The Amazing Race, formerly known as The Amazing Race en Discovery Channel (Portuguese: The Amazing Race no Discovery Channel), is a reality game show based on the American series of the same name, The Amazing Race.

On 15 October 2008, a Latin American version of the show was announced by Discovery Channel Latin America in association with Disney. The first season was produced by Argentinian television production company RGB, while the second season was produced by Venezuelan television company Cinemat. On 25 January 2011, it was announced that Space in association with Disney was going to produce the third season of the Latin American version of the race, thus retitling the show to The Amazing Race, dropping the en Discovery Channel. This season was also produced by Venezuelan television company Cinemat.

The show is the second Latin American version of the franchise. The first was A Corrida Milionária, the Brazilian version of the franchise. It was also the first version in the Spanish language.

For the fourth season, a special Portuguese-language edition of the show, Edição Brasil, was made. It was hosted by Brazilian model and actor Paulo Zulu. It featured teams from Brazil in a race mostly concentrated across Brazil.

The original presenter for the show was Guatemalan journalist Harris Whitbeck who presented the first three seasons. For the fifth season, the show was presented by Colombian model María "Toya" Montoya, a former contestant on the third season. She was also the first female host of any version of The Amazing Race. The grand prize for the winning team is $250,000, $750,000 less than the original American version's $1,000,000 prize.

Applications for the fifth season were opened for Brazilians on October 13, 2012. On February 13, 2013 applications were also opened for the rest of Latin America until March 31, 2013.




For a list of all teams, see Category:The Amazing Race (LA) teams.

Countries and Locales Visited

North America South America
Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited
Costa Rica Costa Rica 1 Argentina Argentina 1, 2, 3
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 1, 5 Bolivia Bolivia 2, 4
Guatemala Guatemala 2 Brazil Brazil 1, 2, 3, 4
Mexico Mexico 1, 2, 5 Chile Chile 1, 3
Panama Panama 1, 5 Colombia Colombia 1, 2, 5
Territory Season(s) Visited Ecuador Ecuador 2, 3, 6
Curaçao Curaçao 5 Peru Peru 1, 4, 5
Uruguay Uruguay 3
Venezuela Venezuela 2


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