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It Starts with an "F", That's All I'm Saying is the penultimate episode of The Amazing Race 15.


Route Markers

The order of departure from Prague Castle are as follows:

  1. Meghan & Cheyne (9:46 pm)
  2. Sam & Dan (10:13 pm)
  3. Flight Time & Big Easy (10:17 pm)
  4. Brian & Ericka (11:40 pm)

Teams must make their way to the Spanish Synagogue, where they would find their next clue.

At the Spanish Synagogue, Brian & Ericka would receive their clue for their Speed Bump. Brian & Ericka must travel to M1 Lounge, where they would have to successfully prepare a traditional shot of absinthe. They must both drink the shot of absinthe before they are allowed to continue.

Teams must make their way to the Ekotechnické Museum, where they would find their next clue.

"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd."

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock must enter the museum and search among several hundred ringing telephones for the five that would have a person on the other end of the line. A voice from each phone would give the team member one letter to the word "FRANZ", a reference to Franz Kafka, which they must memorize as they would not be allowed to write anything down before entering the supervisor's office. After obtaining all five letters, they must enter the supervisor's office and fill out a form with several biographical questions, then attempt to unscramble the five letters to form his name. If they are correct, the supervisor would hand them their next clue. If they are incorrect, they would have to fill out the form again before being allowed to make another attempt to unscramble the letters.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Big Easy decided to quit the Roadblock, unable to guess the phrase, and take a four-hour penalty.

Teams must make their way to the Kryocentrum, where they would find their next clue.

Teams must strip down to their underwear and spend two minutes in a cryotherapy chamber, which reached temperatures of −160 °C. After enduring the two-minute session, they would receive their next clue.

Teams must make their way to Charles Bridge, where they would find their next clue.

Choice A: Legend
Teams must build a golem by placing wet clay around a hay frame, and then transport it to the Old New Synagogue. If the golem is to the rabbis' satisfaction, they would give teams their next clue.

Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan chose this task.

Choice B: Lager
Teams must carry a total of 30 glasses of beer from a brewery called Pivovar a Restaurace "U Fleků" through the busy town square and deliver them to a bar named Restaurace Kozička to receive their next clue.

Only Brian & Ericka chose this task.

Flight Time & Big Easy fell too far behind the other teams and, after arriving at the Kryocentrum, were told to go straight to the Pit Stop.

Teams must make their way to Střelecký Ostrov to check in.
For coming in first place, Meghan & Cheyne won a pair of 52-inch HD LCD TVs.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward Used the U-Turn Recipient of the U-Turn
Meghan & Cheyne
 1st place 
Meghan & Cheyne
Sam & Dan
 2nd place 
Sam & Dan
Brian & Ericka
 3rd place 
Brian & Ericka
Flight Time & Big Easy
 4th place 
Flight Time & Big Easy
Harlem Globetrotters



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