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The No-Rest Leg is similar in concept to superlegs and megalegs, some legs will end with a Pit Stop, but the host will hand them their next clue and inform them that the next leg begins immediately. The difference between this and superlegs is that the two parts are counted as two separate legs, and the team that arrives first typically win a prize.

The last team to arrive on these legs is usually not penalized. Sometimes, few versions have had instated penalties or even eliminations at the end of a leg.

These were created to keep the feel of a double-length leg without confusing viewers and producers about how many legs are contained within the show, as each part of the continuation is counted as its own leg.


The first leg of Season 18 ended with a no-rest leg, and as the first team to arrive, Gary & Mallory still received an Express Pass from Phil after finished that leg. Likewise, the fourth leg of Unfinished Business also ended with a no-rest leg and Margie & Luke won a vacation for coming in first. The ninth leg of Season 19 ended also with a no-rest leg and Amani & Marcus won also a vacation coming in first. 

Another no-rest leg appeared at the end of the third leg of Season 22 where Dave & Connor won also a vacation coming in first, and again in the fourth leg of Season 23 where Brandon & Adam won US$5,000 each for coming first.

Again another no-rest leg appeared at the end of the penultimate leg of Season 25 where Brooke & Robbie arrived first but not rewarded a prize and for the first time ever, four remaining teams were racing to the final leg with a midpoint elimination. Another no-rest leg appeared at the end of the penultimate leg of Season 26 where Hayley & Blair won a vacation for coming in first and repeated the format of four teams racing in the final leg with a midpoint elimination.

The fourth leg of Season 27 ended with a no-rest leg with Justin & Diana finishing in first, but not receiving any prize for winning the leg. Another no-rest leg appeared just two legs later, with Justin & Diana once again finishing in first, also with no prize awarded.

The sixth leg of Season 28 culminated with a no-rest leg, with Brodie & Kurt finishing first in Armenia before the seven remaining teams traveled on to Georgia.

Any time penalty occurred by a team will be served at the next Pit Stop.


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  • Leg 5 was a no-rest leg. John & Murray won this leg, along with first-class train tickets to their next destination for themselves and a team of their choice. Cat & Jesse fell in last and did not have to serve a Speed Bump. Teams continued racing through Russia for the sixth leg.

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  • Leg 9 was a no-rest leg. Sveinung & Solfrid won this leg, along with a NOK 10,000 gift certificate from Lill & Stian fell in last and were eliminated. Teams continued racing through Argentina for the tenth leg.

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