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For the The Amazing Race 14 episode, see No More Mr. Nice Guy (US 14).

No More Mr. Nice Guy is the penultimate episode of The Amazing Race Asia 5.


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The penultimate episode starts with all four teams taking a 14-hour train to Banyuwangi in Indonesia. On the way there, all four teams muse on their journey so far and what they have to do to get to the final three. Eric & Rona, Parul & Maggie and Yvonne & Chloe are seeing Treasuri & Louisa as the only threat to them getting to the final three.

"The competition is getting more serious and tougher, so we really have to fight to be number on," comments Treasuri & Louisa.

"Everyone has to fight for the first spot and we will do whatever we can," says Eric, not giving up.

"The chances of winning were 1 in 11 and now it's 1 in 4. So the pressure is really on," Yvonne & Chloe say, giving it their all.

"Being Filipinos, we have a pact with Eric & Rona. We were strategizing on how we can make it to the top 3," say Maggie & Parul, hatching a plan.

In Banyuwangi, teams must head to Sanggar Genjah Arum to find Master Setiawan, the coffee brew master. When the teams arrive, they find out that the venue is closed and they all have to wait until the next morning.

The next morning, Yvonne and Chloe are the first to enter the coffee house. In a refreshing change of pace, the teams just have to have a cup of coffee with Master Setiawan before receiving the route info, which is to make their way to the top of Kawah Ijen and search for their next clue. The teams are warned that there's a Yield ahead and they start to speculate who will be using it.

"Among the teams, we are more worried about Maggie & Parul because they are very competitive against us so we are worried that they will use Yield against us," Louisa reasons.

In Kawah Ijen, teams must hike 3 km to the top for their Detour task. The hike proves to be very physical as the teams are slowed down.

"I have always wanted to hike Mount Everest, but after this hike, I have to think twice," Yvonne says between pants.

"I can't feel my toes! I can't feel my toes! I need to feel my toes!" Rona can't feel her toes.

Once they reach the top, Yield is waiting for the teams to use. To use Yield, one team forces another to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time. The team must flip the hourglass and wait until it runs out before continuing with the Race.

Yvonne & Chloe are the first to reach the top but they decide not to use the Yield on any of the teams.

"When we see the Yield, we chickened out because we didn't want to be a target and we didn't know what was ahead," says Yvonne & Chloe, playing the good guys.

Parul & Maggie are the second team to arrive at the top and they spare no time putting Treasuri & Louisa's names on the Yield board.

"If you peaked too early and you keep coming in first all the time, you are gonna get a target on your back. Unfortunately, you're Treasuri & Louisa and that's what happened," Maggie & Parul, comment, taking off the gloves.

Treasuri & Louisa are disappointed but not surprised to see their names on the board.

"Finally, it happened. Finally they have the courage to Yield us because I'm pretty sure they have been wanting to do that for a while," Treasuri & Louisa reason while looking at the other teams completing the Detour task.

In this Roadblock - "Who can crush it?" - One team member must harvest and pack slates of bright yellow Sulphur. Once they collect, smash and pack 80 kg, the Sulfur farmer will give them their next clue.

Parul, Eric, Yvonne and Louisa participate in this task. Muscly Eric smashes through the task, while petite Parul completes it too, making them the first two teams to head to their next location. Yvonne struggles with the task but they are the third to make it, leaving Louisa behind.

"Look at her! She's a frigging beast, she's so tough!" Maggie says, extremely proud of Parul.

Once they are done with the Sulphur task, teams must make their way to Kecamatan Glagah, a farming village, and search for their next clue. Teams are also warned that there's a U-Turn ahead.

"We just hope that the other teams won't U-Turn us, we hope that they have a heart," say Treasuri & Louisa, crossing their fingers.

Teams have the option of using a U-Turn on another team in this leg. Teams that are U-Turned must complete the other Detour task that they didn't choose. Each team can only use their U-Turn once in the entire Race, so they must decide wisely and strategically.

Since Eric & Rona arrive first, they quickly decide to put up Treasuri & Louisa for the U-Turn.

"Being U-Turned by Eric & Rona is heartbreaking. How could they Yield and U-Turn the same team, seriously?" Treasuri & Louisa are visibly shaken by yet another setback.

In this Detour, teams must choose between "Dragon Horse" and "Human Bulls." In "Dragon Horse," teams must successfully complete the dressing of the Jaran Kencak, a colorfully decorated, wedding ceremony horse. When the Jaren Kencak master approves, teams ride with the wedding procession to receive their clue from the Bride and Groom. In "Human Bulls," Teams must successfully move a mound of rice husks from one side of a muddy rice field to the other and avoid getting bullied by the Kebo-keboan (men dressed as bulls).

