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My Alarm Clock Didn't Go Off! is the third episode of The Amazing Race 2.


Shola & Doyin are first to depart from the jungle camp in Iguaçu National Park at 10:34 pm. The clue tells that teams have to fly to Cape Town, South Africa via São Paulo. Once there, teams must make their way to Robben Island and search the prison for Nelson Mandela's prison cell, Section B Cell 5, to retrieve their next clue. Teams are given $150 for this leg of the race.

When we were in the jungle and I ripped open my clue that we were gonna be going to Cape Town, South Africa, I was extremely excited. My dad, our dad, is from Africa, West Africa, Sierra Leone. So this is really like homecoming for us.Shola

Chris & Alex depart second at 10:47 pm.

I think on the road, it's really good to team up. Alex and I are really good on the road. We're fast, and I think Wil and Tara know that.Chris

Tara & Wil depart at the same time as Chris & Alex at 10:47 pm.

They're a really strong team, but I think think Wil and Tara is the biggest threat that Alex and I have. Keep your enemies close to you and at the end, we're just going to have to go our separate ways.Chris

Shola & Doyin arrive at Foz do Iguaçu International Airport and book a flight leaving the next morning. Meanwhile, Mary & Peach depart fourth at 12:14 am.

The fear of the unknown definitely frightens me. Doing things I've never done before. Luckily, I have my sister and I;m just going to hang by her coattails and go.Peach

Gary & Dave depart at 12:17 am.

We live in an imaginary world where we're brilliant, when we're obviously not. We're gonna keep on trying to focus on the fact that we are going to have to use our small skills to climb this very tall mountain.Gary

Cyndi & Russell depart at 12:22 am.

Cyndi and I are winners in anything that we lay our hand to. It's just a matter of working together as much as you can. We're not going to compromise who we are, our morality, and our word at any point, even if it costs us the race.Russell

Oswald & Danny depart at 1:14 am. 

This experience has really humbled me. The competition is so fierce. I admire them all. They're smart, well-traveled, and they know what they're doing.Danny

Mary & Peach arrive at a travel agency and book the same flight as Shola & Doyin.

Meanwhile, Peggy & Claire are supposed to depart at 2:30 am, but are not at the Pit Start. Blake notices this, and checks their tent, finding they're still asleep.

We were supposed to leave about 45 minutes after the grannies, and the grannies are still sleeping. So I went back to bed and just went back to sleep.Blake

Half an hour later, Claire wakes up, realizing that their alarm didn't go off, and wakes up Peggy.

Claire: You have never seen two old ladies move as fast as these old two ladies moved.
Peggy: We didn't have time.
Claire: We just race out of there.
I don't feel guilty. I think that, you know, it's a race and so we didn't want to take any chances. I would've been totally different if we were in second or third place, but when you're in last place, you got to do whatever you can to make sure you get back into the middle of the pack.Blake

Peggy & Claire finally leave the jungle camp at 3:17 am. They figure that Blake & Paige will be happy they overslept, as the latter team departs last at 3:35 am.

When I opened the envelope, I was just thrilled. I've always wanted to go to South Africa, and I'm just totally pumped about it.Paige

All nine teams are able to fly to São Paulo on two different flights, landing just 10 minutes apart.

Once we exit to São Paulo, everybody mad-dashed in every single direction.Cyndi

All teams find it very hard to get tickets, with several waiting at the American Airlines counter. 

We were trying to get the connection from Johannesburg to Cape Town.Blake
We came in behind the grannies, and Cyndi and Russell, and the twins were all there. We just asked what they were doing because we wanted to check American Airlines, too, and they were at the counter. So we waited a long time and there was a lady that was not helping anybody, and the grannies wanted to speak to this specific person that was helping everybody else.Paige
We had been standing at the counter for maybe an hour and a half, when this agent was freed up, they just went behind us and went to her.Peggy

Later, Blake and Paige attempt (and fail) to get tickets from another clerk, much to the other teams' dismay.

