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The Megaleg is similar in concept to the Superleg, containing double the number of Detours and Roadblocks, as well as double the distance, shown over two episodes. Unlike a Superleg, however, a Megaleg lacks a proper midpoint.


The Megaleg was introduced in The Amazing Race 32, with host Phil Keoghan informing teams at the end of the seventh leg that the following leg would be a Megaleg. Keoghan explained the concept to the teams as encountering twice as many Detours and Roadblocks, traveled over double the distance that teams normally would.

Unlike Superlegs, the Megaleg does not have a proper midpoint. Instead, teams were given an ordinary Route Information clue at the end of the first set of tasks without any indication that the second set of tasks had already begun. For the audience, a distinction was created with each set of tasks being covered in its own episode.


The Amazing Race (US)

The Amazing Race 32

  • Leg 8 marks the first time a Megaleg is introduced. Teams were informed at the previous Pit Stop that the following leg would be a Megaleg. The first set of tasks (and thus, the first episode covering the Megaleg) ended wth the Roadblock at Qutb Shahi Tombs, with Riley & Maddison being first to complete the task, while Kaylynn & Haley were the last. Riley & Maddison would win the leg, while Kaylynn & Haley were eliminated. Notably, teams encountered two Yields during the leg, which they were not informed of previously.
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