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The Starting Line of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.

The Starting Line is the location of the start of any season of The Amazing Race.

Before being given the signal to begin racing, teams are assembled in front of the host as he/she gives basic details on what teams are to expect during the race. Once teams are given the "go" signal to begin racing, teams are usually instructed to run to their bags and open their first clues that are placed on top of their bags. In later seasons, teams would usually encounter a Starting Line task (see below), which they must perform before proceeding.

The Amazing Race 28 was the first to not have a traditional Starting Line. Instead, the race began from the racers' homes across the United States via video link from host Phil Keoghan at their first destination.

Starting Line task

In Season 15, teams had to search a rack containing 1,000 vehicle registration plates for one that contained the kanji characters for Shinagawa.

A Starting Line task is a task at the Starting Line that teams are required to complete before they can proceed with racing.

Starting Line tasks are usually related to the season's first destination, such as finding a particular registration plate found in Tokyo in Season 15 or finding the Chinese characters for Guangzhou in All-Stars 2014. Some Starting Line tasks may also require teams to get approval from the host.


Below is a map of where each Starting Line in The Amazing Race franchise is located. Click and drag, then zoom in on the map to see any point. Please take note that the points may be inaccurate, which may be due to the unfamiliarity of the exact location.

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