Eric & Rona and Parul & Maggie decide on "Dragon Horse" while Yvonne & Chloe and Treasuri & Louisa decide to go for "Human Bulls."

The teams doing "Dragon Horse" have a few failed attempts when they don't pay enough attention to the details but the teams at "Dragon Bulls" have it worse as they have to run back and forth to avoid the Kebo-Keboan. Both teams flare up and lose their temper after getting slammed by the Kebo-Keboan one too many times.

With pure determination, Treasuri & Louisa is the first team to finish a Detour task. Unfortunately, they have to wait until Eric & Rona and Parul & Maggie finish their task before they can continue with the U-Turn.

"We play fair, we are nice to everyone. But being nice doesn't work here," Louisa mutters under her breath.

After the Detour, teams must head to Kalibendo Coffee Factory where teams must empty a 100 kg bag of coffee beans into a coffee drying area and then find colored coffee beans bearing the letters: P- I - T – S - T- O – P.

Eric & Rona are the first team to complete this task and they rush to the Pit Stop. Parul & Maggie are the second team to leave for the Pit Stop, despite their driver losing his way, and they are the second team to reach the Pit Stop.

In almost a neck-to-neck race to the Pit Stop, Yvonne & Chloe arrive in third place leaving Treasuri & Louisa fourth place.

Despite being Yielded and U-Turned, Treasuri & Louisa almost catch up but unfortunately they are the last team to arrive and are eliminated.

"It was impossible, Allan. We were Yielded and U-Turned," Louisa says between sobs.

"You have absolutely nothing to cry about," Allan comforts the girls.

"Although we did not win this Race, we proved to everyone that we can do it and we did our very best," Treasuri & Louisa said. "We stayed friends and that's all that matters."

Coming up in season finale, in a frantic game of constant passing Eric & Rona, Parul & Maggie and Yvonne & Chloe keep us guessing until the very end. Who will be the winner of The Amazing Race Asia 5?

Route Markers

The order of departure from Ndalem Ngabean are as follows:

  1. Treasuri & Louisa
  2. Eric & Rona
  3. Parul & Maggie
  4. Yvonne & Chloe

Teams must take a train to Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Once there, teams must make their way to Sanggar Genjah Arum and sign up for the order that they would enter the coffee shop the following morning. At the designated time, teams would enter the coffee shop and must finish a cup of the local Banyuwangi specialty coffee, Kopai Osing, to receive their next clue.

Teams must make their way to Kawah Ijen and hike up 3 kilometers to the top to find their next clue.

At the top of Kawah Ijen, teams would have the option to Yield another team. Parul & Maggie used the Yield on Treasuri & Louisa.

"Who wants to crush it?"

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock must take part in the sulfur mining operation at Kawah Ijen by harvesting, carrying, crushing, and packing 80 kilograms of sulfur to receive their next clue. The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must make their way to SDN 2 Kemiren, Kecamatan Glagah to find their next clue.

At SDN 2 Kemiren, Kecamatan Glagah, teams would have the option to U-Turn a team. Eric & Rona used the U-Turn on Treasuri & Louisa. Since Treasuri & Louisa completed the Human Bull Detour, they would be forced to backtrack and complete the Dragon Horse Detour before continuing.

Choice A: Dragon Horse
Teams must fully decorate and dress a Jaran Kencak horse for a wedding ceremony procession to the satisfaction of a judge. Once their horse is approved, they must ride the horse with the wedding procession to receive their next clue from the bride and groom.

Eric & Rona and Parul & Maggie chose this task.

Choice B: Human Bull
Teams must transfer a handful of rice husks across a rice paddy to fill a basket on the other side while avoiding a kebo-keboan, a man dressed as a bull, who would attempt to block them. Once the basket is full, they would receive their next clue.

Treasuri & Louisa and Yvonne & Chloe chose this task.

Teams must make their way to Kalibendo Coffee Factory and empty an 80-kilogram bag of coffee beans, then search for seven red coffee beans that would spell out "Pit Stop" to receive their next clue.

Teams must make their way to Pendopo Ramean and check in.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward> Used the Yield< Recipient of the Yield Used the U-Turn Recipient of the U-Turn
Eric & Rona
 1st place  
Eric & Rona
Parul & Maggie
 2nd place > 
Parul & Maggie
Beauty Queens
Yvonne & Chloe
 3rd place 
Yvonne & Chloe
Beauty Queens
Treasuri & Louisa
 4th place< 
Treasuri & Louisa
Childhood Friends




  • First time a U-Turn is placed before a Detour.


  • ABS-CBN News (12/09/2016): "2 Pinoy teams made it to The Amazing Race Asia 5 finals"


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