Competition to the Fullest is the eighth episode of The Amazing Race 1.


At 8:01 pm, Frank & Margarita, who are almost 12 hours ahead of the other teams, receive their clue from the previous leg's Pit Stop greeter. Opening their clue, they are directed to head to the Taj Mahal and search its grounds to find their next clue. Teams are warned not to run on the grounds of the Taj Mahal. The clue reveals that the hours of operation for the Taj Mahal are from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, thus turning their near 12-hour lead to a 45-minute lead. They also quickly realize that they were not given any money for the leg. The separated couple decides to head to the Taj Mahal.

Ten minutes later, they arrive at the Taj Mahal, where they ask a guard for when the area opens, confirming its 6:00 am opening. The two decide to find a place to rest for the night.

The first half of this trip, I felt not fully comfortable with the way we were interacting with each other, and a little bit less excited about everything that was going on, and now that we are feeling very connected to each other and very affectionate towards each other, no, I can focus on the race, because I feel like I'm more in love with him than I was before.Margarita

At a hotel, they decide to camp out by the poolside for the night.

This trip has definitely changed my perception of Margarita. She's really shown me a lot of grit and a lot of courage that I didn't know she possessed. She's a great mother, she's a great friend, and I really love her for what she's become, I mean, we've grown together.Frank

At 6:00 am, Frank & Margarita head to the Taj Mahal and enter the grounds. The two get in a little pat over where the clue is likely to be located, with Margarita thinking it will be closer to the monument, while Frank thinks it will not be in a place that obvious.

At 6:48 am, Joe & Bill receive their first clue for the leg.

There's a lot left to chance in this game. I mean, you're no isolated. We're in the real world every day, and real world circumstances will prevent us from winning.Bill

Team Guido hails a taxi cab, intending to head to the Taj Mahal, however, their cab's engine is not starting. The two try to keep themselves calm while their driver tries to get the cab started.

Meanwhile, Frank & Margarita are searching the Taj Mahal grounds. Margarita insists that they should stay on the paved path, rather than search the ground's perimeter, which Frank wants, thinking that they will be able to see the clue box better. Frank decides to oblige Margarita's request.

At 6:54 am, Rob & Brennan get their next clue. After reading it and learning that they must go to the Taj Mahal, they find that they have received no money for the leg.

I think that we're in a precarious situation right now. We're three of five, but we've already used our Fast Forward. So as much as I think we have the ability to make it to the final round, if I had to guess right now, I'd say I don't think we're gonna be there.Rob

Outside of the Taj Khema Hotel, Rob & Brennan see that Joe & Bill still have not left yet. Seeing Rob & Brennan, Team Guido decides to first attempt to get some sort of manager, but fails to do so, and decide to walk to the Taj Mahal instead. As they are leaving, they see Rob & Brennan's taxi is heading in the opposite direction as them.

In Rob & Brennan's taxi, they ask the driver if they are going in the opposite direction of the Taj Mahal. However, they put some faith into their driver.

At the Taj Mahal, Frank & Margarita find a race flag next to an ornate box. Inside the box is their next clue, they must head to Jaipur and head to the Palace of the Winds, where they will need to find a flag inside a window. Once they have spotted the flag, they must make their way up to it to get their next clue. Margarita remarks that she knows where the Palace of the Winds is located.

As they leave, Frank remarks that the woman dedicated to the Taj Mahal must have been great enough for her husband to build for her. Margarita playfully asks if Frank would build her her own Taj Mahal. Frank lovingly says that he can build her a Lego version that he can do really well. Frank asks Margarita where the palace is, and she reveals that it is six hours away. They decide to see how long a bus ride to Jaipur is before leaving.

Meanwhile, Team Guido find the Taj Mahal. Thinking admittance into the grounds is free, they sneak past a group of tourists. However, a guard finds that they have no tickets, and they return to purchase them.

Rob & Brennan's taxi driver takes them to a tour and travel agency, to find directions to the Taj Mahal, which irritates the lawyers. Their driver decides to take them to the taxi station to get another cab.

When we left the Taj Mahal, we got a little jump on them because their cab couldn't start, but then our cabbie ended up taking us back to the station to get another cab.Brennan

Their new cab driver takes the lawyers to the Taj Mahal.

Joe & Bill legally enter the grounds of the Taj Mahal, with them in awe of the monument.

Joe: So when we walked into the Taj Mahal area, Billy really insisted on going to the right-hand side.
Bill: It was a weird thing, I put my hands, and I felt this is it, it's like over here. We were definitely going and trust our vibrations. We trust what we pick up electrically, or whatever, and that was great.

Joe & Bill find their next clue, and decide to head toward the opposite area, as and if another team spots them leaving the area, they go in the opposite direction of the clue.

