Triumph and Loss is the seventh episode of The Amazing Race 1.


The airport incident with Joe & Bill during the previous leg is still on the teams' mind.

Their intention was to just simply block us from getting on our plane on time, and they were hoping our plane would leave.Drew
One of them pushes back, hits my mom, like that really, like, do what you want to me, but don't hit my mom. Like, it really upset me and luckily, Drew--. I'm about to cry, I'm so mad.Emily
The more I think about it, the more it fires me up. I mean, the way I was raised, somebody treats a woman like that, they get their ass kicked, you know? It's just--. (groans)'Rob
It's just you don't do that. If you're a gentleman, you don't push a lady.Drew
Emily: I'm sorry. (cries)
Nancy: Honey, it's not that, I mean it's okay.
Emily: I know, but it's just so frustrating because they pull this crap every single time.
Nancy & Emily
As well as we play the game, the temperature will keep going up.Bill

In Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, Frank & Margarita are the first to depart at 3:30 am. They open their next clue, revealing clues for both the Detour and the Fast Forward. For the Detour, their choices are Glide or Ride In Glide, teams will make their way to the Aeroclub Volovelistico Ferrarese to ride a motorless glider plane. After finishing the task, the team will be led to the Ferrara railway station in a free taxi. The catch is, the task is on a first come, first served basis as there is only one glider plane, but the first team to arrive at the challenge site is at a time advantage. In Ride, teams will have to ride bikes 8 km from a bike shop to Ferrara railway station and follow a street map to find the next clue. Unlike the Glide option, there are enough bikes for everyone. However, pedaling a bike for 5 miles while having to navigate themselves to the train station is physically more taxing. Frank & Margarita decide to do Glide and hop into a taxi.

At 4:01 am, Joe & Bill are the second to depart. They open the clue, revealing the Detour. They read that the hours of operation for the Aeroclub are from 9:00 to 4:00.

I don't like being thrown into a situation where I don't know what's going to happen, and every day before the race starts, there's a knot in my stomach going, "This isn't you at all", you've got to perform to the best of your ability, and you don't know what you're going to do.Bill

After getting a taxi, Joe & Bill decide to perform Ride, since there will be more bikes available, and they will not have to wait if someone does Glide before them.

In their taxi cab, Frank & Margarita decide to keep their lead and go for the Fast Forward. For the Fast Forward, teams will have to travel to Castello Estense, and search the moat for the Fast Forward pass. They show the taxi cab driver the picture of the castle, which the driver knows, and promptly takes them there. Frank is reassured that Castello Estense is the only castle in Ferrara with a moat. The two them camp outside the castle until it opens at 7:30.

In order for me to stay calm and relaxed and cool, I figured we could do this Fast Forward and not deal with the rest of these people that are getting on my nerves. You know, their nonsense, their competitive behavior, and their bitching and moaning and crying. They got too much negative energy flowing over there. Just, we need to get the hell away from them.Frank

At 4:13 am, Rob & Brennan are the third to depart. After getting a taxicab, they decide to get to the location of Glide, and if they are not the first ones there, they will do Ride instead.

At 4:36 am, Kevin & Drew are the fourth to depart. Not liking the idea of an eight-kilometer bike ride, they decide to do Glide.

We've been behind, we've been last, first, and now back close to last place again. We'll be able to overcome that over time.Drew

Rob & Brennan arrive at the Aeroclub Volovelistico Ferrarese, and are the first in line for Glide, and have to camp out for the night.

At 4:59 am, Nancy & Emily are the fifth to depart. They search for a taxi.

You know, the lack of sleep, and the lack of food, and the stress of the game, I think it's bound to catch up with everybody.Nancy
We haven't caught a break this whole time. We're getting through on the skin of our teeth. It just seems like the same people are getting the same good luck and I don't understand why that can't come our way.Emily
Each step of the way, I keep thinking, well, the next one is when we're going to be eliminated.Nancy

They are able to find a taxi.

At 5:00 am, Lenny & Karyn are the last to depart. They open their clue and then search for a taxi.

We realize couples have differences, but if you love each other, you can work through them and that's what we've been doing.Karyn

Joe & Bill arrive at the Ferrara bike shop.

At the glider airstrip, Kevin & Drew arrive to find that Rob & Brennan are ahead of them. After some deliberation, they decide to stay there, figuring Joe & Bill are at the bike shop.

Lenny & Karyn arrive at the bike shop, finding only Joe & Bill there.

In their cab, Nancy & Emily decide on which side of the Detour to do. Nancy says that they will likely be able to keep up with the other teams if they do Ride. Emily says that she is okay with riding bikes. They arrive at the bike shop shortly after.

