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The following is the script for the episode, "For Those About to Rock", from Season 4.


Jon Montgomery: Previously on the Amazing Race Canada, teams flew south, soaking up sights and sounds of Havana, Cuba.

Jillian MacLaughlin: WHOO!!

Jon Montgomery: Finishing off 3 consecutive wins, Steph and Kristen's 4th triumph was cut short at the detour.

Steph LeClair: That's it, we're done.

(whistle blowing)

Jon Montgomery: And beach volleyball brough race rivals into a face-off.

Emmett Blois: Steph & Kristen (whatever he said), so we're gonna have to get a little payback.

Jon Montgomery: Exes Jillian & Emmett smashed their differences and served up their 3rd win of the race. You two are team #1!

Jillian MacLaughlin & Emmett Blois: (cheering)

Jon Montgomery: Rita & Yvette early lead came to a grinding halt at the Roadblock.

Yvette Yakibonge: You can do it.

Jon Montgomery: But the twins were spared by a non-elimination. You are still in this race!

Rita Yakibonge & Yvette Yakibonge: (cheering)

Yvette Yakibonge: We are definitely not wasting the second chance.

Jon Montgomery: Now, 5 teams remain as they race to win a choice of any one of these Chevrolet cars and trucks, a once in a lifetime trip for 2 around the worldwith a combination provided by, a quarter of a million dollars and the Amazing Race Canada.

(theme song)