Rob & Brennan have a local guide them to and back the Taj Mahal, opting to give him some Indian rupees as payment. Joe & Bill leave the Taj Mahal, but they are unsure how much money they have, as they did not expect to pay ₹2,000 to get in.

Meanwhile, Frank & Margarita decide to take a bus to Jaipur, revealing that buses leave every hour on the half-hour.

We didn't expect the Fast Forward to give us much of a lead. I try to keep my expectations somewhat low. So that way, I don't get too discouraged. For some reason, I think it's going to even out.Frank

At 7:44 am, Kevin & Drew start the leg, learning that their next destination is the Taj Mahal. They decide to head there via cab.

I think every team that's left now is a concern. There are very smart, competitive, tough people left on this trip and I think, if they don't shoot themselves in the foot, this could be a five-way for first place.Drew

Joe & Bill attempt to get themselves an auto rickshaw, which costs ₹200. In the auto rickshaw, they find out that they only have ₹1,140 remaining. Team Guido thinks that they have screwed themselves on the leg.

As Kevin & Drew purchase tickets for the Taj Mahal, Rob & Brennan find the clue. Kevin & Drew begin their search, as Rob & Brennan head via cab to Jaipur.

Team Guido finds a bus station to Jaipur. The ticket master informs them that they just missed the 7:30 bus. On that bus, Frank & Margarita are sleeping.

At 8:15 am, Nancy & Emily are the last to depart. They open their clue and head to the Taj Mahal.

Honestly, I didn't think that we would go very far. Just the fact that we're still in it, we've shocked ourselves, so why not shock everybody even more?Emily

Kevin & Drew argue whether or not the clue is inside the monument, while Nancy & Emily enter the grounds. Kevin & Drew spot Nancy & Emily, and think that finding the clue is ridiculous. Nancy & Emily think a man with a yellow shirt might be where the clue is. Drew eventually finds the yellow and white flag, and he grabs their next clue. They deice not to inform the mother and daughter where the clue is located as they exit. Their effort is fruitless, as Nancy & Emily find the clue.

After hailing a taxi, Drew realizes that he is missing the clue, and they ask the driver if he knows where the Palace of the Winds is. Meanwhile, Nancy & Emily comfortably leave the Taj Mahal in a taxi cab.

Rob & Brennan are on their way to the Palace of the Winds, both in amazement over the driving in India. Joe & Bill are leaving Agra on a bus to Jaipur.

Drew still insists that he lost the clue, but Kevin berates him, finding the clue in his back pocket. They head off on a taxi.

At a gas station, Emily asks how long the drive is, with Nancy replying that Jaipur is 6 hours away, as their cabbie fills up the taxi.

In their cab, Drew remarks on the horrid smell of India, saying it is "worse than smoking 20 cigars at one time". He and Kevin decide to wrap bandanas around their nose and mouth to eliminate the scent.

Meanwhile, Nancy & Emily's driver is constantly blowing the horn.

Of course, we get the driver who cannot take his hand off the horn. Can you imagine riding in a guy's cab honking 29 times a minute? If there's a cow in the road, or there's a little kid on a bike, I totally understand, honk your horn, but there was no one even coming, and he would still honk. It was like maybe, it was a status symbol or something, like look at me, I have a horn, da da da, you know? I don't know, but it was so completely annoying.Emily

In their cab, Kevin says that during the sequester period at the Pit Stop, he heard Joe & Bill through the wall claiming that they have no competition.

On the second bus to Jaipur, Bill gloats that they are the only team to be in the top tier the entire time and that the others have been in the low tiers.

Rob & Brennan are the first to arrive at the Palace of the Winds, and they head up to where the race flag is.

Frank & Margarita arrive at the Jaipur bus terminal and take an auto rickshaw to the palace.

Rob & Brennan find the clue, revealing it is a Detour. For the Detour, their choices are Elephant or Rowboat. In both Detour choices, the goal is the same, to make their way to a holy man. In Elephant, teams must take an elephant to the Amber Fort to find its holy man, while in Rowboat, teams must paddle in a rowboat to the Jal Mahal water palace to find its holy man. In their cab, Rob & Brennan decide on Elephant

Frank & Margarita make their way to the Palace of the Winds, and Frank requests the auto rickshaw driver to wait. The separated couple head up to get their next clue.

Joe & Bill arrive in Jaipur and head to the Palace of the Winds.

Frank finds the clue, and they decide to go to ask the auto rickshaw driver which is faster. The driver says that the Rowboat task is likely faster, and he takes them to the water palace.

Joe & Bill find their clue, and they decide to perform Rowboat. Back on the ground, they ask the locals how to get there. The local says to take a bus. Joe & Bill ask him if he can come with them, which the local agrees to do. The three men take the bus to the water palace.

