16x10 Non Elimination

Nick & Vicki arrive last for the second time in a non-elimination leg on Season 17.

Each race has a number of predetermined non-elimination legs, in which the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop is not eliminated and is allowed to continue on the race. Racers are not told in advance which legs are non-elimination legs.


In The Amazing Race 1 and 2, the clue preceding the Pit Stop ended with the statement, "The last team to arrive will be eliminated", except in non-elimination legs. In The Amazing Race 3 and 4, the clue preceding the Pit Stop ended with the statement "The last team to arrive will be eliminated" in the first few legs, and "The last team to arrive may be eliminated" after a certain point. Beginning in The Amazing Race 5, the statement "The last team to arrive may be eliminated" has been used on every leg, with the exception of the first leg, head to head legs and when there are no non-elimination legs remaining in the race in some seasons.

Non-Elimination Penalties

  • The Amazing Race 1-4: Teams received no penalty for finishing last in a non-elimination leg.
  • The Amazing Race 5-9 & The Amazing Asia 1-2: Teams were required to turn over all the money they accumulated throughout the race.[1] Teams generally begged from locals or even from other teams during the Pit Stop to rebuild their cash reserves.
    • Seasons 5-9: The last team to arrive had to begin the next leg with zero dollars to their name, meaning they did not receive the money given to the other teams at the start of the leg and could not collect money during the Pit Stop.
    • Seasons 7-9: In addition to being stripped of all their money and starting the next leg without an allowance, teams were forced to surrender all their possessions, except for their passports and the clothes they were wearing, for the remainder of the Race.
      • This often resulted in teams who believe they are coming in last checking in at the Pit Stop wearing every single article of clothing on the chance that it was a non-elimination leg, making for a rather comical sight in some cases (a notable example being the Paolo Family in Family Edition donning their underwear then realizing that they still had a chance to beat the Bransen Family).
  • Introduced in The Amazing Race 10: Teams became Marked for Elimination. Unless they arrived at the next Pit Stop in first place, they would receive a 30-minute penalty and have to wait before they could check in.
  • Introduced in The Amazing Race 12: Team will have to perform a Speed Bump task sometime during the next leg. Teams would be alerted to the upcoming Speed Bump by a Route Marker clue prior to it; the Speed Bump itself is displayed in a manner similar to the Yield showing the affected team's picture at a stand near to the regular Route Marker. Once the team completes the Speed Bump task, the next clue they receive is the clue that they would have received at the Route Marker.


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