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Dennis Hyde and Andrew Hyde are a Father/Son team on The Amazing Race 3.

The race's first Father/Son duo spent their short run on the race in the back of the pack, always lagging behind the other teams. In the third leg, they had trouble finding a flight into England, which put them a day behind the other teams. Even with the Fast Forward, they came in last and were eliminated in 10th place.


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Two generations can have a good time too. This isn't just a race for couples and fraternity buddies; this is a family race too.

Lexington, Kentucky residents Dennis and Andrew are different as night and day. Andrew, 21, is a liberal, openly gay, college cheerleader. His father Dennis, 48, is a conservative Southern Baptist who manages a family entertainment center.

Dennis says he decided to apply for THE AMAZING RACE so he could spend some quality time with his son. "I would love to travel with Andrew outside the country before he moves on and starts his own life," said Dennis.

Andrew says his primary motivation was to see the world. "The thrill of traveling to places unknown to me seems very intriguing," said Andrew. "My second motivation would be to give Kentuckians someone to root for!"

Both Dennis and Andrew are concerned about keeping clean on the road. Andrew says the most important item in his backpack is his razor, since he hates looking scruffy. Dennis is making sure to pack plenty of soap. "Other than food, sanitation is the key to health. If you are not feeling well, nothing else matters," he says.

The father-and-son Team feel their diversity will prove to be an asset in the Race. While Dennis has experience and wisdom on his side, Andrew's strength, agility and charisma may help lead the Team toward the finish line.

Andrew attends Eastern Kentucky University. His birth date is June 15. Dennis' birth date is January 14.[1]

How would you describe your previous travel experience?

  • Dennis: Above average. I have traveled outside the U.S. on six different occasions.
  • Andrew: My travel experience has been limited to the U.S. I've been to many parts of the country, primarily for cheerleading competitions and family vacations, but haven't gotten to venture outside of our borders…yet.

What is the most stressful aspect of traveling?

  • Dennis: Preparation. Trying to guess what could be necessary in every situation is a disturbing situation.
  • Andrew: I've always worried about forgetting something really important like money, food or deodorant: yah know, the necessities.

What is the most important item in your backpack, and why?

  • Dennis: Soap. It is important to stay healthy on a venture like this. Other than food, sanitation is the key to health. If you are not feeling well, nothing else matters.
  • Andrew: A simple razor is important to me because I hate looking scruffy. However, I wouldn't get too far without a passport. I'm a clean-cut guy, so I have to have my "beauty supplies."

Why did you want to be on THE AMAZING RACE?

  • Dennis: I love to travel, and to go to these exotic places and do these activities to share with the world is unimaginable.
  • Andrew: The thrill of traveling to places unknown to me seems very intriguing, but also the chance to be an advocate for the gay community is something I've felt a calling to do, and to be in the public eye. I can hopefully be a good role model.

Have you and your partner traveled together before? If so, what was it like?

  • Dennis: Only domestic family vacations. It was enjoyable, but in no way comparable with this adventure.
  • Andrew: My dad and I have traveled together within the states, but I'm an international virgin, so I'm prepared to travel with an open mind.

What do you fear most about competing in THE AMAZING RACE?

  • Dennis: My biggest fear is holding up to the physical demands. Most of the competitors are much younger and fitter.
  • Andrew: My biggest fear, period, is sharks, so of course I'm nervous I'll be asked to swim with them or something of that nature. "Jaws" is one of my favorite movies, so yah see, Hollywood does warp your mind.

What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to the Team?

  • Dennis: Our strength is diversity. We are the only Team with a large age division. I bring experience and wisdom, but my age and physical condition could be a weakness.
  • Andrew: My greatest strength is my personality. I'm very nice and tend to get along with everyone in all walks of life, although I am very naive when it comes to international traveling. Plus I'm the youngest on the Race: I just recently turned 21.

What strengths and weaknesses does your teammate bring to the Team?

  • Dennis: Andrew's strength is agility and charisma. There should be no physical challenge he can't complete, and he loves to interact with people. He never meets a stranger.
  • Andrew: Dad is very headstrong when it comes to traveling; he's "been there, done that." He does have problems with heights, so I hope that's not a factor that slows us down.

What will you miss the most from home (besides your bed)?

  • Dennis: I'll miss my wife and daughter most, of course, but beyond this, I truly miss cola drinks when I travel.
  • Andrew: What I'll miss the most is my friends and family. I have an awesome group of friends in Kentucky, and my mom, sister and brother are very cool. Plus, of course, I'll miss the guy I'm dating.

What languages do you speak?

  • Dennis: None fluently.
  • Andrew: Very little Spanish. If that helps me in the Race I'll definitely have to call my high school Spanish teacher and thank her.

What destination are you hoping to visit?

  • Dennis: Jerusalem; it is such a center for history. I have always dreamed of seeing sights such as the Temple Mount, Wailing Wall, Garden Tomb, etc.
  • Andrew: I've always wanted to go to Africa. I love the cultures there and the landscapes. I guess that's why my bedroom is very tribal, with leopard print and African masks.

What country do you feel best prepared for?

  • Dennis: Germany, because I have done some travel there.
  • Andrew: Australia seems to be a lot like the U.S. as far as language and style, so I'd probably be best prepared for a country like ours since I haven't traveled internationally yet.[2]

The Amazing Race 3[]

Race History[]

Dennis & Andrew's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 United States → Mexico Wings / Wheels No Roadblock 8 of 12
2 2 Mexico Man Power / Horse Power Andrew 9 of 11
3 3 Mexico → United Kingdom Used Fast Forward 10 of 10 [1]
Average 9.00
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
The team used the Fast Forward pass

1: Dennis & Andrew completed the Fast Forward task, but were too far behind the other teams and they still came in last and were eliminated.


  • Dennis still runs the Lexington Ice and Recreation Center in Lexington, Kentucky. He even sky-dove on his 60th Birthday to make up for skipping that option on the Detour in Leg 1 (choosing the donkey cart instead). He is a Sunday school teacher and active in his church.
  • Andrew lives in Lexington, KY and works as a charity fundraiser as well as a comic book writer. Andrew created and writes the series Monsters Among Us available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. The Race opened doors for Andrew to be a speaker at events like New York City Pride, write for magazines like The Advocate and labeled Instinct Magazine's Reality TV Queer of the Year.
  • More recently Andrew was Portland, Oregon's Most Eligible Bachelor by PQ Magazine in 2016 and awarded the title of Queer Hero of the Pacific Northwest in June 2017 for his work in raising money for an HIV/AIDS organization.
  • Dennis and Andrew are still very close and attribute much of that to their time together on The Race.
  • Andrew was a commentator on's blog Return of the Racers for seasons 9, 10, and 11.
  • Andrew later competed in the Discovery Channel reality series, Naked and Afraid as Andrew Shayde.[3]
  • Andrew later competed in the CBS reality series, Buddy Games also as Andrew Shayde.


  • Dennis & Andrew, Aaron & Arianne, and Ken & Gerard are the first Straight/Gay teams to compete on the race.
  • Dennis & Andrew are the first Father & Son team on the race.
  • First team to be eliminated in the United Kingdom and the first team to be eliminated in Scotland.
  • First all-male team to be eliminated without winning a leg.
  • First team to be eliminated despite using the Fast Forward on the same leg. This would be followed by Bopper & Mark.
  • They were featured in a slideshow celebrating Father's Day 2015.[4]

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