At 7:30 am, Castello Estense opens to the public, allowing Frank & Margarita to perform the Fast Forward. They begin paddling around the moat, with some difficulty. Eventually, Frank spots the clue in a narrow archway. He pulls it out and reads the clue. Frank yells, excited that the Pit Stop is at the Taj Khema Hotel in Agra, India. Frank & Margarita head back to the boathouse and take their taxi to the airport. They begin their journey to India.

At 9:00 am, Joe & Bill, Lenny & Karyn, and Nancy & Emily begin their bike ride to the Ferrara railway station. Meanwhile, Brennan's glider ride begins.

A few minutes later, Brennan's ride ends, earning them a taxi ride to the railway station. Drew is the second to take the glider ride.

Joe & Bill finish their bike ride and get their next clue. Teams must now fly to Delhi, India and make their way to the Red Fort. Since there is no international airport in Ferrara, teams will need to take a train to either Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome or Malpensa International Airport in Milan. Joe & Bill decide to head to Rome, thinking that the airport will likely have more options or connections to Delhi.

Rob & Brennan arrive at the railway station and learn from a ticket booth attendant that Rome would likely be better to fly to India. They meet with Joe & Bill on the railway platform. The train to Rome arrives, with Joe & Bill and Rob & Brennan on it.

Meanwhile, Lenny & Karyn and Nancy & Emily continue biking, asking for directions.

Drew finishes his glider ride, getting a free cab ride from it. As the glider lands, Nancy & Emily make it to the Ferrara railway and find their next clue. Lenny & Karyn find the railway station shortly after Nancy & Emily enter the station and read their next clue. Kevin & Drew are the last to the Ferrara railway station and find their next clue.

Everybody's running around crazy, "WE have to get to Rome, we have to get to Rome". And we were like, why do we have to go to Rome? Because that's where most flights are. I thought, let's find out before we go.Kevin

As Kevin gets tickets from Milan to Delhi for his team as well as Lenny & Karyn and Nancy & Emily, the 12:14 pm train to Milan arrives. Drew, Emily, Karyn, and Lenny attempt to hold the train for Kevin and Nancy to get on. Kevin and Nancy are able to get on the train by the skin of their teeth, and all three teams head for Milan with confirmed flights connecting to Delhi.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, India, Frank & Margarita arrive and hire a cab driver to take them to the Taj Khema Hotel in Agra. They eventually make it to the hotel and follow the marked path to the Pit Stop, checking in first place.

Joe & Bill and Rob & Brennan get on a flight from Rome to Copenhagen, Denmark, connecting to Delhi.

Meanwhile, Kevin & Drew, Lenny & Karyn, and Nancy & Emily take a flight from Milan to Copenhagen.

We walk into Copenhagen, run to the gate, and who's sitting there, but all of the rest of the teams.Brennan

All teams, except Frank & Margarita, are reunited at the Copenhagen airport on their way to India.

So all five teams are happily together again, ready to head on Delhi and race out of the airport and go do what they've got to do.Brennan

Joe & Bill, Kevin & Drew, Lenny & Karyn, Nancy & Emily, and Rob & Brennan all are on the same flight to Delhi.

All five teams race out of the airport to get themselves a taxi to Red Fort. On their way to the Red Fort, Rob & Brennan and Lenny & Karyn are pulled over by their taxi driver's boss and forced to pay their cab fare.

Joe & Bill are the first to arrive at the Red Fort and find their next clue, revealing a Roadblock. For the Roadblock, one teammate has to hire a rickshaw and find a shopkeeper within an overcrowded and busy marketplace of Chandni Chowk. Once the team member finds the shopkeeper, he will give them their next clue. Joe decides to perform the Roadblock. Rob & Brennan get to the Red Fort second and get their next clue. Both Kevin & Drew and Lenny & Karyn arrive third and grab their clues. Rob and Kevin decide to perform the Roadblock. Nancy & Emily are the last to find the Red Fort and their next clue.

Joe leaves the Red Fort, followed by Karyn, Kevin, Rob, and Nancy. All five enter the chaotic market and begin looking for the shop. Joe finds the shop first and is shown a replica of the Taj Mahal, and must figure out the Pit Stop is actually the adjacent Taj Khema Hotel. He heads back to the Red Fort. Karyn finds the shop second, receiving her next clue. She asks where the hotel is located. Nancy struggles to find the shop. Both Rob and Kevin arrive, receiving their next clue and heading back to Red Fort. Nancy is the last to find the shop and receive her next clue. Nancy heads back to the Red Fort.

Karyn arrives at the Red Fort and yells at Lenny to get them a taxi. They find a cab and head to the Taj Khema Hotel.

As Nancy is trying to get directions, she begins to cry thinking she and Emily are going to be eliminated.

Joe arrives at the Red Fort, and he and Bill leave in a taxi to the Pit Stop. Kevin arrives at the Red Fort and he and Drew head to the Pit Stop via taxi. Rob & Brennan leaves shortly after Kevin & Drew.