They are playing the game, but it's sort of ticking off some of the other contestants.Claire
We didn't even get a ticket there, so it wasn't like we got something special.Blake

Shola & Doyin and Cyndi & Russell fly to Cape Town via London at approximately 5:40 pm, with the latter team not yet booking the next flight.

4 hours later, Mary and Peach fly via Milan and London, as the other teams still struggle to get flights to Cape Town.

The airport was dyfunctional. It took like six hours of schlogging our stuff up and down the hallways, to this counter, that counter, on the pohne, getting yelled at, turned down, turned away. Finally, we get our flight.Dave

At 9:45, Gary & Dave are flying to Cape Town via Lisbon and London.

The reservation agent told us, "I'm going to help you, and the only reason why I'm going to help you is because you guys are the only ones who've come in here and calmly and politely."Oswald

At 11:00 pm Oswald & Danny are flying to Cape Town via London.

Peggy: We have traipsed from one end of that airport to the other.
Claire: You were so happy to get out of São Paulo.
Peggy: Oh God I was.

At 11:10 pm, Peggy & Claire are flying to Cape Town via New York, London, and Johannesburg.

After three or four hours, I decided we needed to split up and just do it. And I told everyone, "Look, this is it, it's every man for himself." Now we're going to be eliminated because we sat here and we formed this alliance. No more, dud. We're on our own.Wil
Everything was getting messed with, these flights were getting booked up, but these girls, these really hot girls are helping us out right now, and we ended up getting the tickets.Chris

At 11:25 Chris & Alex are flying through Frankfurt to Cape Town.

Tara & Wil are still scrambling for a flight.

We had no flight. My head was in the ground. We walk in front of the guys, and we're like, "We need to get on a flight." And he put on the first flight.Wil

Blake & Paige and Tara & Wil are flying to Cape Town via London. Only Tara & Wil have tickets through to Cape Town. Blake & Paige are on standby for the connecting flight.

Upon arriving in Heathrow Airport, Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny, and Tara & Wil are flying to Cape Town.

Wil: We finally got a flight from London to Cape Town.
Tara: We were on the same flight with Danny and Oswald and Gary and Dave.
Wil: At the connection were literally-
Tara: Very close.

Blake & Paige are stuck in Heathrow, having not gotten confirmation for their standbys.

Meanwhile, Peggy & Claire arrive at J.F.K Airport.

At the Heathrow Airport, Blake & Paige are trying to find tickets to Cape Town, only finding standbys. Cyndi & Russell and Shola & Doyin are waiting for their flight to Cape Town.

As it turns out, only the twins got a confirmed flight all the way through, and we ended up being put on standby.Russell

Cyndi & Russell attempt to find other options to Cape Town without much luck. The flight they have standby tickets for board, but there's not enough room on the flight for them. Shola & Doyin leave on that flight to Cape Town.

It just ended up being Doyin and I being able to go.Shola

Chris & Alex arrive at Frankfurt Airport. They decide to take the direct flight to Cape Town, rather than risk going through Johannesburg.

Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny, and Tara & Wil are first to arrive at Cape Town at 7:00 am and take a taxi to a ferry terminal to Robben Island. All three teams find out that the earliest ferry is at 8:00 am, and try to get there as fast as possible.

Wil and I have actually been getting along pretty well. I don't know if it's because we're in such a rush that we don't have time to fight. We've actually been quite a team. It's been good.Tara

However, none of the teams are able to get on the 8:00, so they take the ferry one hour later.

Shola & Doyin arrive in Cape Town at 9:00 am.

I've always wanted to go to Africa. As soon as I set my foot off the plane and was actually in Africa, it was a wonderful feeling. It was everything I expected and then some.Doyin

Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny, and Tara & Wil arrive at Robben Island.

It was definitely nice to pay some respect. I mean obviously we're here on a race and we want to get in and out as fast as possible, but, you know, here I am looking at history and it was pretty incredible. He probably lived in a little, tiny cell, too.Wil

Mary & Peach arrive in Cape Town at 9:45 am.

