Hi. I'm Sorry. I'm in a Race is the season finale of The Amazing Race 17.


Route Markers

The order of departure from Wongudan are as follows:

  1. Jill & Thomas (3:57 am)
  2. Brook & Claire (4:23 am)
  3. Nat & Kat (4:27 am)

Teams must fly to Los Angeles, California, United States. Upon arrival, teams must travel by taxi to Pier J 266 at the Port of Long Beach, where they'll find their next clue.

Teams must ride an elevator to the top of one of the pier's gantry cranes where they'll receive their clue. They are then dropped down from the crane on a tandem bungee swing over the water. Once they were on the dock again, they can read their next clue.

Teams must ride a helicopter to a surprise destination, the Rose Bowl.

The team member assigned to this Roadblock would have to help decorate three sections of the theme float for the Tournament of Roses Parade, by gluing chrysanthemums to one section, placing roses in special vials of water and then placing them in a section of the float, and then covering a giant cardboard rose with finely ground straw to cover it with "natural materials" as stated in the rules for decorating the floats. If they complete the float sections correctly, the floral director would tell them that they could receive their next clue from 2009 Rose Queen Courtney Lee.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams have to solve a series of riddles in their clue, "I am Sancho Panza's master", "I am the place to hear The Symphony in the Glen", "Monroe's Year of the Itch". The answers to which are Don Quixote, Griffith Park, and The Seven Year Itch respectively. Once they have all three answers, they can travel by taxi to their nexxt destination, Quixote Studios' Stage 7 located in Griffith Park.

Teams are put in front of a large game show-like board that flashed videos of 48 people wearing different kinds of hats, 11 of which were the greeters at the Pit Stop maps for the race (the others are from previous seasons). Teams use a control panel to pick the greeters and then place them in the order that they appeared along the race. Once they have the correct people and order, they can get their final clue from game show host Bob Eubanks.

Teams must travel by taxi to Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills to cross the Finish Line.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forwardϵ Used the Express Pass User of the first Double U-Turn slot • Recipient of the first Double U-Turn slot • User of the second Double U-Turn slot • Recipient of the second Double U-Turn slot
S17 NatKat
 1st place 
Nat & Kat
S17 BrookClaire
 2nd place 
Brook & Claire
Home Shopping Hosts
S17 JillThomas
 3rd place 
Jill & Thomas


  • This episode's title is said by Nat while on the phone in an attempt to secure information.
  • Nat & Kat are the first all-female team to win the US version of The Amazing Race.


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