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The Resurrection Card, also known as the Return Ticket allows the user to resurrect or save another team or allows an eliminated team to return to the Race. It is similar to the Salvage Pass but lacks any time advantage ability as the Salvage Pass does. Furthermore, its use differs between seasons.


The Resurrection Card first appeared in the first Chinese version. It was given to the winners of the eighth leg and was to be used on the next leg immediately to bring an eliminated team back to the race.


Zhang Zhehan & Zhang Sifan win the Resurrection Card.

The Resurrection Card appeared again two seasons later where it was given to the winners of the second leg, and had to be used to save another team before the end of the fourth leg.

Resurrection Card Winners[]

The Amazing Race China[]

Season Awarded Owner Usage Used On Notes
Episode Leg Episode Leg Team
The Amazing Race 1 (China) Episode 8 8 CNS1 ZhongHanliangJackie
Zhong Hanliang & Jackie
To be used at the start of the next leg to resurrect an eliminated team. Episode 9 9 CNS1 BaiJugangGuanXiaotong
Bai Jugang & Guan Xiaotong
The Amazing Race China 3 Episode 2 2 CNS3 ZhangZhehanZhangSifan
Zhang Zhehan & Zhang Sifan
To be used to save another team before the 4th leg. Episode 3 3 CNS3 JinXingHeinz
Jin Xing & Heinz


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