We've been running in the middle of the pack. As long as you're not last, that's all that matters.Mary

Tara & Wil found the clue in Nelson Mandela prison cell followed by Oswald & Danny and Gary & Dave. The clue tells that teams will have to go back to the mainland and make their way to Kalk Bay Harbour and find the next route marker. 

Shola & Doyin miss the 10:00 am ferry. Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny, and Tara & Wil return to mainland South Africa and make their way to Kalk Bay Harbour. Blake & Paige arrive in Cape Town at 10:30. Shola & Doyin and Mary & Peach take the ferry to Robben Island at 11:00 and find the clue in Nelson Mandela's prison cell.

Being in the cell that Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life in, was just amazing. I wanted to spend time and really reflect on what this mand had to go through and it's unfortunate that we're in a race, where you have to grab the clue, read it, and then run out, instead of taking time to reflect that one of the world's greatest leaders was imprisoned in this cell that was so small. It's like a shoebox.Shola

Peggy & Claire arrive in London.

It's a lot of turbulence and our New York flight to London was slow.Peggy

Unfortunately, they miss the flight to Johannesburg due to not going through security.

Our flight came in late, so we couldn't make the connection.Claire

Blake & Paige take the ferry to Robben Island and find the clue. Mary & PEach take a taxi to Kalk Bay, while a local tells Shola & Doyin to take a train.

Upon arriving at Kalk Bay, Tara & Wil find the route marker and read the clue, a Detour, where they must choose either Dance or Deliver. In Dance, teams put on a costume and sing and dance with a local troupe until they made R25 for tips. Once they accomplished the task, the troupe leader will give them their next clue. In Deliver, teams have to carry fish from the boat and transfer to the marked scales. Once they weigh exactly 125 kg (275 lb), the fishmonger will give them their next clue. Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny, and Tara & Wil choose Dance.

I told him [Danny] we should do the dancing. Basically, if we dance, we wouldn't stink up, and the amount of money that we needed to earn was the equivalent to $2.50, which was fairly easy to earn.Oswald

They begin the dance.

I love the dancing. I felt like I was doing, you know, this Irish river dance on crack.Oswald

The dance finishes, and the racer begin to ask for tips.

I spotted some kind family, which we basically tried to milk for as much as possible.Gary

Gary & Dave complete the task first and they are given their next clue. The clue reads that teams have to take a train to Cape Town then taxi to Langa and find the Paradise Hair Salon. Oswald & Danny and Tara & Wil finish the task after dancing a second time. All three teams head to the nearby train station.

Blake & Paige find the clue in Nelson Mandela's prison cell.

Gary & Dave, Oswald & Danny, and Tara & Wil take a single taxi into the township, seeing that it's a rather poor area.

We go to the township. It's just, you know, dirty and poor, but it seems like a great, dynamic place.Wil

They arrive at Paradise Hair Salon and find the next clue, a Roadblock. One member of the team has to search the streets of Langa and buy a box of Epsom salts and a "Smiley" (a local name for roasted sheep head). After finding these items, they take them as an offering Ndaba Sangoma, a traditional healer, who makes a bitter potion made out of salts which the team member has to drink to give them their next clue. Gary, Oswald and Wil perform the Roadblock. Oswald befriends a local man named "Timmy".

The best thing I did was befriend one of the guys who lived in the township. And I got to know him a little better. People are everywhere. If you go out and you extend your hand in friendship, they'll be helpful.Oswald

Tara learns from a local that a smiley is a sheep's head, and tells Wil. Gary and Wil find the location to get the smiley, shocking Gary. All three get their items, and head to the healer. All three get their next clue. Oswald notes the potion "tasted like a liquor", Gary says it was a mixture of "Clorox bleach and mouthwash", and Wil says it had "some sort of weird foot in it".

Tara and I have been getting along really well, and I'm proud of the fact that we're working so well together. I still love her and I think she's awesome. We're kind of yin and yang, so we fit perfectly together, and this puzzle seems to be working well.Wil

They open the clue and it tells them to go to the Pit Stop, the Lanzerac Manor. 

Meanwhile, Mary & Peach arrive at Kalk Bay Harbour. They decide to do Dance.

