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The One Way board is where a team may force another team to perform one specific side of the Detour and disallow them from switching. Its located immediately before a Detour.

It was first introduced on The Amazing Race Canada 7 with the 'Double' and 'Blind' variants applied to it.


Upon arriving at a One Way board, teams must read the immediately succeeding clue from the Clue Box in order to learn the Detour choices. Like the Yield and U-Turn, teams must stop at the board and state aloud whether or not they choose to One Way any of the teams (if there are available slots), or the results of a One Way (If the One Way was used). If a team chooses to utilize a One Way, they must place a photo of the team they wish to penalize, their own photo (called a 'Courtesy of' photo), and the Detour they wish the penalized team to do. These are located in the box of the One Way board.

Teams are not aware of their positions, as such, its possible for a team to One Way another team ahead of the One Way point, in which case the One Way will be rendered ineffective.

One Way Types

Double Blind One Way

Lauren & Joanne Blind Double One Waying Trish & Amy to do the Celebrate task.

The One Way was introduced as a Double Blind One Way. A Double Blind One Way allows two seperate teams to anonymously One Way two other teams. In a Blind Double One Way the teams utilizing it do not place their 'Courtesy of' photos, thus; making the users anonymous. Furthermore, if a team is One Wayed, they are permitted use the second slot (if available) to One Way another team.

One Way History

The Amazing Race Canada

Season Episode Leg User Used On Forced Detour Survived? Notes
The Amazing Race Canada 7 "We'll Let the Peasants Fight for Last Place" 3 CAS7 LaurenJoanne.jpg
Lauren & Joanne
CAS7 TrishAmy.jpg
Trish & Amy
Celebrate Yes
7 of 8
  • Slot #1 of a blind Double One Way
CAS7 SarahSam.jpg
Sarah & Sam
CAS7 GillesSean.jpg
Gilles & Sean
Celebrate No
8 of 8
  • Slot #2 of a blind Double One Way
"He's Basically a Hound" 10 Unused
  • Double One Way
  • This One Way went unaired from the episode. [1]


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