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Route Info instructs the teams where to go next.

The clue usually only provides the name of the team's next destination; it is often up to the teams to figure out how to get there. However, the clue may make specifications about how the teams have to travel. For example, the very first clue of the race specifies which flights teams may take. In addition, teams may be required to take public transportation, drive a marked car or any other vehicle, or walk, according to the clue's instructions.

Christie & Jodi reading Route Information in Romania on Season 14.

The Route Info clues can instruct teams to go to several types of locations, including a specific location in another city or country, another location within the team's present city, the Pit Stop of the leg, or the Finish Line of the race.

In Season 1, the clue box contained exactly the number of clues as teams racing, thus a team was able to surmise what place they were presently in. In subsequent seasons, the clue box has included a variable number of clues (placed by spotters near each clue box just prior to racers arriving at the box) so that a team can usually not determine its present standing by counting the remaining clues. Route Info may also provide hints about where to look for the next clue, such as, "Look for ____ to receive your next clue."  

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