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Introduced in the third leg of the second season, the team was given a Rest Period Penalty were the last to arrive at the Pit Stop during a Non-Elimination Leg. Teams incur a penalty on the mandatory rest period in-between legs. The penalty varies by leg. This is similar than a Departure Time Penalty.

The Amazing Race China[]

Season Episode Leg Last Place via Survived? Notes
The Amazing Race 2 (China) Unknown 3 CNS2 DengZiqiZhangYunjing

Deng Ziqi & Zhang Yunjing

The penalized team was forced to sleep inside a convenience store as their penalty No
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This leg was also a No-Rest Leg
Unknown 7 CNS2 YangQianhuaDingZigao

Yang Qianhua & Ding Zigao

The penalized team was to take economy class to their next destination while other teams would be in business or first class Yes
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  • First time a team penalized, survived, and win the leg
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