Divide and Conquer is the second episode of The Amazing Race 1.


Rob & Brennan are the first to depart from Songwe Village, at 11:23 pm. They open their clue, directing them to the Songwe Museum, which is located in Songwe Village. Rob & Brennan decide to head to the car they drove to Songwe Village and wait for Joe & Bill and Frank & Margarita to depart.

The strategy is to team up with Margarita & Frank and Bill & Joe.Brennan

Joe & Bill are the second to depart from Songwe Village at 11:37 pm. Frank & Margarita depart third at 12:05 am. All three teams drive their car to where Margarita thought she saw a sign to Songwe Museum on the previous leg.

Lenny & Karyn depart fourth at 1:52 am. They take their car to Songwe Museum.

The relationship is going fine. I'm just really amazed that I'm able to come here with my girlfriend, to Africa, and experience things with her.Lenny
At the end of the day, we'll still be together and we'll have lots of stories to tell our children because when we win the money, he has to marry me.Karyn

Pat & Brenda depart from Songwe Village at 3:35 am. Pat & Brenda decide to drive to the museum.

Pat actually introduced me to my husband, then we both had our daughters two months apart. We would have planned a weekend here and there, then we started backpacking. We've been doing those things for about close to 15 years.Brenda

Meanwhile, Team Guido, the separated couple, and the best friends continue to caravan to where Margarita thought she saw a sign for the museum. Karyn also believes she saw a sign for the museum. Pat & Brenda ask for directions. All five teams have trouble looking for the Songwe Museum, as no one outside of Songwe Village knows about it.

At a gas station, Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, and Rob & Brennan realize that the museum was in Songwe Village, and they had been driving pointlessly for two hours. Lenny & Karyn find a local who informs them that the museum in within Songwe Village. All four teams return to the village to locate the museum. Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, and Rob & Brennan find their next clue, finding it to be a Detour. Their choice is either Near or Far. In Near, teams have to go to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park only 20 km away, where they will photograph three hard-to-find animals from a provided list of five (giraffe, impala, water buffalo, zebra, rhino). In Far, teams have to go to Chobe National Park in Botswana 110 km away and photograph a single elephant. After either Detour, teams must make their way to Mukuni Village. Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, and Rob & Brennan all decide to do the Near Detour. Lenny & Karyn arrive back in the village, looking for Songwe Museum.

Meanwhile, Pat & Brenda, who have not found Songwe Museum, decide to perform the Fast Forward. For the Fast Forward, teams must make their way to Bundu Adventures, and take a whitewater rafting trip down the Zambezi River to find the Fast Forward pass.

Kim & Leslie are the sixth to depart from Songwe Village at 5:33 am.

She's [Kim's] a coach, so she is the competitive edge.Leslie
The competitive side of me makes me dream about beating people.Kim

Kim & Leslie drive from Songwe Village. Paul & Amie are the seventh to depart, at 5:50 am. Paul & Amie decide to drive out of Songwe Village. Dave & Margaretta depart eighth, due to improperly performing the Air Detour in the previous leg, at 6:24 am. Dave & Margaretta decide to ask some locals about the museum, learning it is about a 10 minute walk away from the carport.

My background is basically a fighter pilot. I flew 107 missions in Vietnam. Fighter pilots are very positive in what they can do.Dave

Kevin & Drew depart ninth at 7:09 am. They decide to drive from the village. As they pass Dave & Margaretta, Margaretta comments they should have driven. Nancy & Emily are the last to depart from Songwe Village, at 7:26 am.

I've got the best job and the most important job in the world. I'm a full-time mother. I do laundry and clean the kitchen and maybe go out for lunch.Nancy
I was kind of afraid that maybe she would hinder me a little bit, but she's been right there every step of the way right behind me.Emily

Kim & Leslie find the museum as they are driving out of Songwe Village, finding their next clue. The teachers decide to perform Near.

As Paul & Amie return to the village, they meet up with Dave & Margaretta and Nancy & Emily. Dave tells the two teams that a local woman told them where the museum is, all deciding to walk there. After finding their clue, all three teams decide to do Near. Kevin & Drew roll up to the museum shortly after. The fraternity brothers decide to do the Near task.

At Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, and Rob & Brennan begin to take pictures of the animals they find on the drive through the game reserve. On their way to Mukuni Village, Joe & Bill discuss a potential alliance with Rob & Brennan, but not one with Frank & Margarita, feeling Frank is too "uncontrollable".

