He Can't Swim, but He Can Eat Cow Lips! is the eighth episode of The Amazing Race 10.


The game's newest twist shocks the racers and forces rival teams to set aside their differences and work together.

One team starts the leg with a huge handicap and will need to pull out all the stops in order to stay in the game. The Racers also struggle to complete an unappetizing task of consuming a local delicacy. Every second counts as several teams run neck-and-neck in a finish to the mat.[2]


Route Markers

The order of departure from Château Bel Ombre are as follows:

  1. Dustin & Kandice (3:00 am)
  2. Tyler & James (3:05 am)
  3. Rob & Kimberly (3:09 am)
  4. Erwin & Godwin (4:04 am)
  5. Lyn & Karlyn (4:05 am)
  6. David & Mary (4:08 am)

Teams must fly to Antananarivo, Madagascar. Upon arrival, teams must find the Black Angel statue in Lac Anosy to find their next clue.

At the Black Angel Statue, the teams encountered an Intersection, where two teams must work together until further notice.

The teams that Intersected are as follows:

The Fast Forward instructions were given to them after finding their clue at the Black Angel Statue.

The intersected teams have to travel 2.5 miles to Analakely Market and eat one full serving of beef muzzle, a French-inspired local delicacy. When they've cleaned their plates, the two teams would win the Fast Forward. Rob & Kimberly and Tyler & James won the Fast Forward.

Choice A: Long Sleep
The intersected teams must travel by van 2.2 miles to an open market where they have to deliver 8 mattresses and wrap them with a cover on foot approximately 1 mile through the streets of Antananarivo to a certain address. When the delivery is complete, the homeowner will hand them their next clue.

All of the teams chose this task.

Choice B: Short Letter
The intersected teams must travel by van 3.5 miles to a paper working station where they had to work together to successfully make 28 pieces of handcrafted paper. Once the artisan signals they have correctly made their paper, they would receive their next clue.

None of the teams chose this task.

Teams, who are no longer intersected, must make their way to Tohotohobato Ambondrona Analakely to search for their next clue.

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock would have to search the rubber stamp vendors across the steep staircases and find four different vendors with a matching stamp to imprint of a boat, train, plane and car on their clue. Once found, they must make their way to Cathedral Andohalo alone, as their teammate will be waiting separately at the Pit Stop.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

For coming in first, Dustin & Kandice won a trip to the Kona coast on Hawaii's Big Island, including a helicopter tour.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward> Used the Yield< Recipient of the Yield
S10 DustinKandice
 1st place 
Dustin & Kandice
Beauty Queens
S10 TylerJames
 2nd place 
Tyler & James
S10 RobKimberly
 3rd place 
Rob & Kimberly
S10 ErwinGodwin
 4th place 
Erwin & Godwin
S10 LynKarlyn
 5th place 
Lyn & Karlyn
Single Moms/Friends
S10 DavidMary
 6th place 
David & Mary
Coalminer and Wife


  • This leg marks the first time The Amazing Race visits the country of Madagascar.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Intersection.
  • The episode title is said by Tyler, referring to James' ability to quickly consume cow lips at the Fast Forward.
  • This episode marks the first time that the Marked for Elimination penalty is applied.
  • Depending on the time-zone, this episode was either delayed by 30 or 56 minutes due to overruns by NFL games.


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