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The Save, introduced in The Amazing Race 25, allows a team to rescue themselves from elimination if they arrive last at the Pit Stop on an elimination leg.

In its initial appearance, the Save was awarded to the team who arrived first at the Pit Stop on the first leg and it had to be used before Leg 9.[1]

The Save went unaired for The Amazing Race 26, as no team chose to do both sides of the Detour for leg 3 in order to obtain it.[2]

If a team attempts to use the Save on a Non-Elimination Leg, it will be returned to them, and the team will still be penalized with a Speed Bump on the next leg as usual.


Season Awarded Owner Used On Notes
Episode Leg via Episode Leg
The Amazing Race 25 "Go Big or Go Home" 1 Winning Leg S25 MistiJim.jpg
Misti & Jim
Not Used; Expired in "You're Taking My Tan Off"
  • Misti & Jim attempted to use The Save when they arrived last in Leg 4, but it was however returned to them by Phil after the leg was a Non-Elimination Leg.
The Amazing Race 26 "#MurphysLaw" 3 Completing Both Detour Tasks Unclaimed
  • The Save went unaired.


  • So far, the only team to have possession of The Save is Misti & Jim.
  • As of 2017, the Save has only appeared on the US version.


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