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The "Date Night" ticket is a special activity in Season 26, a special season where all eleven teams are dating couples. Starting from leg 2 to leg 10, one fortunate team would find a clue that holds a "Date Night" ticket, in which they will have the opportunity to participate in a one-on-one romantic-related activity during the Pit Stop.[1][2]

"Date Night" users

Season Awarded Owner Reward Notes
Episode Leg Country via
The Amazing Race 26 "I Got the Smartest Dude" 2 Japan Found the ticket upon retrieving their clue after the Roadblock S26 HarleyJonathan.jpgHarley & Jonathan A trip for two to an Japanese hot spring
"#MurphysLaw" 3 Thailand Found the ticket upon receiving their clue before the miscellaneous task at the My Way Cabaret in Phuket's Patong Beach S26 BergenKurt.jpgBergen & Kurt A romantic evening on the beach
Give to Bergen & Kurt S26 MattAshley.jpgMatt & Ashley
"The Great Amazing Nasty Race" 4 Thailand Found the ticket after completing the Roadblock S26 LauraTyler.jpgLaura & Tyler A dinner cruise along Bangkok's Chao Phraya River
"Get in That Lederhosen, Baby" 5 Germany Found the ticket upon receiving their clue before the Detour S26 MikeRochelle.jpgMike & Rochelle A romantic evening at the Bavarian Public Observatory
  • This Date Night ticket went unaired.
"Smells Like a Million Bucks" 6 France Found the ticket S26 LauraTyler.jpgLaura & Tyler A romantic evening at a hotel at the French Riviera
"Back in Business" 7 Namibia Found the ticket upon choosing a marked Ford Ranger S26 LauraTyler.jpgLaura & Tyler A hot stone massage
  • This Date Night ticket went unaired.
"Can I Get a Hot Tub!" 9 The Netherlands Found the ticket S26 JelaniJenny.jpg

Jelani & Jenny

Unknown romantic evening
"Fruits of Our Labor" 10 The Netherlands Found the ticket S26 JelaniJenny.jpg

Jelani & Jenny

A romantic dinner with a performance from a mummy


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