams would receive a lighter and were told to find the location in El Jem depicted on the lighter, leaving them to figure out that this depicted the Amphitheatre of El Jem, where they would find their next clue.

"Not for anyone who is afraid of the dark."

The team member assigned to this Roadblock must use their lighter to ignite a torch, then walk clockwise around the outside of the amphitheater until they find a path leading downstairs. Once inside the tunnel, they must find a set of swords dangling above "the Pit of Death", a cage wherein gladiators used to wait before their battles. Once they have retrieved a sword, they must return to the upper levels of the amphitheater, present their sword to the Pit Stop greeter, and sheathe it to check in.

The Roadblock performers are underlined:


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg or continue racing on a No-Rest Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

Joe & Bill
 1st place 
Joe & Bill
Life partners
Kevin & Drew
 2nd place 
Kevin & Drew
Fraternity brothers
Nancy & Emily
 3rd place 
Nancy & Emily
Frank & Margarita
 4th place 
Frank & Margarita
Separated couple
Paul & Amie
 5th place 
Paul & Amie
Rob & Brennan
 6th place 
Rob & Brennan
Best friends/lawyers
Lenny & Karyn
 7th place 
Lenny & Karyn
Dave & Margaretta
 8th place 
Dave & Margaretta
Married 40 years


  • This episode marks the first time that The Amazing Race visits the country of Tunisia.
  • This is first leg in which the Fast Forward is not used.
    • This is the first leg where a team finishes first without using a Fast Forward.


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  • Susan Schechter at Reality News Online (10/10/2001): "Production and Contestants Make The Amazing Race Must-See TV"


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