Bopper & Mark Fast Forward

Bopper & Mark having all of their hair shaved off for the Fast Forward in Season 20. This was a Switchback to Season 7 where Uchenna & Joyce shaved off all of the hair in their head and eventually won their season.

The Switchback, introduced in Season 15, is a task that was originally featured in a previous season, which had a significant impact to the race, usually because of its difficulty.

Switchback tasks

  • In Season 15, a remake of the Roadblock was encountered by teams during the Season 6 stop in Stockholm, Sweden where in that season, they had to search for their next clue, of which there were 20, hidden within 270 bales of hay; Lena & Kristy spent over 10 hours searching for the clue before Phil Keoghan came to them in the field to tell them that everyone else had already checked-in and they were eliminated. The Switchback version had teams searching for one of seven flags within only 186 bales of hay.
  • In Season 20, a Fast Forward in India initially offered in Season 5, but later followed through in Season 7, involved shaving off all of the hair from the racers' heads. Uchenna & Joyce (although Uchenna was already bald) took the Fast Forward in Season 7, ultimately giving them an advantage and the lead that carried onto the end with their victory. In Season 20, Bopper & Mark (Mark was also already bald) took the Switchback Fast Forward, but ended up in last place during that leg and were eliminated.
  • In Season 21, a Roadblock in the Netherlands originally encountered by teams during the second leg of Season 12 required teams to participate in fierljeppen, pole vaulting across a ditch full of water which they had to vault across the ditch, retrieve their clue, and then vault back across.
  • In Season 22, a task in Switzerland encountered by teams during the first leg of Season 14 which involved teams going up a hill and carrying a heavy cheese down the hill. In Season 14, the hill had slippery leaves. In Season 22, the challenge was held in the snow.
  • In Season 22, a Roadblock in Washington D.C. encountered by teams in the second leg of the Family Edition which involved teams finding a spy carrying a briefcase that contains their next clue. In Season 22, each team has a different code phrase to say to a spy and each correct spy will say a different response.
  • In Season 25, a task, originally featured as the Plow Detour choice in Leg 11 of Season 5, required teams to plow a field, using a water buffalo known as a carabao in Naic, Philippines.
  • In Season 27, the very first task of Season 1, originally featured as a Detour choice, was encountered in Zimbabwe, requiring one team member to free fall 200 feet into the Batoka Gorge. The original task was on the Zambia side of the gorge.
  • In Season 28, teams had to slide down Poseidon's Revenge after the Roadblock on Leg 8. This task was based off of Leg 6 of Season 15 when teams had to slide down the Leap of Faith waterslide in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • In Season 29, a Roadblock originally featured in Leg 6 of Season 9 required teams to bungee jump 240 feet into the Corinth Canal in Greece.
  • In Season 29, a Roadblock had one team member load up a bicycle with shrimp traps and deliver them to a fisherman in Ninh Bình, Vietnam. This task was based off the Basket Bikes Detour choice in Leg 12 of Season 3.
  • In Season 30, a Roadblock was encountered that in Leg 11 of Season 15 in Prague, Czech Republic originally had one team member listen to a hundred ringing phones to find 5 with a voice on the other end that would each give them one letter in the name "Franz", referring to Franz Kafka, which they then had to unscramble as they filled in biographical questions on a form. In this Switchback version, they once again unscrambled the letters on the form, but instead had to find 8 phones that would each give them a word in a Kafka quote.

Unofficial Switchbacks

  • In Season 23, an unofficial Switchback was featured as a Fast Forward in Austria, originally featured as a Roadblock in the third leg of Season 4, that opted teams to perform a bungee jump 460 feet off the Donauturm, the tallest structure in Austria.
  • In Season 27, there were two unofficial Switchbacks on Leg 1. Both tasks originated from Leg 2 on Season 2. The Fast Forward on Season 27 was the Freak Out Detour from Season 2, while the Sand Detour on Season 27 was the Fast Forward used in Season 2.


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