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To the Physical and Mental Limit is the tenth episode of The Amazing Race 1.


At 10:12 am, Rob & Brennan receive their clue at the Tiger Cave Temple for the start of the leg. Teams are told to check in with "The King" at Railay Beach. To get there, teams must travel by taxi, then boat. What teams do not know is that "The King" is a local nickname for the company, King Climbers.

The next leg for us is going to be a management leg. We want to go as fast as we can, but we want to avoid a major mishap. I don't care if we bleed a little time, I just want to stay in the lead pack, so you're going to take extra time, be careful with your decisions, and really think things out.Rob

Rob & Brennan find an auto rickshaw taxi to take them to the boat launch.

We're getting down to it now. There's only four teams left. It's really the horse teams that are left to run. You're so tired sometimes and so beat and so demoralized. It's going to be a hell of a race from here. It really is.Rob

The lawyers' rickshaw driver is forced to briefly pull over for overheating problems, however, the rickshaw is back on the road in little time.

At 11:06, Frank & Margarita start the leg. They find a taxi to a boat launch and that Railay Beach closes at 5:30 pm, meaning that Team Guido cannot go anywhere that night, as they will be departing at 6:30.

We're not leaving the monastery until 6:30 at night. We've made some flaws, but they're not fatal flaws and we can still win this game.Joe

Once again, Rob & Brennan's rickshaw stops, this time to get gas. Despite this, Rob & Brennan are the first to get to the boat launch to Railay Beach.

Frank & Margarita are the second to get a boat. While in the boat, the two get flirtatious.

Rob & Brennan arrive at Railay Beach around 11:40 am. Rob notices Thaiwand Wall, thinking they will be climbing. Finding the race flags, the lawyers find King Climbers, where they are harnessed for rock climbing. The two head out on the trail to Thaiwand Wall. Brennan mentions that he has rock climbed before, with Rob saying he will follow Brennan on the way up.

Frank & Margarita arrive at Railay Beach, and they ask locals where "The King" is. The locals direct them to where "The King" is located. The separated couple gear up, and head out for Thaiwand Wall. Margarita notes that after performing the rope swing back on the first leg, she is not afraid to rock climb. Frank is elated that Margarita is not afraid.

I'm the only female amongst all these guys, who run faster than I do, who are stronger than I am.Margarita

On the hike up, Rob finds their next clue, revealing it to be a Detour. Their choices are Hike or Climb. For both sides, teams must make their way to a hilltop cave. In Hike, teams must take a hiking trail to the cave, though while not strenuous, is slower. In Climb, teams must rock climb up the Thaiwand Wall to reach the cave, which is much faster, but more strenuous.

Rob & Brennan choose Climb and begin climbing the wall. They finish the task quickly before even Frank & Margarita show up. Rob reads the next clue, informing them to hike through the jungle, where they will then rappel into a boat taking them back to the boat launch. Once back there, they must head to "Sea, Land, and Trek" in Bor Tor, Ao Luk. The hours of operation for the site are from 8:00 to 5:00.

Rob & Brennan begin to rappel back down, as Frank & Margarita arrive. Margarita claims that this is one of the hardest things she has done in her life. Frank & Margarita decide to perform Climb. Frank heads up Thaiwand Wall first to show Margarita how to climb up.

Rob & Brennan reach their boat and head back to the boat launch. Rob finds that he scraped his fingers on the rock face.

Frank encourages Margarita to climb up the wall. She begins to get slightly frustrated, but she is able to make it to the cave. Margarita is surprised she had done that. They get their next clue and head down the rock face and into the jungle. They get to their boat and head to Railay Beach.

Rob & Brennan are back at Railay Beach. Rob asks a local how far Ao Luk is. The local says it is an hour away.

We go from here and take a car or bus to Ao Luk. Frank & Margarita are right on our heels, but it really doesn't matter, because as long as we're the first two teams and stay out front for this leg, we're cool. Who knows, maybe this is an elimination leg, maybe it's not, but if the one is or the next one is, hopefully, we can make it to the top three.Brennan

As Rob & Brennan pull away in their boat, Frank & Margarita arrive at the boat launch. Quickly, they get another boat to take them closer to Ao Luk.

Rob & Brennan arrive at Ao Nang at 1:47 pm. While waiting for a taxi to take them to Sea, Land, and Trek, Brennan wraps Rob's fingers in gauze to prevent the finger from moving and to prevent possible infection.

That's the first injury of the trip, but, you know, we nurse it up and get going, and it's all part of the game. Actually, injuries are a part of any competition. You suck it up and get going from there, no big deal.Rob

Rob & Brennan's taxi arrives, and after getting directions from a visitor's center, they are on their way to Sea, Land, and Trek.

Frank & Margarita land in Ao Nang, and take a taxi to Sea, Land, and Trek.