Chris & Alex arrived in Cape Town at 1:20 pm and head for the ferry terminal.

This is the first time we've been this far behind. Right now, we have some serious time we have to make up. We've been in pressure situations our whol life, so bring it.Chris

Cyndi & Russell arrived at 1:30 pm. They meet up with Chris & Alex at the ferry.

After completing the Detour, Mary & Peach ask for directions to the hair salon while on the train to Langa.

We were asking this lady about the directions where the salon would be, and she told us that we shouldn't go there. And everybody that came in the train after that said the same thing. And they said, "Don't go there, don't go there. You're gonna die, you're gonna die." So I'm afraid.Peach

Mary & Peach arrive in Cape Town and are en route to Langa via taxi.

We're in a very crowded taxi, on our way to try and find Paradise Hair Salon in Zone 23.Peach

Their taxi breaks down, and ask if it's safe to walk. Their cab driver says no, and arranges for a new cab for them.

Blake & Paige arrive at Kalk Bay Harbour, and decide to do Dance. Shola & Doyin arrive shortly after, surprised to see them. Shola & Doyin decide on Deliver. However, Blake & Paige quickly finish the Dance Detour, prompting Shola & Doyin to switch to Dance.

We decided to do the dancing thing. We got on our outfits, but mine were both way too small.Doyin

The twins finish the Detour quickly, and board the same train as Blake & Paige to Cape Town.

Oswald & Danny check in first at the Pit Stop. Tara & Wil and Gary & Dave just seconds after in second and third respectively.

MAry & Peach arrive at Paradise Hair Salon. Mary decides to perform the Roadblock. Peach waits anxiously for Mary to return.

Everyone on the taxi told us not to come here and the girl on the train said that if we come here, we would die. I'm actually more afraid for her, because she's out running by herself.Peach
As soon as I started it, I was glad I took it, because I love people, I love that type of area. It doesn't bother me at all.Mary

Seeing children on the street, Peach pulls out some sunglasses from her bag.

I remembered I had sunglasses in my bag that my sister told me if I had the opportunity to give to the kids to give to them. I'm very sensitive, so that changed me in the respect of to go in there, it was okay.Peach

Chris & Alex and Cyndi & Russell find the clue in Nelson Mandela's cell.

We teamed up with Chris and Alex this last leg. Chris and Alex, I think, are genuinely good guys, but I think you gotta watch your back a little bit. So we're watching them.Cyndi

Blake & Paige and Shola & Doyin arrive at Paradise Hair Salon. Blake and Doyin decide to perform the Roadblock.

I actually came into this with no preconceived notions of South Africa. I just did not know what to expect, and I have been blown away.Doyin

Blake and Doyin finish the Roadblock. Both teams head to the Pit Stop.

Blake & Paige and Cyndi & Russell arrive at Kalk Bay Harbour. Both teams decide on Deliver.

We didn't know if we'd be dancing there for like two hours or something like that, and no one throwing money, so we went with the fish, something we knew we could do in a bout 15 minutes, bang it out.Chris

Chris & Alex finish the Detour first, getting their next clue.

We got done a good five minutes before them, but they needed more fish, so we gave them more fish.Chris

Chris & Alex help Cyndi & Russell finish the Detour. Both teams run to the train station, but miss the train by a few seconds.

Mary & Peach check in fourth place.

Shoya & Doyin and Blake & Paige check in fifth together.

Chris & Alex and Cyndi & Russell find Paradise Hair Salon. Chris & Russell decide to perform the Roadblock. They finish the Roadblock quickly and head to the Pit Stop. Chris & Alex check in seventh followed by Cyndi & Russell in eighth. 

Finally, almost a day after the other teams have checked in, Peggy & Claire arrive in Cape Town.

Peg and Claire are two of the sweetest ladies that you'll ever meet in your life, and they have pushed so hard. I'm really impressed with how far they really have gotten.Russell

When they get to Nelson Mandela's cell, they are told to go to Lanzerac Manor.

