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Miko Lan Trinh and Hoàng Nam are a team of Singer/MC on The Amazing Race Vietnam 2014.


Miko Lan Trinh[]

Hoàng Nam[]

The Amazing Race Vietnam 2014[]

Race History[]

Miko Lan Trinh & Hoàng Nam's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 Quang Ninh Ăn / Học Hoàng Nam 4 of 9
3 2 Quang Ninh → Hanoi Trống / Chè Miko Lan Trinh 2 of 9
5 3 Hanoi → Dien Bien Quân / Dân Hoàng Nam 8 of 8 [1][2]
Average 4.67
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
ϵ The team used the Express Pass somewhere during the leg
The team used the U-Turn
Recipient of the U-Turn

1: Miko Lan Trinh & Hoàng Nam did not complete the weight-guessing challenge and received a 1-hour penalty before receiving their next clue.
2: Miko Lan Trinh & Hoàng Nam initially arrived in 7th, but they had lost their Detour clue and could not check in without receiving a 30-minute penalty. Trang Khiếu & An Đinh, who check in after them in last place, had found their clue. They were given the option of returning the clue to Miko Lan Trinh & Hoàng Nam, but this would eliminate them. They declined and were checked in 7th, while Miko Lan Trinh & Hoàng Nam were eliminated.



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