Ken Duphiney and Gerard Duphiney are a team of Brothers on The Amazing Race 3.

Despite their age, they were formidable racers, using every advantage given to them to make it to the end. They were one of the snarkiest teams in the series, cracking jokes at nearly everyone else's expense, yet in such a good natured way that the other teams liked them anyway. When they saw the teams lining up against Derek & Drew in the "Twin Hunt" alliance, they took the opportunity to form a Brothers Alliance with them, an alliance they would eventually break in order to make it to the Final 3. Despite having a lead in the final leg, they faltered when they were unable to catch a taxi leaving the International Fountain, which ultimately put them in 3rd place.

As one of the most popular teams from the first ten seasons, with both the fans and even Phil Keoghan himself, they were one of the more surprising snubs form All-Stars, despite the host's best efforts to get them on.


Ken, a freelance casting director in New York City, and Gerard, a financial consultant in New Jersey, are the odd couple brother Team. They describe themselves as "different in almost every aspect of their lives...married vs. single, conservative vs. liberal, straight vs. gay," but they share a similar sense of humor and love of laughter. Of eight siblings growing up, they provided the comic relief to their family…and still do.

Despite their dramatic differences, Ken and Gerard enjoy spending time together. Some of their favorite activities are eating, laughing, walking around New York City and talking politics. Now that they don't live in the same city anymore, they are looking forward to spending an extended period of time together.

After receiving his Masters degree at Columbia University, Gerard became a youth director on the Lower Eastside. During that period, he is extremely proud of having put together successful programs for over 1,500 immigrant youths. Gerard currently resides in New Jersey, and is an accomplished financial advisor with a major firm.

One of Ken's greatest accomplishments was going out on his own as a freelance casting director five years ago. He is also extremely proud of joining Gotham Volleyball, a gay volleyball league. This was one of the first times Ken felt that his homosexuality didn't interfere with him playing sports and being part of a team. Now 40, Ken wants to go on this adventure to fulfill some of his short-term goals, face his fears and live his life.

Ken's birth date is May 15. Gerard is happily married ten years to his wife Jennifer and is the father of twins. He celebrates his birthday on November 16.

The Amazing Race 3

Ken & Gerard's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 United States → Mexico Used Fast Forward 1 of 12
2 2 Mexico Man Power / Horse Power Ken 6 of 11
3 3 Mexico → United Kingdom Punt / Bike Ken 2 of 10
4 4 United Kingdom → Portugal Old School / New School Ken 1 of 9
5 5 Portugal → Spain → Morocco Ropes / Slopes Gerard 1 of 8
6 6 Morocco Now You See It / Now You Don't Gerard 3 of 7 [1]
7 7 Morocco → Germany → Austria → Germany Sled / Skate Gerard 5 of 6
8 8 Germany → Switzerland Count the Money / Run the Numbers Ken 4 of 5 [2]
9 9 Switzerland Extreme Swiss / Very Swiss Gerard 2 of 5
10 Switzerland → Malaysia → Singapore Dry / Wet Ken 2 of 5
10 11 Singapore → Vietnam Easy Buy / Hard Sell Gerard 3 of 4 [3]
11 12 Vietnam Basket Boats / Basket Bikes Ken 2 of 3
13 Vietnam → United States Quick Drop / Slow Walk Gerard 3 of 3
Average 2.69
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
The team used the Fast Forward pass

1: Ken & Gerard attempted Now You See It for the Detour before switching to Now You Don't.
2: Ken & Gerard initially attempted Count the Money for the Detour before switching to Run the Numbers.
3: Ken & Gerard tried Easy Buy for the Detour before switching over to Hard Sell.



  • First pair of brothers that aren’t twins.
  • First pair of brothers to make it to the final leg.

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