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Sandy Sydney and Francesca von Etzdorf are a Dating team on The Amazing Race Asia 1.


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Age: 29
Occupation: Personal trainer
Hometown: Hong Kong


Age: 27
Occupation: Model
Hometown: Hong Kong

Still in the early stages of their relationship, Sandy and Francesca (living in Hong Kong) are taking the brave step of entering The Amazing Race Asia, hoping to discover how well it will stand up to pressure. This attractive couple (he's a personal trainer, she's a model) have more than just good looks, and hopefully their perseverance and refusal to ever quit will stand them in good stead.

Sandy and Francesca make a very attractive couple. Both living in Hong Kong, Francesca is a model, while Sandy works as a personal trainer. Both are in good shape physically and are very personable and have an interesting relationship. Having only been a dating couple for a few months, taking on the challenge of The Amazing Race Asia is a very brave step for them!

They have known each other for about a year, although when they met for the first time at an event, they merely became friends. It was only later on that they got together romantically, an arrangement that had been going on for about four months when the opportunity arose to take part in The Amazing Race Asia.

It takes a couple with great strength and fortitude to want to subject their fledgling relationship to that sort of pressure, and the fact that they both decided to take part in the Race is a testament to their courage. Certainly, they recognize that their relationship is still in its early stages.

"Our relationship is still very fiery. It has its ups and downs," says Sandy. "Most of the time, it's good. No, I'd say it's great".

"But it's much more stable now than it was at the beginning," says Francesca.

The couple has an odd dynamic, one that has Francesca doing most of the talking, with Sandy contributing a little bit here and there. They both agree that talking is a large part of her personality, something that she demonstrates at every opportunity.

Sandy has a slightly dopey boyish charm, while Francesca is quite the modern woman, always in control, always in the driver's seat, always ready with a quick quip. Both agrees that neither one of them is a quitter. There might be screaming, or crying, or numerous other things, but no one is about to quit anytime soon.

"Yeah, broken limb, broken leg, we'll still be going," says Sandy. Francesca's response is instant.

"Speak for yourself, darling - I was thinking more of broken nails and split ends," she says, before the two crack themselves up laughing.

This couple is likely to be good competition for the other teams, because of their physical abilities and their closeness. Of course, the newness of their relationship might form a significant stumbling block.

"I think there'll be some tough times where we both will be butting heads with that pressure that's going on," says Sandy.

"We can lean on each other, or blame each other - it all depends," Francesca says.

Recognizing that every team is a competitor, the couple intends to focus on having a really good time, and experiencing everything that they can on the road. The strategy is to play the best that they can, using their strengths, taking things as they come and trying not to get too stuck if something does not go right for them, a strategy that will hopefully help them to win.

For Sandy and Francesca, life seems to be all about the challenge. They know that the Race will put them under great stress, individually and together.

"One of the reasons we wanted to do this race is to test ourselves, put ourselves in situations we've never been in," says Francesca.

At the end of the day, they hope that their individual strengths will serve them well - they both have good heads on their shoulders, they are both competitive, they are both strong, they refuse to quit, and if the last few months are anything to go by, they will be a good team together.

The Amazing Race Asia 1

Race History

Sandy & Francesca's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 Malaysia Paint / Pot No Roadblock 10 of 10
2 2 Malaysia → Indonesia Push / Sell Francesca 9 of 10
3 3 Indonesia Wet / Dry Sandy 2 of 9
4 4 Indonesia → Australia Elevation / Crustacean Sandy 3 of 8
5 5 Australia → New Zealand Rugby / Rigging Francesca 5 of 8
6 6 New Zealand Ledge / Luge Sandy 1 of 7
7 7 New Zealand → Singapore → Thailand Bacon / Eggs Francesca 4 of 6
8 8 Thailand Smash / Grab Sandy 3 of 6
9 9 Thailand → India Carry / Count Francesca 5 of 5 [1]
10 Deliver / Donkey Sandy 1 of 5>
11 10 India → United Arab Emirates Hack / Hike Francesca 1 of 4
12 11 United Arab Emirates Ride / Seek Sandy 3 of 4
13 12 United Arab Emirates → Malaysia Brain / Brawn Francesca 2 of 3
Average 3.67
     The team keep racing
     The team finished in first place
     The team finished in last place and was eliminated from the race
     The team finished in last place in a non-elimination leg or keep racing on a No-Rest Leg.
     The team that won The Amazing Race
     The team that crossed the Finish Line second
     The team that crossed the Finish Line third
The team used the Fast Forward pass
> The team used the Yield
< Recipient of the Yield

1: Leg 9 is a double-length Leg with two Detours and two Roadblocks, shown over two episodes. The placement listed in the top row reflect the order teams arrived at the leg's halfway point.


  • Sandy and Francesca broke-up sometime after the race.
  • Francesca has since married Nick Santi in June 2013.



  • Sandy & Francesca are the first team of racers from Hong Kong.
  • Sandy is the first Kiwi to participate on the race.
  • First team ever to check in last at the first leg but not get eliminated due to a non-elimination leg.
  • First team to check in last on the first leg, and eventually make it to the final three.


  • First team to be penalized for arriving last in a non-elimination leg.
    • First team to surrender their money as a penalty.
  • First team to win consecutive legs
  • First team to use the Yield.
  • First non-Asians to reach the final three.

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  • Mathew Scott at SCMP (11/01/2006): "Sandy Sydney and Francesca von Etzdorf"

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