• As our new admin, I would like to teach you how to I did the route maps for Season 1 so you can do it yourself.

    1. Sign in at Mapbox.
    2. Click "projects".
    3. Click "create project"
    4. Click the magnifying glass to search for the specific location the race went that episode.
    5. Once you enter the map, click "data".
    6. Click the "marker" and place it above the location in question.
    7. For uniformity's sake, at the "symbol" portion, let the first location (either the starting line or the previous pit stop city/town be "1"). Let me do the Route Maps for season pages by the way.
    8. Connect these markers using the line tool.
    9. Save your work. At the "project" tab, name it in such a way that you can recognize it easily (ex. TAR US2 E1 - up to you).
    10. After saving, click "info" and copy the embed code.
    11. Make a MediaWiki page (ex. MediaWiki:US1e1Route) and paste the code there. Please change the width from '100%' to '600px' and the height from '500px' to '350px'. Save.
    12. At the tabber, type <verbatim>US1e5Route</verbatim>.
    13. Cheers!
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