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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
There are six switches for this template to hold. The switch codes are as follows:
  • yields - Stands for the Standard Yield, where one team chooses to yield another.
  • yieldv - Stands for the Voting Yield, where teams vote to determine who is yielded.
  • yieldt - Stands for the Tied Yield, where when voting for a team to be yielded, there is a tie and both are yielded.
  • uturns - Stands for the Standard U-Turn, where there is only one slot available and a team chooses another team to be u-turned.
  • uturnd - Stands for the Double U-Turn, where there are two slots available.
  • uturnv - Stands for the Voting U-Turn, where teams vote to determine who is u-turned.
  • uturnt - Stands for the Tied U-Turn, where when voting for a team to be u-turned, there is a tie and both are u-turned.
  • uturnp - Stands for the Prize U-Turn, where a team receives a U-Turn after receiving the most votes on a Voting U-Turn to u-turn another team.
  • uturna - Stands for the Automatic U-turn, where a team received the U-Turn as a penalty.
  • express - Team used the Express Pass.
  • salvage - Team used the Salvage Pass.
  • hazard - This teams was penalized with a Hazard.
  • doublebattle - This team lost the Double Battle and received a penalty

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