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Let's Name Our Chicken Phil is the fourth episode of The Amazing Race 12.


Route Markers[]

The order of departure from the outskirts of Bingo are as follows:

  1. Azaria & Hendekea (7:58 am)
  2. TK & Rachel (8:12 am)
  3. Nathan & Jennifer (8:13 am)
  4. Kynt & Vyxsin (8:14 am)
  5. Ron & Christina (8:15 am)
  6. Nicolas & Donald (8:16 am)
  7. Shana & Jennifer (8:38 am)
  8. Lorena & Jason (10:07 am)

Teams must make their way on foot along a marked path to a nearby village and find the village chief. There, they would be given a gift of a chicken from the chief, which they must retrieve from a pen and take with them throughout the leg to the Pit Stop.

Teams must take a taxi to the town of Bouda-Pelegtanga, where they would find their next clue.

Choice A: Shake Your Pan
Teams must use traditional methods to pan for one ounce of gold. Once done, they can trade their gold for their next clue.

Nicolas & Donald and TK & Rachel chose this task.

Choice B: Shake Your Booty
Teams must learn a traditional local dance and perform it with Winiama masked dancers and perform it in front of three local celebrity judges and a crowd of locals while infusing some of their own creativity. Teams only had one attempt, and if the judges felt that a team lacked creativity or had a bad performance, they would incur a 10-minute penalty. After successfully performing the dance or waiting out the penalty, teams would receive their next clue.

Azaria & Hendekea, Kynt & Vyxsin, Lorena & Jason, Nathan & Jennifer, Ron & Christina, and Shana & Jennifer chose this task.

Teams must make their way on foot to Pelegtanga Market, where they would find their next clue.

At Pelegtanga Market, teams would have the option to U-Turn a team. Shana & Jennifer used the U-Turn on Lorena & Jason. Since Lorena & Jason completed the Shake Your Booty Detour, they would be forced to backtrack and complete the Shake Your Pan Detour before continuing.

Teams must take a taxi to Tampouy Goat Market in Ouagadougou, where they would find their next clue.

"Who's ready for a juggling act?"

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock must ride a bicycle and deliver a large amount of cumbersome goods, including a small goat to a specific person stated in their clue at a nearby market. Once delivered, that person would hand them their next clue.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must take a taxi to Hotel de Ville to check in. For coming in first, Azaria & Hendekea each won a Yamaha motor scooter.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg or continue racing on a No-Rest Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward Used the U-Turn Recipient of the U-Turn
Azaria & Hendekea
 1st place 
Azaria & Hendekea
Nathan & Jennifer
 2nd place 
Nathan & Jennifer
Ron & Christina
 3rd place 
Ron & Christina
Nicolas & Donald
 4th place 
Nicolas & Donald
Kynt & Vyxsin
 5th place 
Kynt & Vyxsin
Dating Goths
Shana & Jennifer
 6th place 
Shana & Jennifer
TK & Rachel
 7th place 
TK & Rachel
Newly Dating
Lorena & Jason
 8th place 
Lorena & Jason


  • This episode marks the first appearance and use of the U-Turn.
  • The episode title is said by Shana Wall, regarding the appearance of their chicken.


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