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I Think They're Spoiled and Not Hardworking is the fifth episode of The Amazing Race Asia 4.


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Route Markers

The order of departure from Kalutara Kalido Beach are as follows:

  1. Richard & Richard (1:35 am)
  2. Dimple & Sunaina (2:35 am)
  3. Khairie & Ethan (2:45 am)
  4. Lani & Jess (3:15 am)
  5. Hussein & Natasha (3:21 am)
  6. Hilda & Ivan (3:37 am)
  7. Claire & Michelle (4:00 am)
  8. Sahil & Manas (4:10 am)

Teams must fly to Metro Manila, Philippines, then fly or take a bus to Legazpi, Albay. Once there, teams must search the carpark at Legazpi Airport for a marked jeepney to find their next clue.

Teams must take a marked jeepney to Ligñon Hill to find their next clue.

Teams must ride their marked jeepeny to Barangay Budiao in Daraga, then ride an all-terrain vehicle along a marked course to the Cagsawa Ruins to find their next clue.

Teams must make take part in a traditional Filipino game called "pukpok palayok", where one member would be blindfolded and had to smash a palayok containing their next clue, while the other member guided them using only a tambourine.

Choice A: Jig
Teams must don traditional outfits and learn a traditional Ibalong dance, then perform the dance in front of a panel of two judges. Once both judges had approved their dance, they would receive their next clue.

Claire & Michelle, Dimple & Sunaina, Hilda & Ivan, Hussein & Natasha, Khairie & Ethan, Lani & Jess, and Sahil & Manas chose this task.

Choice B: Pig
Teams must participate in a local fiesta tradition of catching an oily pig. Once both members have caught two pigs each, they would receive their next clue.

Only Richard & Richard chose this task.

Teams must make their way on foot to the nearby jeepney parking area to find their next clue.

At the jeepney parking area near Cagsawa Ruins, the teams encountered an Intersection, where two teams must work together until further notice.

The teams that Intersected are as follows:

Teams must make their way to Misibis Bay in Bacacay where the intersected teams must work together to clear a marked area of the beach to receive their next clue. After finishing this task, teams are no longer intersected.

"Who prefers to paddle patiently?"

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock must paddle a kayak to a nearby fish farm and search among hundreds of clue envelopes for one containing their next clue. The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must ride a jet ski to Bahi Beach, then take a marked jeepeney to the amphitheater at Misibis Bay Resort and Casino to check in. For coming in first, Khairie & Ethan won a trip to the Philippines and a helicopter ride directly to Legazpi Airport in Legazpi after all other teams depart in the next leg.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg or continue racing on a No-Rest Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward> Used the Yield< Recipient of the Yield Used the U-Turn Recipient of the U-Turn
Khairie & Ethan
 1st place 
Khairie & Ethan
Richard & Richard
 2nd place 
Richard & Richard
Claire & Michelle
 3rd place 
Claire & Michelle
Rebel Pals
Dimple & Sunaina
 4th place 
Dimple & Sunaina
Best Friends
Lani & Jess
 5th place 
Lani & Jess
Party Girls
Hilda & Ivan
 6th place 
Hilda & Ivan
Hussein & Natasha
 7th place 
Hussein & Natasha
Father & Daughter
Sahil & Manas
 8th place 
Sahil & Manas



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