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A passport is a necessary important document for traveling to a foreign country and is required in The Amazing Race when traveling between countries and checking in at the Pit Stop. If one or both teammates lose their passport, they must retrieve it before being able to check-in to the Pit Stop. Several teams have lost their passport, resulting in their eliminations on those legs. However, some teams have lost their passports but have been able to retrieve them and check in to the Pit Stop before other teams, sparing themselves despite their mistake.

Occurrences []

  • In Season 1, during Leg 1, Joe & Bill realized that one of their passports was missing while waiting in the airport. The team found it in a guide book prior to their flight. This was unaired as it didn't affect final placement.[1]
  • In Season 9 during Leg 2, BJ & Tyler were missing their passport despite arriving at the Pit Stop first. Soon after, they retrieved it from the Volkswagen they drove to the Pit Stop. This was unaired as it didn't affect final placement.[2]
  • In Season 13 during Leg 10, Toni & Dallas lost their passport when Toni accidentally left their fanny pack in a cab. They were unable to recover it and Phil had to come to their location to eliminate them because they were unable to check in to the Pit Stop without it. They were eliminated in 4th place.
  • In Season 15 during Leg 4Zev & Justin were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop but discovered they were missing Zev's passport. They were unable to find it resulting in their elimination in 9th place.
  • In Season 19 during Leg 1, Kaylani & Lisa nearly missed their flight to Taiwan when Kaylani dropped her passport while asking for directions to the airport. Luckily, fans talking over Twitter retrieved it to them, allowing them to make their flight. They survived the Non-Elimination Leg in 9th place.
  • In Season 21  during Leg 7, James & Abba initially arrived at the Pit Stop in 4th place. However, Phil couldn't check them in since Abba's passport was stolen by the cab driver during the Roadblock . While they ended up checking in to the Pit Stop in last place, it was during a Non-Elimination Leg. Their brief period of good luck came to an end when they were eliminated during the very next leg in 6th place.
  • In Season 29 during Leg 3, Becca & Floyd initially arrived at the Pit Stop in 5th place. However, once they realized that Floyd's passport was missing, they had to leave to retrieve it. They managed to find his passport from their taxi driver and returned to check in to the Pit Stop in 8th place, barely surviving the leg by beating Seth & Olive, who were victims of the Blind Double U-Turn.
  • In Season 30 during Leg 9, Lucas & Brittany realized that Lucas' passport was missing. They were able to get a temporary passport but were unable to make up enough time to catch up to the other teams. As a result, the newly-engaged team was eliminated in 5th place.