I Gotta Have Two Legs to Run the Race! is the season premiere of The Amazing Race: Australia v New Zealand.


Route Markers

Teams must be divided into two groups of five representing their respective nation and compete in a "Trans-Tasman tug of war". Once one of the sides are able to grab their national flag from below the rope, the winning team were given a 10-minute head-start to the airport with their first clues leading them to their first destination: Christchurch, New Zealand. Upon arrival at Christchurch International Airport, teams must travel to the Cardboard Catherdral where they will search the area for one of three departure time tickets for the following morning, 8:00am, 8:15am or 8:30am. In the morning teams received their next clue.

Teams must travel to Rangitata Rafts at Rangitata River, Geraldtine where they will don safety gear and then raft down 5 grade rapids and find one half of a ring from The Lord of the Rings buried in the sand.

Teams must travel to Rata Peaks Station in Peel Forest where they will search the area for a clue box containing their next clue.

Who's got better traction?
The assigned team member had to navigate a tractor through a course and move 4 bales of hay into the marked area. Once this has been completed, they had to go to a sheep paddock and find sheep with the exact match of the other half of the ring from the rafting challenge. Teams would put the half rings together to reveal their next clue.

Teams must "Go west to the Pit Stop" to find their first Pit Stop: Southern Alps in Geraldton, New Zealand.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forwardϵ Used the Express Pass Used the Express Pass Used the U-Turn Recipient of the U-Turn
AUS3 JohnMurray
 1st place 
John & Murray
Best Mates
AUS3 CarlaHereni
 2nd place 
Carla & Hereni
Fitness Mums
AUS3 EmilyJono
 3rd place 
Emily & Jono
AUS3 DanielRyan
 4th place 
Daniel & Ryan
Intensive Care Nurses
AUS3 ElizabethTodd
 5th place 
Elizabeth & Todd
AUS3 AshleighJarrod
 6th place 
Ashleigh & Jarrod
AUS3 AstonChristie
 7th place 
Aston & Christie
Feisty Friends
AUS3 CatJesse
 8th place 
Cat & Jesse
Foster Parents
AUS3 SallyTyson
 9th place 
Sally & Tyson
Dating Bodybuilders
AUS3 IngaTiharna
 10th place 
Inga & Tiharna
Pageant Models


  • First time The Amazing Race Australia visits the country of New Zealand.
    • The first international leg within Oceania for this version.

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