Kevin & Drew arrive at the Palace of the Winds and find their next clue with ease. They decide to do Rowboat, noting India's heat.

Nancy & Emily arrive at the Palace of the Winds and find the next clue. They decide to perform Elephant.

One of the things Emily and I really wanted to do was ride an elephant, but it's like, hey, what the heck, we're in last place, by George, I'm going to ride that elephant.Nancy

At the Amber Fort, Rob & Brennan take one of the elephants up.

At the water palace, Frank & Margarita are taken via rowboat to the palace.

Both teams arrive at their respective palaces quickly, and they begin to search for the holy man. Frank finds the holy man at the water palace easily, receiving their next clue. Rob & Brennan find their holy man and open their next clue. Teams must travel by train to Bikaner and find the Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke, which is a temple that is a haven for rats.

Both teams make their way to the railway station, as Joe & Bill arrive at the location of Rowboat. Joe & Bill are taken to the water palace and quickly find the holy man. As Joe & Bill finish the task, Kevin & Drew are just beginning the trip to the water palace.

Meanwhile, Nancy & Emily are excited to ride elephants. Emily wonders what the holy man looks like.

Kevin & Drew find the holy man and learn that they need to go to the railway station. They take their cab there, as Joe & Bill take a bus there.

Nancy & Emily find the holy man and receive their next clue.

At the railway station, Rob & Brennan purchase tickets for the 3:00 train. Frank & Margarita arrive and make the 3:00 train as well. Rob hopes that there is another team on the bus, weary of the transportation in a foreign country. Frank & Margarita find that Rob & Brennan are on the train as well.

On their bus, Joe & Bill decide to get an auto rickshaw, realizing that the bus will not get them to the railway station fast enough. They are able to get one and head to the train station.

Meanwhile, Nancy & Emily take an auto rickshaw to the train station.

Back at the train station, Kevin & Drew are able to get on the 3:00 train with 30 seconds to spare. Joe & Bill arrive at the train station and find out that they just missed the 3:00 train, and have to take the 9:00 train. They hope that there are only two teams ahead of them.

On the 3:00 train, Frank learns from a child that the temple they are heading to is so filled with rats that "you can't pick up your feet when you walk, you have to slide your feet". Revealing this to the other teams aboard, this unnerves Drew, who does not want to enter the temple. After Drew shares a story of when he found dozens of rats under a tire when he left his car in the South Bronx, the teams speculate that Joe & Bill will likely freak out over that fact.

At the railway station, Nancy & Emily are harassed by some local children for money. They tell the children they do not have much money, as they pay their rickshaw.

I'm totally out of my element here. I mean, exposed to things I've never even dreamed of, much less been around. So it's kind of offsetting my little balance.Emily

While, attempting to purchase tickets, the ticket master refuses to allow Nancy & Emily to purchase any from him since they are women. After an hour and a half, Nancy & Emily are able to get tickets for the 9:00 train to Bikaner.

The train station was really unnerving. We were waiting for a train, thinking the other four teams caught the 3:00 train, and Team Guido walked in. Just seeing familiar faces was a real comfort, but I think we were a whole lot happier to see them than they were to see us. I don't they were at all thrilled to see us.Nancy

Nancy & Emily are excited to see some familiar faces after witnessing the craziness of the train station, and their ordeal with purchasing tickets.

The experience is life-altering, in the sense of having seen the world in a way I would have seen it otherwise, having been put into these cultures where you're not a tourist sitting in a hotel, but where you have to interact with the cultures and I am so humbled by that experience.Rob

On the 9:00 train, Nancy complains about the filth of the train.

At Bikaner, the 3:00 train arrives. Frank & Margarita, Kevin & Drew, and Rob & Brennan scramble to find transportation to Karni Mata Temple. Kevin & Drew are first out, followed by Frank & Margarita and Rob & Brennan.

At Karni Mata Temple, Frank & Margarita find the clue first, revealing it to be a Roadblock. Kevin & Drew and Rob & Brennan quickly find the clue after them. For the Roadblock, one teammate has to find their next clue within the labyrinth of the Karni Mata Temple. The catch: the temple is dedicated to the worship of rats, which freely roam around the temple and the team member must perform the task with only their socks on. Margarita, Kevin, and Brennan decide to perform the Roadblock.

Margarita is hesitant to enter the temple first, worried about the rats.

It's like you look down and there's hundreds of rats crawling everywhere. In New York, they try to get rid of them, these people are like honoring them, and then you feel really bad, because you want to be respectful, because they're so unafraid and they're so happy to be there and you stick out like a sore thumb, because you're terrified and you look like an idiot and look disrespectful, so you try to keep it together.Margarita

Margarita finds the race flag, but she is again hesitant to walk toward the clue.

