Sidney "Sid" Pierruci[1] and Ashley "Ash" Ruscoe[2] are a Dating Team on The Amazing Race Australia 4

A controversial team; they made several enemies out of the gate when they misled other teams after mistakenly going down Namsan instead going to the tower. Throughout the race, they were known for manipulating other teams. This led resulted them being U-Turned by Jasmin & Jerome and being stuck at the Intersection due to them. After a few inter-team conflicts during their final legs, they were eliminated due to a penalty when they sped above the speed limit to pass Femi & Nick and Viv & Joey


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There’s no denying Bondi couple, Sid and Ash, enjoy the finer things in life. From luxurious holidays to fine dining, this fiery team love an upgrade and they don’t care who knows it. As former elite swimmers, they are no strangers to hard work or a 4am alarm, and let nothing and no one get in their way.

Having dated for three years, the couple believe their greatest strength is that they compensate for each other’s weaknesses. While Ash can make decisions quickly, based off her instincts, Sid is calmer and more strategic.

Both seasoned travellers, Sid and Ash have explored the USA, Italy, France, Spain, South Africa and Indonesia to name a few.

Get to know Sid

What’s the best part of travelling with your teammate? Being able to share every moment with the person you love.
What type of people do you find it difficult to get along with? Know-it-all insular humans. Also bullies and people who are unkind.
What is your proudest achievement in life?My bullet-proof self-esteem and freedom! I have an insane level of self-confidence in my ability to get through any situation, regardless of what life throws my way.

Get to know Ash

What country or place do you hope to visit on The Amazing Race Australia? India. I’ve always wanted to go as I feel it’s so rich in culture and has an amazing spirituality sense to it.
What’s the best part of travelling with your teammate? We always have fun. We are always on the same page on what we want to do in regards to activities, eating out, and shopping. Plus, he’s very patient with me.
What’s the worst part of travelling with your teammate? We can sometimes get irritated with each other and are both very stubborn, so arguments can sometimes escalate.

The Amazing Race Australia 4

Race History

Sid & Ash's Race History
Episode Leg Destination(s) Detour Choice
Placement Notes
1 1 South Korea Fold Em' Fast / Stack Em' High Ash 9 of 11
2 2 South Korea All Heart / All Thumbs No Roadblock 7 of 10
3 3 South Korea → Vietnam Escargot / Make Boat Go Sid 6 of 9
4 4 Vietnam Short Strokes / Long Strides No Roadblock 3 of 9
5 5 Vietnam → Mongolia Milk the Best / Herd the Rest No Roadblock 4 of 8
6 6 Mongolia Dance / Deliver Sid 1 of 6
7 7 Mongolia → Zimbabwe → Zambia Cultivate / Separate Ash 6 of 6
8 8 Zambia → Zimbabwe Build Up / Serve Up Sid 6 of 6 [1]


Average 5.25


1: For their Speed Bump, Sid & Ash both had to perform the Roadblock. Since Sid first chose to perform it, only his performance is counted in the total.

2: Sid & Ash initially arrived 2nd, but received a 1-hour penalty for speeding. The 4 remaining teams checked in during that time, dropping them to last place and resulting in their elimination.

Post Race

  • Shortly after the filming of the show, Ash revealed that she and Sid broke up, but remain friends.[4]


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