I love Claire and Peggy. They're tough. They are some of the finest people that I've met.Gary
Peg and Claire are great. They're just sweet, great ladies. You know, whoever—they're grandmothers of somebody and they're lucky to have both of them, because they did it with dignity. I think everybody really wanted them to see them go on furtherAlex

At the Pit Stop, Peggy & Claire check in, and Phil informs them they've been eliminated from the Race.

Claire: I'm glad we did it. The other teams were so great to us. I mean, I guess they could all see their grandmothers getting shoved around the world or something. They were so good to us. Everybody tried to help us. They really did.
Peggy: It's just really been fun. I'm—I'm sorry we're leacing.
Claire: I hope that other women our age will do it, too, because it's a big hoot. It's just fun.

Route Markers

The order of departure from the Jungle Camp are as follows:

  1. Shola & Doyin (10:34 pm)
  2. Chris & Alex (10:47 pm)
  3. Tara & Wil (10:47 pm)
  4. Mary & Peach (12:14 am)
  5. Gary & Dave (12:17 am)
  6. Cyndi & Russell (12:22 am)
  7. Oswald & Danny (1:14 am)
  8. Peggy & Claire (3:17 am)
  9. Blake & Paige (3:35 am)

Teams must fly to Cape Town, South Africa via São Paulo and find the Robben Island prison, and search for "Section B Cell 5" – President (Nelson Mandela's prison cell) for 18 years – to retrieve the next clue.

Teams must make their way to Kalk Bay Harbour and find the next Route Marker.

The Fast Forward instructions were given to them after finding their clue in Mandela's cell. The Fast Forward required teams to find the Mooiberge Strawberry Field in Stellenbosch. Once there, the teams were required to look inside a "Zebra", (actually a large zebra-shaped scarecrow) to find the Fast Forward pass. This option did not appear on air as no team selected it.

Choice A: Dance
Teams had to put on a costume and sing and dance with a local troupe until they made R25 in tips. Once the team had accomplished this task, the troupe leader took the money and gave the team the next clue.

Blake & Paige, Gary & Dave, Mary & Peach, Oswald & Danny, Shola & Doyin, and Tara & Wil chose this task.

Choice B: Deliver
Teams had to carry fish from a boat and transfer it to the marked scales. Once they had transferred 125 kg (276 lb) of fish, the fishmonger gave the team the next clue.

Chris & Alex and Cyndi & Russell chose this task.

Peggy & Claire fell too far behind the other teams and were directed after going to the Robben Island prison to go straight to the Pit Stop.

Teams must take a train, then taxi to Langa and find the Paradise Hair Salon.

"For someone with a strong sense of direction and a strong stomach."

One team member had to search through the Langa township to buy a box of Epsom salts and a "Smiley" (a local name for a roasted sheep's head). After finding the items, they then had to deliver the Smiley as an offering to Ndaba Sangoma, who made a bitter potion out of the salts which the team member had to drink to receive the next clue.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Peggy & Claire fell too far behind the other teams and were directed after going to the Robben Island prison to go straight to the Pit Stop.

Teams must make their way to Lanzerac Manor, a 300-year-old manor in the South African wine country.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward
Oswald & Danny
 1st place 
Oswald & Danny
Best Friends
Tara & Wil
 2nd place 
Tara & Wil
Separated Couple
Gary & Dave
 3rd place 
Gary & Dave
Former Roommates
Mary & Peach
 4th place 
Mary & Peach
Blake & Paige
 5th place 
Blake & Paige
Shola & Doyin
 5th place 
Shola & Doyin
Chris & Alex
 7th place 
Chris & Alex
Lifelong Friends
Cyndi & Russell
 8th place 
Cyndi & Russell
Pastors/Married Parents
Peggy & Claire
 9th place 
Peggy & Claire


  • This episode's title was stated by Claire after realizing that she and Peggy had slept in.
  • The episode marks the first time that there is a Pit Stop in South Africa, as the last time The Amazing Race visited the country, teams continued racing to Zambia.
  • This episode had an encore airing two days later on UPN.[2]


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