I Should've Been a Boy Scout is the season premiere of The Amazing Race 28.


Route Markers

The race begins at all eleven teams' hometowns in the United States.

Teams must fly to Mexico City, Mexico and find Phil at the Monumento a la Revolución to find their next clue. Teams will take one flight from the hometowns' nearest major airport (either Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, or Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Altanta, Georgia).

Choice A: Mariachi Madness
Teams must travel to Plaza Garibaldi, where teams had to search for a 300-member Mariachi band performing in the plaza, and search for a band member who was not actually playing their instrument. If they could find one of these band members among-st the loud music, they could lead him to the nearby school of Mariachi to receive their next clue

Brodie & Kurt, Dana & Matt, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole, and Zach & Rachel chose this task.

Choice B: Great Bulls of Fire
Teams had to travel to the rooftop of a unnamed warehouse building, where teams would have to put together a Torito, a local fireworks display. Once it was properly constructed and lit up, teams would receive their next clue.

Brittany & Jessica, Burnie & Ashley, Darius & Cameron, Marty & Hagan, Scott & Blair, and Tyler & Korey chose this task

Teams must make their way by taxi to the Cuevas de Parque Tematico Tialocan in Teotihuacan. At the park's gate, teams must take one of three departure times in the morning to enter the park. Four teams will depart at 7:30 am, four teams depart at 7:40 am, and three teams depart at 7:50 am.

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock would have to make their way to a cave and listen to the beat of the drums, leading them to an excavation site. They will have to excavate pieces of a mask to reconstruct it. Once they've assembled it properly, the elder will hand them their next clue.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must make their way by taxi to Museo Soumaya to check in.

For coming in first place, Dana & Matt won $2,000 each.

For coming in last place, Scott & Blair will have to perform a Speed Bump at some point during the next leg of the race.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forwardϵ Used the Express Pass User of the first Double U-Turn slot • Recipient of the first Double U-Turn slot • User of the second Double U-Turn slot • Recipient of the second Double U-Turn slot
S28 DanaMatt
 1st place 
Dana & Matt
Engaged Choreographers
S28 TylerKorey
 2nd Place 
Tyler & Korey
Best Friends
S28 ZachRachel
 3rd Place 
Zach & Rachel
S28 DariusCameron
 4th Place 
Darius & Cameron
S28 BrodieKurt
 5th Place 
Brodie & Kurt
Pro Frisbee Players
S28 BurnieAshley
 6th Place 
Burnie & Ashley
Dating Gamers
S28 BrittanyJessica
 7th Place 
Brittany & Jessica
Instagram Models
S28 MartyHagan
 8th Place 
Marty & Hagan
S28 SheriCole
 9th Place 
Sheri & Cole
S28 ErinJoslyn
 10th Place 
Erin & Joslyn
Best Friends
S28 ScottBlair
 11th Place 
Scott & Blair


  • This episode's title was said by Blair in frustration of creating the papier-mâché bull in the Great Bulls of Fire Detour.
  • The first US premiere to have both Detour and a Roadblock since The Amazing Race 10.[1]
  • This marks the first time since "Kindness of Strangers" in Season 19 that there is a non-elimination in the first leg.
  • Although it didn't air on-air, Matt revealed on Twitter that he and Dana won $2,000.00 each for winning the first leg.[2]
    • This was the first time since "Nanna Is Kickin' Your Butt" that a team was given a general prize rather than an advantage for arriving first on the first leg.


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  • Saba Hamedy at Mashable (02/13/2016): "Season 28 of The Amazing Race already feels like a #TeamInternet party"


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