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The Amazing Race Wiki's Manual of Style are guidelines attempting to describe the style with which articles and article content should be made.

As of February 2015, The Amazing Race Wiki is currently updating its pages to a new manual of style that was finalized in January 2015. Majority of the articles have not yet been updated, which would explain why majority of the articles are in a different format than the guides listed below.

For specific types of pages, please visit our manual of style for the page of a/an:

Version Titles

The official titles of each international version typically contains the name of the country in which it was created (ie: The Amazing Race Australia). To help avoid confusion when that is not the case or when differentiation is not obvious, the name of the pages for each version should contain a parenthetical reference to that country.

Team Names

Team name pages should named with the first name of each racer separated by "&" (an ampersand). The names should be listed in the order indicated in the season's credits.


Naming Images


  • The intertitle for each version should be named as follows: "TARlogo-" followed by the country name or it's acceptable abbreviation. Then add logos to these categories: "Logo", "The Amazing Race", "The Amazing Race (correct country)".
  • Example: File:TARlogo-US.jpg

Team Photos

  • The filename of a team photo should utilize the letter "S", the number of the season, and the first name of each team.
  • Example: The photo for the team of Scott & Blair is File:S28 ScottBlair.jpg


  • A screencap should be named using the season and episode number with a short description of the photo
  • Example: File:2101-1st-AbbieRyan.png

Categorizing Uploaded Images

  • Place the Image Template ({{Image|tag1|tag2|...tag10}}) in the summary field. For usage of the Image template see Template:Image.
  • Use tags that identify the version, type of image, etc.
  • Add the correct copyright template.
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