Rob gets out of their taxi, about to ask a local where Sea, Land, and Trek is when he spots the race flags. He calls Brennan out of the car, and they get their next clue, revealing it to be a Roadblock. For the Roadblock, one team member must paddle a kayak alone while carrying their teammate and their bags to Tham Hua Kalok. There, the team member will find the next clue and snorkeling gear.

Brennan decides to perform the Roadblock. The lawyers rent a kayak, and Brennan begins paddling. After paddling for a few minutes, they spot the cave. They enter the cave, grabbing snorkeling gear and their next clue. Opening the clue, teams are informed to return the kayak to Sea, Land, and Trek, though either teammate could paddle back, and then head to Chicken Island, near Ao Nang beach, where they will need to dive for their next clue. Rob & Brennan leave the cave.

At 3:03 pm, Kevin & Drew begin the leg. The fraternity brothers head to the boat launch. The two hope that they can get there before the beach closes.

At Sea, Land, and Trek, Frank & Margarita get their next clue. Frank decides to perform the Roadblock. They get their kayak, and Margarita waves at some of the people on the shore. Frank is irritated by this, not wanting her to perform any unnecessary movement while he is paddling.

While in their taxi, Drew thinks "The King" is not a person. Kevin verifies this with a Thai travel guide, which notes one of the rock climbing courses is called such. Kevin & Drew arrive at the boat launch and begin butting heads as Kevin attempts to get into the boat. Despite this, they head out to Railay Beach.

Frank & Margarita arrive at the cave, getting their clue and snorkeling gear. Margarita asks where Chicken Island is. Frank snarkily replies "around the corner from Turkey Island". They proceed out of the cave.

Kevin & Drew arrive at Railay Beach, noting that they do not see any other teams. They find "The King", get geared up, and begin the trail to their next clue. They get their next clue and decide on Climb. They begin their climb up the wall, struggling with the climb and some bickering at each other. Drew slips down, but is able to catch himself. The fraternity brothers reach the cave, getting their next clue, directing them to Sea, Land, and Trek. They begin the climb down.

Rob & Brennan arrive back at Sea, Land, and Trek, and head to Ao Nang to get to Chicken Island.

Back at Railay Beach, Kevin finds out from the rock climbing instructors that Sea, Land, and Trek is two hours away. They eventually get into their boat, head back to the boat launch.

Rob & Brennan arrive at Chicken Island at 5:31 pm. Frank & Margarita are not far behind them. Rob & Brennan dive down. Rob finds the clue quickly, and both resurface, heading back to the boat. Rob opens the clue, informing teams to head to Phai Plong Beach, their next Pit Stop by boat. They have their boat take them to Phai Plong Beach.

Back at the boat launch, Kevin & Drew figure out what they are going to do, as Sea, Land, and Trek is closing soon, and they will not make it there in time.

We've gotten hosed by the operating hours, and you can't do anything about that.Kevin

As Rob & Brennan head toward the Pit Stop, Frank & Margarita pass by, heading toward the dive spot. However, Rob & Brennan's boat's engine stalls, making them worry as the diving task is very quick, and Frank & Margarita are not too far behind.

As the lawyers predicted, Frank & Margarita finish the diving task quickly, and they instruct their boat to head to Phai Plong Beach. Not long after, Rob & Brennan's boat is back in commission.

Rob & Brennan are the first team to arrive at Phai Plong Beach, officially placing first for the leg. Frank & Margarita arrive shortly afterward, officially placing second. Frank & Margarita are excited to finish the leg, and the two congratulate Rob & Brennan.

We know we're going to have a good lead on Kevin & Drew and Bill & Joe. So, we have to make use of that.Brennan
I think this race offers a lot of opportunity for you as an individual to push yourselves to the limits because I've done things I never thought I would have done.Margarita

At 6:31, Joe & Bill begin the leg, which Brennan notices. Since Railay Beach is closed for the day, Team Guido decides to head for the boat launch anyway, so they can leave first thing in the morning while camping out at Railay Beach. Meanwhile, Kevin & Drew think that they should get a taxi to Ao Nang.

Joe & Bill arrive at Railay beach at 7:57 pm. They ask a Scandinavian tourist if she has seen any other Americans. She replies that she has seen some climbing Thaiwand Wall. Team Guido asks if they saw two bald men, which she replies that she saw them earlier.

On their boat, Kevin & Drew are on their way to Ao Nang, as heavy rain comes down. At Ao Nang, they take a taxi to Sea, Land, and Trek. They hope at that Frank & Margarita did not make it there in time.

At Railay Beach, Joe & Bill find "The King". They decide to spend a night in a cheap room.

At Sea, Land, and Trek, Kevin & Drew find two clue envelopes in a trash can.

The kayak closed at 6 pm, so now as it turns out, we're like 15 or 17 hours behind the leaders. We lost an additional 8 or 9 hours.Drew

In the morning, Kevin & Drew get their next clue. Finding it to be Roadblock, Kevin decides to paddle.

At Railay Beach, Team Guido head to King Climbers, getting their climbing gear and heading to the Thaiwand Wall.

