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The Scramble, introduced in The Amazing Race 34, is a game-changing twist and format that appears in the Race. A Scramble presents teams with several tasks and challenges they must complete. However, the order and method they approach each task is free for each team to decide for themselves.

For each challenge in the Scramble a team completes, they would receive a portion of a clue. By completing all parts of the Scramble, teams would be able to put together all the portions to complete their next clue.

Teams that forfeit, or are unable to finish the Scramble, occur an 8-hour penalty.


The Amazing Race (US)[]

  • In The Amazing Race 34, the Scramble was used on the first leg, immediately after the Starting Line. Teams were told the locations of all three challenges, which were inspired by Oktoberfest. Roll required teams to roll beer barrels through an obstacle course within 55 seconds. Saw required teams to cut a log using a manual handsaw. Smash was a Roadblock that required a chosen team member to smash a block of ice. When teams collected all three portions of the clue, they could be combined to form an angel that revealed the location of the Pit Stop.
  • In The Amazing Race 35, the Scramble was used on the final leg, with each task themed after the Seattle art scene. Grunge required them to assemble musical instruments on a sound stage. Grab required teams to complete an acrobatic trapeze move. Glass required teams to take part in glassblowing molten heat to create glass pipes. For each task that was completed, teams were given a part of a model airplane which, when combined, revealed the location of the final task of the Race.

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