For the Intersection where teams battle against each other as seen in The Amazing Race en Discovery Channel 2 and The Amazing Race Norge 2, see Double Battle.

The Intersection requires each team to pair up with one other team and perform all tasks and make decisions together until further notice.

16x4 Intersection

Carol & Brandy are Intersected with Dan & Jordan in Germany on Season 16.

The Intersection was introduced in Season 10. Should there be no other teams present when a given team arrives at the Intersection route marker, they must wait there until another team arrives, though they do not have to partner with that team and can opt to wait for another team instead. Teams are free to choose their partner team if multiple teams are present. Intersected teams were given a usual Detour choice selection.

Fast Forward Option

In two occasions that it has been present on The Amazing Race (US), it has also included a Fast Forward, which is allowed to be claimed by one full group of two teams working together, regardless if either team has already claimed their Fast Forward; furthermore, teams that claim a Fast Forward during an Intersection are free to claim a non-Intersected Fast Forward if one is available after that point. Season 16 did not have a Fast Forward with the Intersection.

Intersection History

The Amazing Race (US)

Season Episode Leg Intersected Teams Clue Type Notes
The Amazing Race 10 "He Can't Swim, but He Can Eat Cow Lips" 8 S10 DavidMary
David & Mary
S10 LynKarlyn
Lyn & Karlyn
S10 DustinKandice
Dustin & Kandice
S10 ErwinGodwin
Erwin & Godwin
S10 RobKimberly
Rob & Kimberly
S10 TylerJames
Tyler & James
The Amazing Race: All-Stars (2007) "If I Were in Town, I'd Ask for Your Number (Part 2)" 8 S11 CharlaMirna
Charla & Mirna
S11 DustinKandice
Dustin & Kandice
S11 EricDanielle
Eric & Danielle
S11 JoeBill
Joe & Bill
S11 OswaldDanny
Oswald & Danny
S11 UchennaJoyce
Uchenna & Joyce
The Amazing Race 16 "We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt" 4 S16 BrentCaite
Brent & Caite
S16 JordanJeff
Jordan & Jeff
S16 CarolBrandy
Carol & Brandy
S16 DanJordan
Dan & Jordan
S16 JetCord
Jet & Cord
S16 LouieMichael
Louie & Michael
S16 JoeHeidi
Joe & Heidi
S16 SteveAllie
Steve & Allie

The Amazing Race Asia

Season Episode Leg Intersected Teams Clue Type Notes
The Amazing Race Asia 2 "So We're Going to the Pit Stop?" 8 ASS2 AdrianCollin
Adrian & Collin
ASS2 MarcRovilson
Marc & Rovilson
ASS2 DianeAnn
Diane & Ann
ASS2 PamelaVanessa
Pamela & Vanessa
ASS2 NatashaPaula
Natasha & Paula
ASS2 TerriHenry
Terri & Henry
The Amazing Race Asia 4 "I Think They're Spoiled and Not Hardworking" 5 ASS4 ClaireMichelle
Claire & Michelle
ASS4 KhairieEthan
Khairie & Ethan
ASS4 DimpleSunaina
Dimple & Sunaina
ASS4 RichardRichard
Richard & Richard
ASS4 HildaIvan
Hilda & Ivan
ASS4 LaniJess
Lani & Jess
ASS4 HusseinNatasha
Hussein & Natasha
ASS4 SahilManas
Sahil & Manas

The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race China

The Amazing Race: China Rush

HaMerotz LaMillion

The Amazing Race (Latin America)

The Amazing Race Philippines

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