Pat & Brenda arrive at Bundu Adventures, where they begin the Fast Forward task. At the end of their whitewater rafting trip, Pat & Brenda find the Fast Forward pass, telling them to make their way to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. Both mothers are excited to be going to Paris.

Kevin & Drew, Nancy & Emily, and Paul & Amie begin taking photographs of animals in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Frank & Margarita, Joe & Bill, and Rob & Brennan arrive at Mukuni Village, where they will receive a traditional Mukuni greeting (a water spit on their person) from the chief and then exchange the photographs for their next clue, a statue of the Eiffel Tower. Dave & Margaretta, Kevin & Drew, Kim & Leslie, Lenny & Karyn, Nancy & Emily, and Paul & Amie arrive at Mukuni Village and receive the Eiffel Tower statue.

All teams make their way to Johannesburg International Airport, where they begin to search for tickets to Paris, France. Brenda begins to break down as they struggle to find tickets. At a ticket counter, Kim & Leslie attempt to find connecting flights to Paris through Amsterdam, London, or Brussels. Amie walks up to the same counter, where Kim says she needs four tickets to the manager, and that Amie is not with her and Leslie. Amie gets angry at Kim for saying that and for not being able to find anything to Paris. One of the clerks tells Kim, Leslie, and Amie to relax. All teams are able to get on a flight to Paris, France.

Rob and Brennan, I found out, had never been out of the United States before. So, that was the official end of the alliance for me. 'Cause what the hell are they going to help us? We lived in Paris for two years. So, I figured, that's it 'cause there are no friends here. Best you can do is act friendly.Joe

The first two flights arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport, where Joe & Bill decide to immediately head to the train to get them to the Eiffel Tower. Brennan remarks this, saying he'd be mad if he "cared enough about them to really matter". Joe & Bill are the first team to leave the airport. All teams in Paris begin scrambling for transportation to the Eiffel Tower, except for Joe & Bill, who are on a train, and Pat & Brenda, who are heading for the Arc de Triomphe. Pat & Brenda are the first to check in at the Pit Stop.

At the Eiffel Tower, teams find their next clue, a Roadblock, a task in which only one team member can perform. The team member assigned to the task must climb to the second level of the Eiffel Tower and use a coin-operated viewfinder to look for something "monumental". What they do not know is that they are looking for the familiar yellow and white Route Marker flag with the word "monumental" written on it atop the Arc de Triomphe, the next Pit Stop. Team Guido are the first to arrive, and Bill decides to perform the Roadblock. Rob & Brennan and Frank & Margarita arrive shortly after, with Kevin & Drew behind them. Rob and Frank decide to perform the Roadblock for their teams. Kevin & Drew find the next clue, where Kevin opts to perform the Roadblock. Lenny & Karyn arrive just behind them, where Karyn has Lenny perform the Roadblock.

Bill quickly spots the yellow flag, believing it to be on the Arc de Triomphe, and makes his way downstairs. Frank spots it shortly after Joe & Bill leave, telling Rob what he saw, and both head back downstairs. Kevin spots the flag, heading back downstairs, leaving Lenny currently looking for the flag. Lenny returns to the base of the tower, where Karyn shouts at him for not finding the flag, forcing Lenny back upstairs. Lenny believes the flag is at Notre Dame and heads back downstairs.

The third flight arrives at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Paul & Amie and Kim & Leslie both attempt to get in the same cab. Paul begins to tell the teachers that there is a line for taxis and that he and Amie were the first.

It was cutting. I just cut in line.Kim
We were in the cab. She [Kim] jumped in the front seat, started bribing. She was trying to negotiate, "Take us, take us, not them, not them".Amie

Kim successfully takes the cab from Paul & Amie, forcing the engaged couple to another cab.

She [Amie] screamed at me, like she'd scream at her boyfriend, I suppose.Kim

Kim & Leslie head for the Eiffel Tower.

You got to play a game, good sportsmanship or bad sportsmanship.Leslie

Paul & Amie find another cab to take them to the Eiffel Tower, where Amie begins to cry, and Paul wonders where Kim got the gall to steal their cab. Amie asks him to stop talking about it, so she can stop thinking about it. Paul & Amie arrive at the Eiffel Tower before Kim & Leslie, where Paul performs the Roadblock. He gets easily frustrated, wanting to quit. Kim & Leslie arrive at the Effiel Tower and miss the Clue Box and go straight to the top of the tower, looking for the yellow and white flag.

Joe & Bill are the second team to check in at the Pit Stop at the Arc de Triomphe. Rob & Brennan arrive third, with Frank & Margarita at a close fourth.

