The Great Amazing Nasty Race is the fourth episode of The Amazing Race 26.


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Route Markers

The order of departure from Sri Panwa Hotel are as follows:

  1. Mike & Rochelle (3:26 am)
  2. Hayley & Blair (3:51 am)
  3. Jelani & Jenny (3:52 am)
  4. Laura & Tyler (3:54 am)
  5. Aly & Steve (3:58 am)
  6. Matt & Ashley (4:01 am)
  7. Bergen & Kurt (4:02 am)
  8. Jeff & Jackie (4:03 am)
  9. Harley & Jonathan (7:01 am)

Teams must fly to Bangkok. Upon arrival at Don Mueang, teams must travel by taxi to Wat Yan Nawa, where they will search the temple grounds for a Clue Box containing their next clue.

At Wat Yan Nawa, Harley & Jonathan would receive their clue for their Speed Bump.

Harley & Jonathan have to assemble a traditional Thai grasshopper made out of river reeds, before they are allowed to continue.

Choice A: Water
Teams must travel by water taxi on the Chao Phraya River with stops at the Wat Klang Food Market, where they must eat century eggs, and at the Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, where they must participate in a traditional Thai prayer. There are only five water taxis available for this task.

Aly & Steve, Bergen & Kurt, Laura & Tyler, Matt & Ashley, and Mike & Rochelle chose this task.

Choice B: Wheel
Teams must travel by tuk-tuk through the streets of downtown Bangkok with stops at the Bangkok Snooker Club, where they must shoot one red ball into a pocket in a game of snooker, and at the Caturday Cat Café, where they must feed one of the cats with a bottle of milk that they received as a clue at the Snooker Club.

Harley & Jonathan, Hayley & Blair, Jeff & Jackie, and Jelani & Jenny chose this task.

Upon completing the final task of their final stop for their respective Detour choices, teams must head to the Pathum Wan Siang Gong, where they must search for their next clue.

The team member assigned to perform this Roadblock would have to must remove the transmission from a cylinder block in search for a screwdriver containing their next clue in its handle.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams must figure out "metal castle" is Wat Ratchanatdaram, where teams must must travel by taxi to check in.

For coming in first place, Bergen & Kurt, a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, provided by Travelocity.

For winning the Date Night ticket, Laura & Tyler won a romantic evening on a water boat on the Chao Phraya River during the Pit Stop.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forwardϵ Used the Express Pass User of the first Double U-Turn slot • Recipient of the first Double U-Turn slot • User of the second Double U-Turn slot • Recipient of the second Double U-Turn slot
S26 BergenKurt
 1st place 
Bergen & Kurt
Blind Dating
S26 HayleyBlair
 2nd place 
Hayley & Blair
Blind Dating
S26 AlySteve
 3rd place 
Aly & Steve
Dating Olympians
S26 LauraTyler
 4th place 
Laura & Tyler
Blind Dating
S26 JeffJackie
 5th place 
Jeff & Jackie
Blind Dating
S26 MikeRochelle
 6th place 
Mike & Rochelle
S26 JelaniJenny
 7th place 
Jelani & Jenny
Blind Dating
S26 MattAshley
 8th place 
Matt & Ashley
S26 HarleyJonathan
 9th place 
Harley & Jonathan


  • The episode's title was said by Hayley, while on a tuk-tuk.[2]
  • This is the season's second episode to feature the word "great" on the title, after "Great Way to Start a Relationship."
    • Coincidentally, both were said by Hayley.
  • Rochelle was the only female to perform the Roadblock.


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