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The Amazing Race - The Game is an app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. It is based one the hit television show The Amazing Race. It was released in North America on December 2, 2010.


"The Amazing Race games sends you around the world on a virtual globe-trotting adventure taken from the multiple Emmy-winning reality series. Pick the right Detours, race through Roadblocks and don't get lost, and you'll reach the Finish Line. But will you get there first?"


  • gameplay that echoes the TV show
  • adventure mode or quick play mode
  • 16 different types of minigames
  • choice of short, medium or long races
  • race in 84 unique locations, 28 cities and 5 continents
  • play against familiar duos like the Goths, the Athletes, the Students and more
  • experience random events on the road, like flat tires, and shortcuts, that give teams an extra boots or obstacle

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