Lenny & Karyn arrive at the Notre Dame, where they find out they are in the wrong location. The two get into an argument that the Notre Dame was nowhere near where they were supposed to be. Karyn wants them to return to the Eiffel Tower so they can find the correct location.

Kevin & Drew arrive in fifth place at the Pit Stop.

Kim & Leslie go back down to the base to get their clue after a French gentleman shows them where it is at. Kim decides to perform the task, where Lenny has returned to the viewing deck, and Paul and Emily are looking for the flag. Paul spots it, heading back downstairs. Emily spots the flag on the Arc de Triomphe, showing Lenny. The two head back downstairs, as Kim spots the flag. Dave spots the Arc de Triomphe. All five teams make their way to the Arc de Triomphe.

Dave & Margaretta arrive at the Arc de Triomphe, placing sixth. Paul & Amie arrive at the Pit Stop in seventh. Nancy & Emily arrive in eighth place. Kim & Leslie arrive nearby the Arc de Triomphe, but they look for a way across the street. Lenny & Karyn arrive in ninth place. Kim & Leslie make their way across the street, where Phil Keoghan informs the teachers that they are in last place and have been eliminated. Kim & Leslie say their goodbyes to Nancy & Emily and Lenny & Karyn, wishing them good luck.

Route Markers

The order of departure from Songwe Village are as follows:

  1. Rob & Brennan (11:23 pm)
  2. Joe & Bill (11:37 pm)
  3. Frank & Margarita (12:05 am)
  4. Lenny & Karyn (1:52 am)
  5. Pat & Brenda (3:35 am)
  6. Kim & Leslie (5:33 am)
  7. Paul & Amie (5:50 am)
  8. Dave & Margaretta (6:24 am)
  9. Kevin & Drew (7:09 am)
  10. Nancy & Emily (7:26 am)

Teams must find the Songwe Museum, some 100 yards away from the Pit Stop. At the museum, they must pick up a camera and their next clue.

The Fast Forward instructions are given to the teams along with their first clue.

Teams must find the Bundu Adventures rafting company near the Zambezi River where one team had to whitewater raft down the treacherous rapids of the Zambezi River. At the designated riverbank, they will receive the Fast Forward pass. Pat & Brenda won the Fast Forward.

Choice A: Near
Teams had to go to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park only 20 kilometers (12 mi) away and had to photograph three hard-to-find animals from a provided list of five (giraffe, impala, water buffalo, zebra, rhino). Finding this national park is relatively easier, but getting a satisfying shot of wild animals would be a challenge.

All of the teams chose this task.

Choice B: Far
Teams will have to drive to the Chobe National Park in nearby country Botswana 110 kilometers (68 mi) away and photograph a single elephant. Teams choosing Far could lose them valuable time crossing borders, but once at the reserve, they are only to photograph a single elephant.

None of the teams chose this task.

Teams had to travel to Mukuni Village. Once there, they had to take part in a traditional welcome ceremony for honored guests, which included meeting the village chief (who would spit on them) as well as viewing and participating in a tribal dance. After the ceremony, teams gave the village chief the photographs and received the next clue; a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

"This task requires strong legs and keen eyes."

One team member has to take the stairway up to the second level of the Eiffel Tower and use a 10 coin to operate a telescope to search the city skyline for a famous monument with a race flag on top that would serve as the Pit Stop; the Arc de Triomphe.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

S1 PatBrenda
 1st place 
Pat & Brenda
Working Moms
S1 JoeBill
 2nd place 
Joe & Bill
Life Partners
S1 RobBrennan
 3rd place 
Rob & Brennan
Best Friends/Lawyers
S1 FrankMargarita
 4th place 
Frank & Margarita
Separated Couple
S1 KevinDrew
 5th place 
Kevin & Drew
Fraternity Brothers
S1 DaveMargaretta
 6th place 
Dave & Margaretta
Married 40 Years
S1 PaulAmie
 7th place 
Paul & Amie
S1 NancyEmily
 8th place 
Nancy & Emily
S1 LennyKaren
 9th place 
Lenny & Karyn
S1 KimLeslie
 10th place 
Kim & Leslie


  • The episode was supposed to air on September 12, 2001, but was postponed due to the 9/11 attacks. It aired a week later.[2]
  • This marks the first time The Amazing Race visits continental Europe and the country of France.
  • This is the first leg that an all-female team comes in first and an all-female team is eliminated from the race.
  • This is the only leg won by a team that did not reach the final four of this season.
  • This is the first leg to have a Roadblock and Pit Stop as the clue.


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