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Hope Davis and Norm Davis are a team of Married Parents on The Amazing Race 2.

A bad cab driver dropped them to the back of the pack in the second leg, and they were beaten to the Pit Stop by Blake & Paige, causing their elimination in 10th place.


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We're two unique individuals, complimenting one another's personalities, celebrating each other's differences.


Hope and Norm were 20 years old when they met in Clinton, Tennessee. It was July 1983, the summer before their junior year in college. Norm played it cool, waiting about a month before asking Hope out. After dating Norm for three years, Hope moved to Clinton and the two were married. They've done a little traveling together, and both have enjoyed the adventure and the quality time together.

Hope and Norm decided to team up for THE AMAZING RACE mostly for the challenge and the adventure. According to Hope, "I would not have signed up with anyone else! Norm could complete the race with anyone and have a great time. Our strengths are that we compliment each other's weaknesses." When thinking about how participating in THE AMAZING RACE will affect their relationship, Hope says, "We think that the Race will make us stronger and will add to our memories of one another that will last a lifetime."

Q & A

What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to the Team?

  • Hope: I'm driven, good at scheduling, and have good communication skills. However, I tend to make decisions impulsively. I have no foreign language skills and no sense of direction.
  • Norm: I'm competitive and have good listening skills, but I have trouble making decisions.

What strengths and weaknesses does your teammate bring to the Team?

  • Hope: Norm is extremely patient and kind, as well as physically strong. He likes to keep his options open, and is able to look at situations and see lots of choices. Norm's weakness is his strength. He has a hard time asserting his way with others and will put someone else before himself, rather than risk hurting that individual or treating them with disrespect.
  • Norm: Hope is very organized and can make decisions fairly quickly, with adequate sleep! She is physically strong and has a lot of courage. Her weakness is that she is too open and wants to trust people. She tends to include others in decisions and therefore weakens our advantage.

What is your favorite film?

  • Hope: True Lies
  • Norm: Braveheart

What is your favorite TV show?

  • Hope: SURVIVOR
  • Norm: Discovery: Science of Travel

Who is your favorite actor?

  • Hope: Mel Gibson
  • Norm: Mel Gibson

Who is your favorite actress

  • Hope: Goldie Hawn and Meg Ryan
  • NORM: Michelle Pfeiffer

What is your favorite band?

  • Hope: Rick Braun and Bouncy James
  • Norm: N/A

What comfort item from home will you miss the most?

  • Hope: Fuzzy slippers and my bed
  • Norm: Sons Jared and John Luke[1]

The Amazing Race 2

Race History

Hope & Norm's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 United States → Brazil Mountain / Beach No Roadblock 4 of 11 [1]
2 2 Brazil Freak Out / Seek Out Norm 10 of 10
Average 7.00
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
The team used the Fast Forward pass


1: Hope & Norm tied with Blake & Paige for 4th place.


  • After being eliminated from the race, the couple wanted to organize a Real World/Road Rules Challenge-style competition involving the casts of this show and Survivor, but it did not come to fruition.[2]



  • Lonnie Wilkey at Baptist Press (04/04/2002): "Amazing Race Couple Interview"


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