Maybe Steven Segal Will See Me And Want Me to Be in One of His Movies is the sixth episode of The Amazing Race 10.


While racing through Kuwait, one team gets lost finding a clue and allows three teams to pass them before getting back on track.

With no elimination on the previous leg, all teams move forward racing to the next Pit Stop. However, in a new twist, the team that finished last learns they must finish first on this leg of the Race in order to avoid a penalty that could cost them the game. The stakes continue to grow and teams realize that the smallest mistakes could cost them the Race.[2]


Route Markers

The order of departure from Chettinad House are as follows:

  1. Peter & Sarah (12:54 pm)
  2. Dustin & Kandice (1:06 pm)
  3. Rob & Kimberly (1:42 pm)
  4. Erwin & Godwin (1:53 pm)
  5. Lyn & Karlyn (2:03 pm)
  6. Tyler & James (3:37 pm)
  7. David & Mary (6:04 pm)

Teams must fly to Kuwait City, Kuwait. Upon arrival, teams must take a marked car and drive themselves to the Kuwait Towers, using the photo provided to teams at the beginning of the leg, to look for their next clue.

The Fast Forward instructions were given to them after finding their clue at the Kuwait Towers.

Teams must travel to a nearby oil field on 6th Ring Road. Donning protective gear and using a flame retardant shield, they must retrieve the Fast Forward from a cluebox next to a simulated oil fire at the oil well, braving temperatures of over 1,000 °F. David & Mary won the Fast Forward.

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock would have to climb up a ladder spanning around the large sphere at the top of one of the towers. At the top, they would find a satchel containing puzzle pieces, which they had to take to the ground. Once they had completed their puzzle, it would reveal the name of their next destination in Arabic.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must have someone translate their clue, which will reveal the street there teams need to find the marked bead shop at Souk Al-Gharabally to receive their next clue.

Choice A: Manual
Teams must drive themselves to Souk Sulabiya and had to fill ten 110 pounds bags of camel feed up to a marked line. Once filled, they have to transport them 100 yards to a pallet and properly stack them to get their next clue.

Dustin & Kandice, Erwin & Godwin, Rob & Kimberly chose this task.

Choice B: Automatic
Teams must drive themselves to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club where they use a walkie-talkie to operate a voice activated robotic jockey attached to a camel. Once the camel runs a 140-yard course, a wrangler would give them their next clue.

Lyn & Karlyn and Tyler & James chose this task.

By the time Peter & Sarah arrived to Souk Sulabiya, they fell too far behind the other teams and were directed to go straight to the pit stop.

Teams must drive themselves to Al Sadiq Water Towers to check in.

For coming in first, David & Mary won a trip to a resort in Jamaica, sponsored by Travelocity.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward> Used the Yield< Recipient of the Yield
S10 DavidMary
 1st place 
David & Mary
Coalminer and Wife
S10 DustinKandice
 2nd place 
Dustin & Kandice
Beauty Queens
S10 RobKimberly
 3rd place 
Rob & Kimberly
S10 LynKarlyn
 4th place 
Lyn & Karlyn
Single Moms/Friends
S10 ErwinGodwin
 5th place 
Erwin & Godwin
S10 TylerJames
 6th place 
Tyler & James
S10 PeterSarah
 7th place 
Peter & Sarah
Recently Dating


  • This leg marks the first time The Amazing Race visits the country of Kuwait.
  • This episode's title is said by Mary while braving the flames at the Fast Forward.
    • This episode's title is misspelled, as Steven Seagal's last name is spelled with 2 a's, not 1.
  • This episode was delayed 10 minutes on the East and Mountain time-zones due to overruns by NFL games.


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