David Dean and Jeff Strnad are a team of Best Friends on The Amazing Race 4.

The two hoped to make it far with their physical abilities, but quickly realized that simply relying on brute strength would not be enough. They then began to race smarter, winning four legs and making it to the final three. However, they made a fatal mistake on the final leg, as they jumped on a plane to Sydney without first booking tickets to Hawaii, stranding them there overnight and dooming them to a third place finish. They are the second team (following Joe & Bill in Season 1) to make it to the final three, but not reach the Finish Line.


Thirty-two-year-old David is an entrepreneur with an MBA from the University of Miami. Currently he is an executive and owner of a marketing agency. Past jobs include selling medical devices and working as a personal trainer. He had a football scholarship in college and speaks Spanish well. David describes himself as "ambitious, loyal and passionate," and one of his favorite hobbies is working out. He loves traveling, especially to big cities. He has a fear of heights. David respects President George Bush because thinks he's a great leader. David admits he is crazier than his teammate. He says he's in the Race for the fun, the money and most of all the challenge.

Jeff is a commercial real estate broker and residential designer & developer. He is 37 and describes himself as "goal-oriented, confident and grounded." He also thinks of himself as a romantic who is looking forward to the day when he can settle down and start a family. He loves to surf, run and paint. Jeff is a little more reserved than David and takes time to think through a situation before he dives in. His fears include heights and "moving away from the beach." He sets high expectations for himself and finishes what he sets out to accomplish. One of Jeff's real estate accomplishments includes closing a $200 million lease agreement for billionaire Marvin Davis with 20th Century Fox.

The Amazing Race 4

Race History

David & Jeff's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 United States → Italy Search / Rescue No Roadblock 10 of 12
2 2 Italy Waterway / Pathway Jeff 5 of 11
3 3 Italy → Austria Mozart / Beethoven David 7 of 10
4 4 Austria → France Ropes / Slopes Jeff 6 of 9
5 5 France → The Netherlands 500 Kilograms / 15 Feet David 6 of 8
6 6 The Netherlands → India Suds / Duds Jeff 1 of 7
7 7 India Baskets / Trunks David 1 of 6
8 8 India → Malaysia Net / Trap Jeff 4 of 5
9 9 Malaysia Chop / Haul David 3 of 5
10 10 Malaysia → South Korea Strong Hands / Strong Stomach Jeff 4 of 4
11 11 South Korea → Australia Used Fast Forward 1 of 4
12 12 Australia Saddle / Paddle David 1 of 3
13 13 Australia → United States Wing It / Wander It Jeff 3 of 3 [1]


Average 4.00
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
The team used the Fast Forward pass

1: David & Jeff had fallen so far behind that they were unable to complete the final leg. Once David & Jeff reached Hawaii and arrived at the second route marker, they were informed that the race was over.
2: On the Amazing Race website, Jeff said that during the final leg, he did the final roadblock after the teams had checked in.


Franchise Records

  • Lowest Average of a team who won four legs, with 4.00.
  • Second of two teams (the first being Joe & Bill) to make it to the final leg, but not make it to the Finish Line without being eliminated.


  • Won the most legs in season 4, with 4.
  • featured them for a 'National Best Friend Day' celebration slideshow in 2015.[1]


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