Nancy arrives at the Red Fort. She and Emily get in a taxi. Nancy begins to cry thinking they are in last place. Emily reassures that her everything will be alright. After asking their cab driver if he knows where either the Taj Khema Hotel or the Taj Mahal is, which he does not know either, they ask some locals for help. Emily gets frustrated with the locals, who are being unhelpful.

Joe & Bill are the only team to know where they are going. Kevin & Drew stop the cab asking, locals for directions. Lenny & Karyn's cab driver is lost. Rob & Brennan's cab driver only took them to New Delhi.

The driver sounded like he knew where he was going, but he was really driving us to New Delhi to ask. So after it took us a half hour of traffic to get there, we asked somebody and they said, "Oh, it's in Agra."Brennan

Kevin & Drew eventually get directions to Agra and tell their driver to go there.

Meanwhile, Lenny & Karyn leave their cab and do not pay the full cab fare for the cab driver lying to them that he knew where the Taj Khema Hotel was. Karyn gets angry at Lenny, as he does nothing, while she does everything.

Rob & Brennan are on their way to the hotel.

At the Taj Khema Hotel, Joe & Bill arrive, and follow the path to the Pit Stop, checking in second.

Rob & Brennan arrive at the Taj Khema Hotel, checking in third place.

Kevin & Drew arrive, checking in fourth place.

Nancy & Emily arrive at the Taj Khema Hotel, thinking they are eliminated. They are shocked to find out that they are officially in fifth place. The other teams clap for the women.

Lenny & Karyn are the last to arrive at the Pit Stop. Host Phil Keoghan informs the dating couple that they are the last team to arrive, and that they have been eliminated from the race. Karyn expresses her disappointment in them being a team, but that she will walk away from this experience with good memories. Both think that they are too opposite from each other and that their relationship is not going to work out.

Route Markers

The order of departure from the Sant'Agata Bolognese town square are as follows:

  1. Frank & Margarita (3:30 am)
  2. Joe & Bill (4:01 am)
  3. Rob & Brennan (4:13 am)
  4. Kevin & Drew (4:36 am)
  5. Nancy & Emily (4:59 am)
  6. Lenny & Karyn (5:00 am)

Teams who wish to pursue the Fast Forward must find Castello Estense in Ferrara, and ride a rowboat through the moat around the castle to find the Fast Forward pass hidden in the wall. Frank & Margarita won the Fast Forward.

Choice A: Glide
Teams traveled to the town of Ferrara and had to find the Aeroclub Volovelistico Ferrarese one team member took a glider ride with a professional glider (also getting a surprise nose-dive, and the other member rode in the towing plan. Once completed, the team would receive a free taxi ride to Ferrara railway station and to their next clue. The catch is, the task is on a first come, first served basis as there is only one glider plane, but the first team to arrive at the challenge site is at a time advantage.

Kevin & Drew and Rob & Brennan chose this task.

Choice B: Ride
Teams had to travel to a marked bike shop in Ferrara and ride bikes 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) to Ferrara railway station following a street map to receive the next clue. Unlike the "Glide" option, there are enough bikes for everyone. However, pedaling a bike for 5 miles while having to navigate themselves to the train station is physically more taxing.

Joe & Bill, Lenny & Karyn, and Nancy & Emily choose this task.

Team must ride the train back to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome or Malpensa International Airport in Milan and fly to Delhi, India. Upon arriving in Delhi, teams must travel to the Red Fort.

"For a person with a good sense of direction."

One member had to hire a rickshaw and find a shopkeeper in Ashkov Sadev somewhere in the congested Chandni Chowk market. Once found, the shopkeeper would show the team member a blue box containing a replica of the Taj Mahal with their next clue.

The Roadblock performers per team are underlined:

The next clue is given in the form of a note and a box containing a miniature version of the world-renowned Taj Mahal. The teams must realize that their next Pit Stop is not the Taj Mahal, but the Taj Khema Hotel in Agra. However, teams could be easily misled that it is the Taj Mahal, which is 150 miles away from the actual Pit Stop.


     First Place •      Eliminated     Last placer on a Non-Elimination Leg     Season winner •      Season 2nd place •      Season 3rd place • Used the Fast Forward

S1 FrankMargarita
 1st place 
Frank & Margarita
Separated Couple
S1 JoeBill
 2nd place 
Joe & Bill
Life Partners
S1 RobBrennan
 3rd place 
Rob & Brennan
Best Friends/Lawyers
S1 KevinDrew
 4th place 
Kevin & Drew
Fraternity Brothers
S1 NancyEmily
 5th place 
Nancy & Emily
S1 LennyKaren
 6th place 
Lenny & Karyn


  • This is the first time The Amazing Race visits continental Asia and the country of India.
  • The DVD commentary for this episode was done by Lenny & Karyn and Kevin & Drew.


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