• Hey, I know you don't know me very well so I'm Linus¬†:). I was just looking through the wiki and saw that the episode pages have a "leaderboard" which is basically just who arrived 1st--last in each leg, however it doesn't give specifics about what positions teams were during each leg (ex. Amy and Maya were the second to leave the Roadblock, but the fourth to arrive at the pit stop). I was wondering what you though about putting a Leaderboard for each episode similar to how the Reality Fan wiki does it (check here¬†for an example)? It would make the episode pages more specific and be more informative. If this has already been suggested, I apologize! I just kind of float around the wiki every now and then, so I don't know what goes on.

    Thanks for considering it! Like I said, I only come on this wiki every now and again because I'm pretty busy, but I'm an avid Amazing Race fan, so if this would require a team effort I would try to contribute when I can!


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    • Hi Linus,

      Thank you for that feedback. I think that it would be great to have a leaderboard for specific Route Markers/task locations, as part of our MOS for episode articles, as long as we can find information regarding each team's placement for each marker.

      Perhaps, you may want to share this to the entire community through our Forum for the community to share their own feedback, before we can actually approve of this proposal to be added to the MOS for episode articles. If your proposal gets approved, I think that it would be great for you to assist us with adding these kinds of leaderboards for each episode article, whenever you can.

      Again, thanks!

      - Pat

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    • Hey Pat,

      Great! I'm glad you like my idea. However, because I'm a bit busy with school at the moment, I'll start up the proposal as soon as I can (hopefully this weekend). Under which "board" would it be suitable for me to put my propsal do you think?



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