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In additional to the above penalty (surrender money), teams would relinquish all of their belongings except their passports and the clothes they were currently wearing. The surrendered possessions would not be returned until the end of the race. This led to some teams wearing layers upon layers of clothing to keep them when they believed they are in last place. This was discontinued in Season 10 and replaced by Marked for Elimination.


The Amazing Race (US)

Season Episode Leg Last Place Survived? Notes
The Amazing Race 7 "I've Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time" 6 S7 MeredithGretchen

Meredith & Gretchen

5 of 7
"The Devil Made Me Do It" 10 S7 RonKelly

Ron & Kelly

2 of 4
"Five Continents, 25 Cities, and More Than 40,000 Miles" 12 S7 UchennaJoyce

Uchenna & Joyce

1 of 3
  • First time a team was penalized in the penultimate leg and finished the race in 1st place.
The Amazing Race: Family Edition "I'm Sick of Doing Stuff I Can't Do" 6 S8 GodlewskiFamily

Godlewski Family

4 of 6
"You Look Ridiculous" 8 S8 BransenFamily

Bransen Family

4 of 5
"The Family Christmas Card" 10 S8 WeaverFamily

Weaver Family

3 of 4
The Amazing Race 9 "Do You Know How Much Running I Did Today, Phil?" 9 S9 BJTyler

BJ & Tyler

3 of 5
"I Think This Monkey Likes Me" 11 S9 BJTyler

BJ & Tyler

1 of 4
"5 Continents, 9 Countries, More Than 59,000 Miles" 12 S9 RayYolanda

Ray & Yolanda

3 of 3
  • First time a team was penalized in the penultimate leg and finished the race in 3rd place.

HaMerotz LaMillion[]

Season Episode Leg Last Place Survived? Notes
HaMerotz LaMillion 1 Unknown 2 ILS1 AsherMaor

Asher & Maor

7 of 10
  • First time a team was penalized in the first leg and survived.

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