I was standing at the top of the stairs and I just couldn't do it, then this boy led me down. We had to go into a sandpit to get the route marker.Margarita

With help from a local boy, Margarita, with Kevin and Brennan behind her, heads to the clue.

And then Kevin and Brennan were behind me.Margarita

Brennan reaches for the clue, giving Kevin and Margarita one. They open the clue, telling them to head to the Pit Stop at the Laxmi Niwas Palace. The three leave the temple together and rejoin their partners.

Kevin & Drew and Frank & Margarita leave the temple, heading toward the Pit Stop, as Rob & Brennan's cab driver takes a tea break.

I think some contestants might have took us for the bungling crooks in a movie, like the gang that couldn't shoot straight. Let them think we're noncontenders, but we know in our heart of hearts and in our mind that we are a force to be reckoned with.Drew

Kevin & Drew are the first team to arrive, checking in first place.

Frank & Margarita arrive shortly after, checking in second.

Rob & Brennan officially check in third.

We arrived just beat, pissed off, and angry. The game, it just beats you down when you think you see an opening, and it just slams shut and there's nothing you can do about it.Rob

On the 9:00 train, both teams contemplate the effect of filthiness and cleanliness.

I never realized how being dirty affects how you feel. It makes you feel bad.Nancy
Being fresh makes up feel good. We want to just feel like every day is like the first day of the race.Joe

Joe & Bill and Nancy & Emily arrive in Bikaner, both taking taxis to Karni Mata Temple.

Joe & Bill are first to arrive at the temple. Bill decides to perform the Roadblock, and he enters the temple. Nancy & Emily arrive shortly after. Emily decides to perform the Roadblock.

Bill is the first to find the race flag and grab the clue, and he exits the temple. Emily finds the clue, and she heads back to the entrance. Joe & Bill and Nancy & Emily race their cabs, as they head to the Pit Stop.

Joe & Bill officially check in fourth place.

Nancy & Emily are officially in last place, but learn from host Phil Keoghan that the leg is a Non-Elimination Leg. Nancy says that she is happy with how far she and Emily have gotten. Nancy informs Phil that she wants to beat Team Guido at least once, and notes that they have gained a lot of time on them.

I don't know if she's going to be ready to be as conniving as I'm prepared to be and I hate to have to get like that, but if it's getting like that or getting eliminated, (sarcastically) oh, which one am I gonna choose, you know? Seriously. I think she'll be fine. It may take her a little bit getting used to, but, in that case, I'm just gonna have her step aside and let me do the dirty work because it's gonna get a little bumpy, I think.Emily

Route Markers

The order of departure from the Taj Khema Hotel are as follows:

At the world-famous Taj Mahal teams must search the expansive grounds for the next clue.

This leg's Fast Forward is neither used or aired on Television. However, in a post-season interview with Brennan Swain, teams were to travel to Jantar Mantar to climb 22 or 33 steps.

Teams must proceed to Jaipur. Once there, they must find their next clue next to a window in the Palace of the Winds. Teams may choose either riding a taxi, which is fast but expensive, or a bus, which is slow but economical.

Choice A: Elephant
Teams had to find a holy man inside the Amber Fort To reach the fort, teams had to ride on back of an elephant upon a steep path.

Nancy & Emily and Rob & Brennan chose this task.

Choice B: Rowboat
Teams had to find a holy man at the Jal Mahal water palace and reach him using a rowboat.

Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, and Kevin & Drew chose this task.

After the Detour, teams must travel by train to Bikaner and travel to Deshnoke to find the Karni Mata Temple.

"The person who performs this task may want to put on some extra socks."

One team member had to find a clay pot with clues somewhere in the Karni Mata Temple, a temple devoted to the worship of rats, which are sacred to locals and number in the range of thousands. In the temple, the member performing could only wear socks since shoes are prohibited inside.

The Roadblock performers are underlined:

Teams must head to their next Pit Stop, the Laxmi Niwas Palace.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

S1 KevinDrew
 1st place 
Kevin & Drew
Fraternity Brothers
S1 FrankMargarita
 2nd place 
Frank & Margarita
Separated Couple
S1 RobBrennan
 3rd place 
Rob & Brennan
Best Friends/Lawyers
S1 JoeBill
 4th place 
Joe & Bill
Life Partners
S1 NancyEmily
 5th place 
Nancy & Emily


  • This is the first leg to not replenish the teams' money reserves.
  • This is the first episode to air on Halloween.
  • This is the first time that one team actually started the next leg before all teams arrived at the last Pit Stop as Nancy & Emily arrived 14 minutes after Frank & Margarita left.


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