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The Handicap (Handikap in Norwegian) is the penalty for coming in last on a Non-Elimination Leg in The Amazing Race Norge. In this penalty, a specific task on the next leg will be made more difficult for the team that is handicapped.

This is similar in function to the Speed Bump in other versions in which teams have to perform an additional task that no other teams have to perform.


The Amazing Race Norge

Season Episode Leg User via Survived? Notes
The Amazing Race Norge 1 Unknown 1 NOS1 MarthaElise.jpg

Martha & Elise

Make 75 dung cakes rather than 50 and stack 300 dried dung cakes rather than 200 Yes
8 of 10
Unknown 4 NOS1 BjarneVilde.jpg

Bjarne & Vilde

Solve a six-piece Tower of Hanoi puzzle instead of a five-piece puzzle No
8 of 8
  • First time the Handicap users were eliminated.
Unkown 7 NOS1 TorEinarCathrine.jpg

Tor Einar & Cathrine

Take a different path to the Pit Stop and retrieve a stuffed koala attached to a metal pole by the host No
6 of 6
Unknown 9 NOS1 KariBjørn.jpg

Kari & Bjørn

Completing both Detour tasks Yes
5 of 5
Unknown 10 NOS1 KariBjørn.jpg

Kari & Bjørn

Bring two lit candles to the Pit Stop rather than one No
5 of 5
  • First time the Handicap users quit the task
The Amazing Race Norge 2 Unknown 4 NOS2 VinhTerje.png

Vinh & Terje

Not only have to memorize the symbols of the astrological signs of the Zodiac, but needed to memorize the symbols and their correct sequencing Yes
5 of 7
Unknown 5 NOS2 LillStian.png

Lill & Stian

Eat two piure instead of one Yes
5 of 7
Unknown 8 NOS2 LillStian.png

Lill & Stian

Sell twice the amount of croissants and earn twice the amount of money No
5 of 5
Unknown 10 NOS2 CecileCamilla.png

Cecilie & Camilla

Find 15 pictured titles instead of 10 Yes
3 of 4

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