Our main strategy is just looking at the next step in front of us, and that's the team in front of us.Bill

Kevin & Drew bicker over where everything in the kayak will go.

Joe & Bill get their next clue, deciding on the Climb Detour. They begin climbing the wall.

Kevin & Drew struggle to get their kayak in the river.

I weigh 198 pounds, Kevin weighs about 215. Well over 400 pounds in a kayak.Drew

Kevin & Drew finally get in the river. Bill struggles up the rock wall.

I think our biggest strength is that we're very complimentary of one another. We know what the other person is good at and not so good at. We know when someone should take charge and the other person should back off. And to watch your partner actually do something and achieve something that you know is very difficult for them, and just jump right up into it and bound right up the cliff, it kind of makes your heart burst.Joe

Joe & bill reach the hilltop cave, getting their next clue. They head down the rock face.

Meanwhile, at Sea, Land, and Trek, Kevin & Drew bicker as they try to navigate to the cave. They finally find the cave, and head inside.

Joe & Bill begin rappelling down to their boat as Kevin & Drew get their clue and snorkeling gear, and head back to Sea, Land, and Trek.

On the way back, Joe & Bil congratulate themselves for climbing Thaiwand Wall at their age, while Kevin & Drew get themselves a boat and head to Chicken Island.

Joe & Bill arrive at Sea, Land, and Trek. Joe decides to perform the Roadblock, and they head out on the river.

As Kevin & Drew make it to Chicken Island, they begin searching for the white and yellow flag markers. At this time, Joe & Bill find the cave at the Roadblock, getting their snorkeling gear and next clue.

The fraternity brothers find the marked diving spot. Drew dives into the water. Drew claims that something bit him. Their boat driver informs them of the urchins in the area. Joe & Bill arrive back at Sea, Land, and Trek.

Drew finds the clue and heads back to the boat. They open the clue informing them to head to Phai Plong Beach.

Joe & Bill try to haggle a boat driver to get a cheaper price to Chicken Island.

Kevin & Drew arrive at Phai Plong Beach, officially checking in third.

Meanwhile, Joe & Bill are at the marked diving spot at Chicken Island. Both dive into the ocean, looking for their next clue. Joe finds the clue quickly, and they head to Phai Plong beach. When they arrive at Phai Plong, they are greeted by host Phil Keoghan, who informs them they are the last team to arrive, but that this is a Non-Elimination Leg, and are still racing.

We're working well as a team again, and our spirits are really high. We're ready to move on.Joe
Basically, we need to come in the top three. We want to be in the final leg. Once we make it to the final leg, you can just write the end to this whole damn book because it's over.Drew
We are bound and determined to come out of this next leg as team number three. The leg after that, we'll be team number one.Joe

Route Markers[]

The order of departure from the Tiger Cave Temple are as follows:

Teams were told to find "The King" at Railay Beach in Ao Phang Nga National Park, which actually meant the King's Climbing rock-climbing company, where they received special rock climbing gear, and then hiked half a mile through tropical jungle to reach Thaiwand Wall and their next clue.

The Fast Forward is no longer usable because all four remaining teams already used their pass in previous legs. However, if there is still a team still eligible for the pass, the Fast Forward is found within Tiger Cave Temple. The team had to climb 1,200 steps at Wat Tum Sua to get the pass.

Both tasks require the teams to travel to the nearby Thaiwand Wall for their next clue. How to get there is the challenge:

Choice A: Hike
Teams must travel on a long, winding path up around the wall to find their next clue.

None of the teams chose this task.

Choice B: Climb
Teams must take an arduous rock climb straight up Thaiwand Wall to find their next clue.

All of the teams chose this task.

Teams had to rappel into a boat and proceed to Sea, Land, and Trek rafting company in Bor Tor, Ao Luk.

"Upper body strength is the key to success."

One team member had to paddle a kayak with their team member and all their luggage down the river in search of a route marker flag. Once the flag was spotted, the team would climb into a nearby cave, Tham Hua Kalok to get the next clue along with snorkeling gear. After finishing the Roadblock task, the entire team may paddle together back to Ao Luk.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

Teams had to hire a boat and find a route marker bobbing in the water 4 miles (6.4 km) from the mainland near Chicken Island. Once they found the floating Route Marker, they had to use the snorkel gear they collected at the Roadblock to dive into the water to get their next clue.

By boat, teams may head to their next Pit Stop, Phai Plong Beach in Ao Nang.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg or continue racing on a No-Rest Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

Rob & Brennan
 1st place 
Rob & Brennan
Best Friends/Lawyers
Frank & Margarita
 2nd place 
Frank & Margarita
Separated Couple
Kevin & Drew
 3rd place 
Kevin & Drew
Fraternity Brothers
Joe & Bill
 4th place 
Joe & Bill
Life Partners


  • This is the first leg to have one team still performing the tasks of the previous leg while the teams are already preparing for the next leg of the race.


  • Matt Roush at TV Guide Magazine (11/28/2001): "Race More Fun Than Survivor"


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