The Amazing Race China, formerly The Amazing Race (Chinese: 极速前进; pinyin: Jísù Qiánjìn), is the second Chinese version of the reality competition franchise, The Amazing Race, after China Rush. The series airs on Shenzhen TV and is sponsored by Infiniti.[1] Hong Kong-American actor and martial artist Andy On hosted the series, along with Allan Wu, who previously hosted the Asian version of the franchise, as well as the China Rush, the first Chinese version of the franchise.

The first season of the series aired on October 17, 2014, and concluded on December 19, 2014, consisting of eight celebrity teams and eleven legs. Unlike the other versions in the franchise, the second Chinese version of The Amazing Race was not filmed consecutively due to the scheduling conflicts of the contestants.

The second season introduced a new twist that allows several teams to join in the game as intruders. The intruders will be starting the race at the start of a given leg. In their invasion leg, the intruders must place in the top two to continue racing - if they fail their invasion, they may be eliminated from the race. If they succeed, the last team to check-in may be eliminated, and the intruders will keep on racing in future legs.

The Race


In the American Edition, there are usually 11, sometimes 12 or 10 teams. However, in the chinese version, there are eight. In season 2, there were six teams in the beginning, but after two teams joined the race, the total number of teams was eight. Like the american version, they must have a pre-existing relationship, however, at least one of them has to be a well known celebrity/athlete.



The roadblock is similar to the american version, however there is no limit to how many roadblocks each contestant may perform. Also, if a team decides to skip a roadblock, the penalty is no longer 4 hours, but is reduced to 1 hour.


The detour is also similar to the american version, but like the Roadblock, a team who skips the detour incurs a 1 hour penalty.

Fast Forward

The fast forward is identical to the american edition.


The intersection is the same, however may sometimes be merged with Double Battle.

Double Battle

The double battle is the same, however may sometimes be merged with Intersection.

Intersection/Double Battle

Teams would be intersected, and then would battle each other. The team who wins two out of three of the challenges would be able to tie for first at the pit stop. The bottom two teams would battle in the Final Double Battle, in which one team was eliminated.


The yield is featured in the first season.


All seasons featured the U-turn.

Voting U-Turn

In all seasons, one of the legs featured the Voting U-Turn, in which the teams voted for whom they would like to U-Turn. The team with the most votes would be U-Turned.

Speed Bump

All seasons used the speed bump. However in the second season only two non-elimination legs used the speed bump while the other two legs used the Last Place Penalty (See Below)

Last Place Penalty

In two legs of the second season, the team who placed last in leg 3 had to sleep on the floor of a store, and the team who placed last in leg 7 had to ride in economic class.

Countries and Locales Visited

Africa Asia Europe
Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited
Mauritius Mauritius 2 China China All Seasons Denmark Denmark 4
Namibia Namibia 2 India India 1 France France 2
Japan Japan 3 Germany Germany 3
Malaysia Malaysia 4 Greece Greece 1, 3
Singapore Singapore 4 Italy Italy 3
South Korea South Korea 1 Russia Russia 3
Flag of Thailand.png Thailand 2 Spain Spain 2, 3
Turkey Turkey 2 Sweden Sweden 4
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 1
Vietnam Vietnam 4
Territory Season(s) Visited
Hong Kong Hong Kong 1, 4
Macau Macau 4
North America Oceania South America
Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited Country Season(s) Visited
Mexico Mexico 3 Australia Australia 2 Brazil Brazil 3
United States United States of America 1, 3

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